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Libra Moon Sign Compatibility in Love and Romance

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In love and romance, it is the couple’s moon signs that determine how well they will get on and if they will get their emotional needs met. In the list below, you can find out what the Moon sign compatibility is for Moon in Libra. Libra is connected to the Justice tarot card. 

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Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra denotes a person concerned with beauty, harmony, companionship, and more than anything else, justice and fairness. A Moon in Libra person loves romance and closeness in a personal relationship, and they like their relationship to be completely balanced and perfect. Perfection for a Libra Moon person means that both parts gives and receives in equal amounts, and there is an intellectual compatibility between the couple that makes great conversations of intellectual ideas, the arts, culture and a shared interests in comfort, beauty, and lives pleasures such as good food and good company. Everything has to be in balance of course. A Libra Moon person wants everyone to feel comfortable and will go to great length to smooth and to please, so much so, they can end up exhausting themselves in the process.

Libra Moon with Aries Moon

Libra Moon with Aries Moon can be a complicated union. In some ways, they are very similar, and in others, they are completely the opposite. Aries Moon is so independent that it can make Libra Moon feel alone and abandoned. Libra Moon likes to talk things out, while Aries Moon enjoys emotional outbursts and thrives on emotional drama. Libra Moon can often feel taken advantage off as they tend to make all the compromises in this relationship.

Libra Moon with Taurus Moon

Libra Moon with Taurus Moon can be a harmonious mix, however, it is often at the expense of real growth and proper communication. It can be at the expense of really getting to know each other. This can create underlying dissatisfaction and misunderstanding. Libra Moon needs balance, and Taurus Moon can provide a calm surface. The problems arise when Libra Moon becomes dissatisfied due to the lack of real communication. Libra Moon does not want any conflict, but they do enjoy good communication and conversation. If not, they tend to feel isolated and lonely. Taurus Moon can be completely oblivious to this and be focusing on everything else going on in their life, often something tangible and earthy. As long as Libra Moon gets to enjoy the arts, culture, and the occasional good conversation, these issues do not need to become so major that the relationship ends, but if it does end, it is often due to lack of something to talk about.

Libra Moon with Gemini Moon

Gemini Moon with Libra Moon is a union between two people who tend to get on very well. They support each other in their personal goals, and they give each other enough space to pursue their lifelong dreams. They both enjoy the cerebral above the emotional, and sometimes they can block out their deeper and darker feelings, and not dealing with them, creating emotional mood swings and even dark feelings if not dealt with. The key is to be able to communicate feelings without feeling too uncomfortable with what may or may not come up. Libra Moon is more interested in a deeper personal relationship than what Gemini Moon is, who intellectualize human relationship into an idea rather than an experience of emotions. Gemini Moon uses humor to escape difficult emotions and Libra Moon likes to smooth everything over as well. This union has a strong chance of lasting, but they must from time to time also take the time to check in with their emotions.

Libra Moon with Cancer Moon

Libra Moon with Cancer Moon are two people who want to please and accommodate, and they work hard to keep their partner happy. They care a lot about what others think of them, and they thrive on the approval of others. Problems arise when Cancer Moon acts more like a parent than a romantic partner to Libra Moon, who could be feeling very smothered by the experience. Libra Moon does not like to display too many emotions and can become uncomfortable with Cancer Moon’s mood swings. This relationship can become a lasting union when both parts make sure they keep the passion and romance alive, and when they trust each other with their true feelings and desires.

Libra Moon with Leo Moon

Libra Moon with Leo Moon can be a lasting union, but it often has some difficult lessons attached, and both parts will need to learn to compromise, something Libra Moon is more than willing to do. In a relationship with Leo Moon, a Libra Moon person might become a complete doormat! Leo Moon wants attention and affection, and Libra Moon wants to please, thus, always giving Leo Moon the attention they crave. Leo Moon, on the other hand, might begin to take this for granted, even pushing away Libra Moon. Libra Moon can begin to resent giving in to Leo Moon as Libra Moon is very concerned about justice. As long as Leo Moon doesn’t take Libra Moon for granted, this is a very compatible union, and they have a good chance of making their relationship last.

Libra Moon with Virgo Moon

Libra Moon with Virgo Moon can be a challenging match and it will need some adjustments from both parts. Both wants the relationship to be perfect but views what is perfect in different ways. Virgo wants perfection in the details and in the environment, while Libra wants perfect harmony and balance in communication and how you work together. Libra moon will often feel Virgo moon is controlling and too judgemental. Virgo moon can often feel they have to live up to very high standards of behavior and appearance. Both Libra moon and Virgo moon tend to want to be reasonable when dealing with problems. Virgo moon can have more extreme opinions than Libra Moon, and Virgo moon tends to want to correct others who they believe are wrong. Libra moon is more likely to see both sides of a situation and can understand others point of views. Virgo moon is much more stubborn, which can annoy Libra moon.

Libra Moon with Libra Moon

Libra Moon with Libra Moon is a mix of two people who instinctively understands each other and who will do their best to create the best relationship they can imagine. That is, a relationship full of fairness and beauty. Libra Moon with Libra Moon enjoys to discuss and reach compromises when disagreeing. Both avoid extreme views and wants to show their partner their willingness to understand them. Libra Moon loves beauty, comforts, and pleasures, so when two Libra Moon comes together they tend to create a very beautiful home together. They enjoy spending a lot of time together as they feel lonely and incomplete without a partner, and when they have a partner who understands them, they are at their happiest.

Libra Moon with Scorpio Moon

Libra Moon with Scorpio Moon is a mix that might need some work from both parts to be successful. Libra Moon prefers to be cool, calm and collected rather than emotional, and Scorpio Moon enjoys displaying a range of emotions to feel whole and complete. Scorpio Moon can sometimes find Libra Moon to vague and superficial, and Libra Moon can often find Scorpio Moon way too intense. Scorpio Moon wants to relate on a deep and intimate level, while Libra Moon likes to discuss without going too deep into the emotions of what is being discussed. Scorpio Moon notices what is dark and secretive in others, while Libra Moon is drawn to the light in people, and Libra Moon often ignores people’s darkness, only focusing on their light. Libra Moon tends to accept people more easily, and Libra Moon is also more sociable. Scorpio Moon is suspicious and can also be very much a loner, avoiding people completely if they feel like it. In a relationship between Scorpio Moon and Libra Moon, Scorpio Moon tends to be a bit controlling and Libra Moon can find this a bit suffocating.

Libra Moon with Sagittarius Moon

Libra Moon with Sagittarius Moon is a fun loving combination that can be a lasting one. Both of you are very idealistic and you prefer to see the best in people. Sagittarius Moon people can be a lot more outspoken than Libra Moon. Sagittarius Moon can have what is called Foot in Mouth disease, and they don’t always think before they speak. Libra Moon is more diplomatic and very careful about what they say and to whom they speak. Libra Moon is more in good taste than Sagittarius Moon. Sometimes Sagittarius Moon is oblivious to other people’s feelings, while Libra Moon is always aware of other’s mood and feelings. A relationship between Libra Moon and Sagittarius Moon can run into problems if Sagittarius Moon becomes too independent, as Libra Moon needs special love and a lot of affection and attention. If Sagittarius Moon can provide this, then it can be a very good relationship. Libra Moon must also learn not to take to heart everything that comes out of Sagittarius Moon’s mouth as it is rarely personal or meant to be hurtful.

Libra Moon with Capricorn Moon

Libra Moon with Capricorn Moon can be difficult as Capricorn Moon tends to be emotionally withdrawn and Libra Moon enjoys companionship, sharing, closeness, and loving conversations. Capricorn Moon can’t always provide the emotional need that Libra Moon so desperately craves. Capricorn Moon is a lot more emotional self-sustainable, while Libra Moon depends more on their partner and friends to feel whole and complete emotionally. Libra Moon can become across as too needy for Capricorn Moon. Libra Moon seeks fulfillment in relationships, while Capricorn Moon seeks this fulfillment in their work and achieving material success. Capricorn Moon can also more easily become workaholic, while Libra Moon seeks balance and will not devote so much time to just work and no play. Capricorn Moon can become too serious for Libra Moon.

Libra Moon with Aquarius Moon

Libra Moon with Aquarius Moon is a superb mix of like-minded people who enjoy each other’s company and who seems to understand each other without even having to say a word. The challenge of this couple is to not get too stuck in their heads and not to internalize everything all the time. This can become a very airy relationship. It is almost always friendly and light, however, it is also very cerebral. Ever now and then, they must remember to get in touch with their feelings and share this with each other. Both Libra Moon and Aquarius Moon share beliefs in how people should behave and both care about social justice and human welfare. Aquarius Moon is also more emotional independent than Libra Moon. Libra Moon often has a higher emotional need that Aquarius Moon. Aquarius Moon is also more rebellious while Libra Moon is very focused on good manners and social acceptance. All in all, though, this is a very good match in love.

Libra Moon with Pisces Moon

Libra Moon with Pisces Moon is a union between two people who might at first seem very similar, but who actually are quite different. Both loves peace and harmony in their environment. Libra Moon enjoys equality and fairness, and seeks the middle way, while Pisces Moon often goes into the excess and extreme. Pisces Moon will give and give to no end when their compassion has been triggered by a sad story, while Libra Moon always remembers how much is given vs how much is taken. Libra Moon will not endlessly give without also receiving. Libra Moon is always seeking to balance the scale, and they can not receive endlessly either, without giving back equally. Pisces Moon often seeks out a relationship where one is giving and the other is receiving, while Libra Moon seeks a relationship where both parts are equals. Libra Moon can become confused by Pisces Moon’s compassion that seems illogical and unjust. At the same time, Pisces Moon can feel overwhelmed by Libra Moons obsession with justice and balance the scales. Pisces Moon understands love on a deep level, while for many Libra Moon people, Love is more a concept they are learning to adjust to.

Celebrities with Libra Moon

Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Kristen Stewart, Jay-Z, Ariana Grande, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, Alicia Keys, Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Steven Seagal, Shania Twain, Tom Hardy.