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Knight of pentacles as the Final Card in a Tarot reading

As all court cards, knight of pentacles denotes both a person, a personality and a situation.

Knight of pentacles as the final card in a tarot reading indicates there are changes in work and most likely you are looking for new work somewhere else. You want to be of service and you are a hard worker. You like stability and you are looking for ways to earn a better income which are most likely the main motivation behind changing work. Knight of pentacles is not someone who is afraid of hard work, but they like to be paid well for the efforts they put in. They are reliable and often put in the long hours day in and day out. They can get quite addicted to their work and put in the long hours feels rewarding to them.

Knight of pentacles in a general reading:

Knight of pentacles as the final card denotes you are contemplating changing work to bring in more security financially. You think of the long-term benefits and you are most likely interested in making some investments with your money to make them grow faster. You want to see the result of the hard work you have been doing. You are motivated by creating more stability and security for the future, and you have a business-oriented approach to your life at the moment.

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Someone will come into your life and be part of your routine environment. This is someone who it’s easy to start taking for granted, but who you would miss if wasn’t around. This is someone who makes life easier for everyone due to their service oriented and helpful nature.

You have a kind heart and are very welcoming towards others. This is because you have made your life comfortable and you can afford to be generous. You are someone who wants and needs to be of service. You are someone who can be both logical and structured as well as creative and artistic. You do well with routines and schedules, and you like to know what is going on. Losing control is not an option.  You have a love for properties, the home, and investments, and you are a good provider for you family. You are a practical person who people can count on to get the job done.

As with all the pentacles court cards, the Knight of pentacles is a doer, which means you will only be satisfied when you get to be active and keeping yourself busy.

Knight of pentacles in career questions:

Knight of pentacles speaks of change in careers and jobs. The changes you are making are to create a more secure future. Financial security is important at the moment. If you are not changing your job then there will be changes within the job you are currently in.

Knight of pentacles in a love question:

If you are looking for love Knight of pentacles denotes love found in a new job or within the changes happening in your current job role. If you are in a relationship than Knight of pentacles speaks of investing in your relationship through creating more security for yourself. You will most likely make financial investments together like buying a property. Knight of pentacles speaks of a love relationship where there is a strong physical attraction between the couple. This is the kind of relationship where the couple really trusts in each other to stay faithful.

Knight of pentacles reversed:

Knight of pentacles reversed indicates needing change, but nothing is happening. You might feel like you are stuck in a rut. There are issues with people in the workplace. You might find that there are no one you can depend on when it really matters.