Knight of swords as the final card in a tarot reading

Knight of swords as the final card in a tarot reading

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Knight of Swords as the Final Card in a Tarot reading

As all court cards, Knight of swords denotes both a person, a personality and a situation.

Knight of swords as the final card in a tarot reading denotes you are moving forward fast and you will be making advancement in the situation you are asking about. If someone has crossed you or been unfair to you, you will be on the war path charging ahead for justice, and you will not give up until you get just that. You are action oriented and you are here to create much-needed change. Take action and speak your truth. You know what has to be done. Your argumentative ways will be beneficial so don’t let go of your position. Competition is good, and it makes everyone give more. You have a competitive nature and all kinds of sport and competitions will give you the drive you need. This is a great card if you want to get ahead, as it signifies your actions will get you there. This is a restless period where you want to get ahead and you can shift quickly from place to place. You have the ability to survive in almost any situation, culture and climate.

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Knight of Swords in a general reading:

Knight of swords in the last position shows that you are currently living a very active lifestyle. You might find yourself in a conflict situation and you are working out how to solve the issue. Knight of swords can denote successful problem solving. You might be flying somewhere where your skills are needed. A fast pace environment is indicated and you will have to keep up with it or you will quickly fall behind. Whether this environment will make you or break you the other cards will confirm. This fast pace lifestyle is not for everyone while others thrive on it.

You are currently accomplishing many things at once. You are a quick thinker with a strong sense of right and wrong. You want to be the best you can be and you put a lot of effort into the things you care about. It is important that you use your warrior nature to accomplish things or you can become unhappy and restless. You love to talk about the things that interest you and you like to spend time with people who are very similar to yourself.

Someone will enter into your life and teach you about courage. If you have been hesitant about moving forward this person will show you how it is done, and how to expel fear and doubts. This is someone who wants to be the best that they can possibly be. They know how to get all the attention. If they are around people who don’t interest them they don’t stick around. They make an excuse for themselves and off they go. They like to be with those who are very similar to themselves. If they are not using their minds to solve problems, they are usually not very happy. They are very intelligent people, but also very impatient and they often make hasty decisions they later regret.

Knight of Swords often shows up when you are seeking justice either for yourself or someone else. A surfacing conflict situation might force you to take a stand. You will find out how strong and courageous you are.

Knight of swords in career questions:

If you are asking about career then there might be a competitive edge created by someone who takes their work very seriously and expects everyone else to do the same. In the workplace, someone will come in and raise the bar and get everyone motivated again. You have expertise on how to accomplish something and you want to be the one who gets to do it. You are not going to allow other people take the credit for your hard work. Neither are you going to let someone less qualified than you go and get ahead of you.

You might find that there are unreasonable demands coming from your employer and you might want to break free from the restrictive workplace policies. You are best suited for a career where you get to be out and about, and where your ideas will be heard. Any competitive environment where there is a bonus to be won will be rewarding and enough to keep you in a job you otherwise would have left.

Knight of swords in a love question:

In love Knight of swords shows up when someone wants to win you over as if it is a game they want to win. They love the chase. You might have more than one suitor and there is a competition on who will win your attention, affection and your heart. If you are in a relationship Knight of swords indicates the relationship is going through an argumentative stage where two strong personalities are making a stand. In the end, you most likely want the same thing, it is all about how you communicate it to each other. Knight of swords can represent the ‘love/hate’ relationship where you keep breaking up and getting back together. You love each other deeply, however, you bring out the warrior in each other, and the warrior needs to be at war, which can be draining in the long run.

11 thoughts on “Knight of swords as the final card in a tarot reading”

  1. Would someone plz give me their take on this reading because it’s left me stumped and confused.
    So , I keep getting readings that say I will find love when I least expect it .while I’m out enjoying my life and possibly volunteering and helping others or maybe while I’m getting help myself and that I need to pursue creative ventures and put myself out there . Short backstory I’m trying to move on from a bad former relationshit /a bad marriage that’s been difficult to move past and I don’t have much confidence for my future in love because my luck so far has been poor and I keep running into obsessive loser types. My question was about this person because my readings keep saying this person will sweep me off my feet and be quite noticeable. It sounds like they might be the one or at least my next serious relationship. So this reading was to find out more about this person.

    I got:

    9 of swords
    Side ways emperor
    Sideways hangman
    6 of Pents
    Sideways chariot
    Reverse wheel
    Sideways page of swords
    Reverse 6 Wands
    Knight of swords

  2. I just did a random reading . But I’m actually more confused now because of recent events.whenI left this comment I didn’t see it when I checked back,so I thought it didn’t go through and then I tried another reading and left another comment but that didn’t show up either when I checked back . I watched the zodiac tarot spread you did for August on YouTube and my mouth dropped. I’m the Scorpio and my ex is the Pisces. It felt like they were meant for both of us . It was dead on ! The surprise, gifts , his guilt . Etc….He did hurt me and it was very traumatic for me. We do have a long history and unique relationship . I’m not sure about him wanting me back or what his true motivation is ,I can’t say I believe that part . But Your right I don’t trust him and communication still seems off despite me kind of trying more after watching your readings and hearing you say we should communicate. Well you know how he is being based off of his August reading. I can’t help but wonder if he is truly being honest and sharing plus I have some soul searching to do .that and i can’t help being the Queen. I wish to know what does he really want and can I trust him at all? Plus my mind is set on other things. I wasn’t expecting this and I’m not sure I want it .I want my best partner and outcome which I’ve been getting alot of the good cards saying I will but I wonder with who ? lately when I ask about love it’s been contradictory. Am I suppose to start over with him or close this chapter And start a new one with someone new ? I’m not great at tarot that’s clear after hearing you on YouTube just wow ? . May I ask Can putting the two readings together the Scorpio and Pisces give you a bigger picture ? I just wish for more clarity and if he can be trusted or how to proceed. Sorry I know this is long but I want to stay on path to the life and relationship / love I want an deserve . Would rejecting him be a mistake?

  3. Hi, Lindsay. I feel he is being guided to go inwards more and to find more meaning in his life on a spiritual level. He is trying to find himself and he is most likely pulling away due to this. I feel like you both need to leave the past behind and focus on the future. I do feel this person has made you a lot stronger, however, I also think you would not completely be able to trust him again.

  4. Thank you Inger ?. Oh by the way I did do a soulmate spread as you suggested and that too left me confused. I get the feeling it’s pointing me in his direction but maybe I’m wrong either way I am just going to focus on my future and move forward whatever happens happens thanks again for taking the time your such a lovely person.

  5. You are very welcome, Lindsay. Recite this command prayer as it will reveal your Eternal soulmate: It is my intent and my command to meet and connect with my highest and best, most compatible, divine soul mate, and in a way that promotes a lifelong commitment filled with joy and happiness, now, forever, and always, in the highest and best way, thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.

  6. Hi Inger,
    I pulled out three cards for the questions will I meet someone new in the next three months with an opportunity for relationship and the cards were:
    1. Four of swords
    2. Ace of cups
    3. Knight of swords
    Can you help me with reading? Four of swords I got the message that I am stuck in a bit of recovering from old issues, Ace of Cups is obviously the opportunity but whether this is something serious? Knight of swords is bothering me most – it could be a type of person I may meet but also I am afraid it could me something coming and going quickly.
    Thanks a lot for helping!

  7. Hi, Katerina. All you have to do is to focus more on relationships. A part of you is happy with being single and content this way, which is, of course, good, but subconsciously you are holding off. Knight of swords is a person who most likely will ask you out, but you could be saying no.

  8. Knight of swords came up as an action I should take in the future. The present action I should take is ‘The World’. Both in regards to love. What does this mean? ‘Go for it’?

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