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Leo Moon Sign Compatibility in Love and Romance

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In love and romance, it is the couple’s moon signs that determine how well they will get on and if they will get their emotional needs met. In the list below, you can find out what the Moon sign compatibility is for Moon in Leo. Leo is connected to the Strength tarot card.

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Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo denotes a passionate and dynamic personality. In love, a Moon in Leo person wants love to last forever, and they are very loyal people in a relationship. Leo Moon is sunny, warm, and optimistic people who love to spoil and be spoilt in a love relationship.

Leo Moon with Aries Moon

Leo Moon with Aries Moon is a very good combination of like-minded people who loves to have fun and adventure. This is a very passionate combination between two people who have a lot in common. They both need a lot of attention, and problems in paradise can occur if one receives more attention than the other. This can cause unhealthy competition in the relationship, however, this is usually quickly resolved. Jealousy issues can sometimes also be an issue that needs resolving.

Leo Moon in Taurus Moon

Leo Moon with Taurus Moon can be a relationship that needs some help to survive. Taurus Moon can be too passive for dynamic Leo Moon. Leo Moon can easily get bored if things are too status quo. Both enjoy material success, however, the way they spend their resources can be very different. Taurus Moon enjoys hoarding it away, while Leo Moon enjoys splashing it around. This can cause clashes and friction between two strong-minded people. None will let go of their position, and both will stand by their convictions. This can make it hard to reach a compromise. One will have to give, and it tends to be Taurus Moon, as Taurus Moon, in the end, will just want to create some peace and harmony. This can make Taurus Moon feel taken advantage of.

Leo Moon with Gemini Moon

Leo Moon with Gemini Moon tends to be a fun and adventurous match between two people who sometimes attract drama into their relationship. This union often brings out healing that is much needed, especially Leo Moon will be faced with their pride and what hurts them. Gemini Moon brings a sense of humor to the relationship that brings light to the Leo Moon person’s life. Problems can arise when Gemini Moon takes the jokes too far, and Leo Moon ends up feeling wounded. Leo Moon tends to be more steady emotionally, while Gemini Moon often changes their minds and suddenly pursuit new ideas and interests/hobbies/paths. These two, for the most part, get on well, though, especially if Leo Moon lets go of old pain and lets the light come in.

Leo Moon with Cancer Moon

Leo Moon with Cancer Moon is a combination that can leave Cancer Moon to feel ignored and insecure. Leo Moon can be too self-absorbed to even recognize that there is another person in the relationship as Cancer Moon can become very quiet in this relationship. Cancer Moon is shy, soft, and much more private than Leo Moon who can end up walking all over Cancer Moon. Leo Moon wants recognition and applause and can get impatient with Cancer Moon’s mood swings and need for privacy.  The strength of this relationship is that Leo Moon enjoys the support they receive from Cancer Moon, and Cancer Moon enjoys the protective and loyalness of Leo Moon.

Leo Moon with Leo Moon

Leo Moon with Leo Moon can be a successful match, but not without its challenges. Both parts are very attention seeking and they can end up competing against each other, and it might not always be healthy competition. This combination can trigger some insecurities in the couple who needs to have strong boundaries of trust. Leo Moon with Leo Moon can also be an expensive relationship where the couple ends up living beyond their means. They want to impress, and they love to be admired. Unless the finances are blossoming, this relationship can be a strain on both parts. They need to allow themselves to be happy admitting to their weaknesses and emotional triggers, and if they are able to do this, Leo Moon with Leo Moon can be a lasting union.

Leo Moon with Virgo Moon

Leo Moon with Virgo Moon is a match between two people who are like total opposites. Leo Moon is very dramatic, while Virgo Moon is quiet and reserved. Leo Moon likes to show off their feelings to get recognition by their partner, while Virgo Moon shows their affection in practical gestures. Leo Moon exaggerates while Virgo Moon is factual. Leo Moon loves to give and receive praise, while Virgo Moon criticises, including self-judgement. If Virgo Moon can show more warmth and appreciation, this union can last. Virgo Moon needs Leo Moon to be less jolly as they can find it a bit pretentious and downright embarrassing. Virgo Moon can be too conservative for flamboyant Leo Moon.

Leo Moon with Libra Moon

Leo Moon with Libra Moon can be a lasting union, but it often has some difficult lessons attached, and both parts will need to learn to compromise, something Libra Moon is more than willing to do. In a relationship with Leo Moon, a Libra Moon person might become a complete doormat! Leo Moon wants attention and affection, and Libra Moon wants to please, thus, always giving Leo Moon the attention they crave. Leo Moon, on the other hand, might begin to take this for granted, even pushing away Libra Moon. Libra Moon can begin to resent giving in to Leo Moon as Libra Moon is very concerned about justice. As long as Leo Moon doesn’t take Libra Moon for granted, this is a very compatible union, and they have a good chance of making their relationship last.

Leo Moon with Scorpio Moon

Leo Moon with Scorpio Moon is a mix of two personalities that can only be described as night and day. Leo Moon is sunny and happy-go-lucky, while Scorpio Moon has a dark side and a range of strong emotions that a Leo Moon person might have a hard time understanding. Scorpio Moon might be very suspicious of sunny Leo Moon, and Leo Moon might find Scorpio Moon’s moods very draining. Scorpio Moon seeks the dark mysteries, while Leo Moon seeks the light. For this relationship to last, the couple needs to understand and accept the differences in the emotional markup of the other person.

Leo Moon with Sagittarius Moon

Leo Moon with Sagittarius Moon is a very compatible match between two people who are drawn to playfulness, games, and often sports. Sagittarius Moon might be a bit more restless than Leo Moon so this relationship could take some time before it settles down. Leo Moon might want to settle down before Sagittarius Moon is ready. Leo wants to be completely loved and might find it hard to tolerate Sagittarius Moon’s unconventional ways. Sagittarius Moon might not want to give everything they are to a relationship, they want to feel free, even in a relationship. Sagittarius Moon is also very honest and blunt which can hurt the ego of Leo Moon. Leo Moon and Sagittarius Moon can have a lot of fun together and they often have a great friendship as well as romance.

Leo Moon with Capricorn Moon

Leo Moon with Capricorn Moon is a match between someone who leans towards optimism (Leo Moon) and someone who leans towards pessimism (Capricorn Moon). Capricorn Moon is serious, while Leo Moon is playful. Capricorn Moon often internalizes emotions, while Leo Moon exaggerates their emotions. Leo Moon needs approval, while Capricorn Moon often comes across as more business-like, and they don’t always share with you what they are thinking, leaving Leo Moon guessing. Leo Moon might crave more attention from Capricorn Moon. Capricorn Moon can learn to be more light-hearted and optimistic through their relationship with a Leo Moon. Leo Moon can learn to be more pragmatic and a better team-player though a relationship with Capricorn Moon.

Leo Moon with Aquarius Moon

Leo Moon with Aquarius Moon is a very compatible match, and can often lead to marriage and a big, long-lasting commitment. Leo Moon will worry if they feel Aquarius Moon is not giving them special attention, as Aquarius Moon can sometimes act a bit detached. Aquarius Moon might choose to ignore or resist Leo Moon’s need to lead and dominate, which can make Leo Moon feel unappreciated. If Leo Moon can put a bit of their ego aside, and focus on the love they share and what they have in common, this union can be a very successful match. Leo Moon is often very charmed by Aquarius Moon, and Aquarius Moon knows how to keep Leo Moon interested. Aquarius Moon is also very drawn to the warmth and sunny disposition of Leo Moon.

Leo Moon with Pisces Moon

Leo Moon with Pisces Moon can become a very unbalanced relationship that can end up hurting the psyche of the couple. Pisces Moon might end up constantly worrying if they are good enough in this relationship, and manipulations can end up hurting this union. Pisces Moon might be too eager to please Leo Moon. There is often a strong physical attraction, however, there might be a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunications. They both have a strong desire to be loved, but that is where the similarities end. Leo might be running the show too much and wondering why Pisces Moon has no desires of their own. Pisces Moon often gives up on their own dreams to please Leo moon only to have Leo Moon lose their respect for them. Pisces Moon can end up emotionally completely withdrawing as a way of surviving, and both parties can end up feeling very emotionally confused and disappointed. For this union to last, this couple needs to look deeper at the other person and investing some real understanding into their relationship. Leo Moon needs to be less selfish, and Pisces Moon needs to be stronger.

Celebrities with Leo Moon

Pippa Middleton, Stephen Fry, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, David Bowie, Megan Fox, Paris Hilton, Renee Zellweger, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Katie Holmes, Clint Eastwood, Bruno Mars, Chris Martin, Patrick Swayze, Barbara Streisand.