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Knight of Wands as the Final Card in a Tarot reading

As all court cards, Knight of wands denotes both a person, a personality and a situation.

Knight of Wands as the final card in a tarot reading is all about the Self, and putting yourself first. Your Ego better be your Amigo because you are growing into a person who needs to be his/hers own best friend. You need instant gratification and patience is not currently one of your virtues. You want to get things done and you want them done fast. Your life is lived in the fast lane and if people stand in your way you are most likely to react with a temper tantrum. You fight fire with fire and you are a one woman/man show. You need to believe in the values of the people you are around, or you don’t want anything to do with them. The same things go for the organisation you are working for. If you don’t believe in what they do, you can’t and won’t stick around.

Knight of wands in a general reading:

When Knight of wands is in the final position it is time to put time and effort into self-growth. Don’t over think it, you will just end up talking yourself out of doing what you are passionate about. You have an opportunity to move towards what you really care about. The time is now, so don’t put it off any longer. You might have to move residence or travel to accomplish this, and Knight of wands is saying not to be afraid to make this move. Change is good and it is exactly what you need. Freedom to be who you are is part of your lesson in this lifetime. Investing in yourself is a part of learning lessons with joy and grace. Put yourself first, and don’t be afraid to be selfish. When you are happy with your life, everyone benefits.

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Knight of wands speaks of exciting and magical developments where you will be travelling to see places and meeting new people. You are learning to trust life and not to worry about the future. You also have luck on your side. People will be coming in and out of your life for a while.

Knight of wands in Career questions:

Knight of wands speaks of work that involves much traveling and moving around. Professional drivers, ambulance personnel and firemen are professions seen in Knight of wands. Knight of wands also speaks of professional athletes.

Knight of wands in a Love question:

If you are looking for love then someone will come and sweep you off your feet. You are most likely to meet this person when you least expect it. This person will take your breath away, he/she will make a very memorable first impression. If you are in a relationship Knight of wands denotes a magical time in your relationship when your partner excites you and life together is fun.

Knight of wands reversed:

When Knight of wands is reversed you might be finding yourself in an unhealthy competitive environment where people say nasty things and bring out the worst in you. You might even feel like you are going backwards rather than forwards and your confidence is suffering. Someone around you can be a real bully and is refusing to take responsibility. Every time you want to address the situation this person put on their acting cap and manipulates their way out of it. The more you try to do the right thing, the more you are getting targeted with their bad behaviour. Knight of wands is all about passion so if it shows up sideways in the block position you might find yourself in a situation completely opposite of what you are passionate about. You might even feel like your spirit
is suffering from the environment you are in. Look at the other cards in the spread for clues on how you best can put an end to this situation.