Lovers Tarot Card Meanings

lovers tarot card meaning

Lovers Tarot Card Meanings and Keywords:

The Lovers tarot card meanings stem from its connection to Astrology and Numerology. The Lovers tarot card can mean:


Love, union, and marriage.

Being with your soul mate.

Feeling passionate about something or someone.

Physical attraction

Communication with like-minded people.

Doing things that make you feel whole. 

Being enlightened about what decisions to make.





Unable to make a decision

Making a poor decision

Lovers tarot card and Astrology

The Lovers tarot card is ruled by Gemini which is ruled by Mercury. Mercury in Gemini has many gifts to offer, especially socially as it promotes curiosity and humour. It is associated with the kind of stimulus that makes you feel whole. It can speak of divine communication. Mercury also rules the Magician tarot card.

Learn more about Mercury on Cafe Astrology Website Here.

Lovers as a Symbol of Isis and Osiris

The endless love between Isis and Osiris is seen in the Lovers tarot card. Isis and Osiris exemplifies love, sacrifice, and resurrection.

Osiris, the god of the afterlife, was the ruler of Egypt, and his reign was characterized by prosperity and harmony. However, his brother Set harbored jealousy and resentment, leading him to conspire against Osiris. Set tricked Osiris into stepping into a beautifully crafted coffin, which he promptly sealed and threw into the Nile.

Devastated by the loss of her husband, Isis embarked on a relentless search for Osiris. Her love and determination knew no bounds. She finally discovered Osiris’s body, which had become embedded in a tree that had grown around the coffin. In an attempt to revive Osiris, Isis used her magical powers and managed to bring him back to life.

Isis and Osiris highlight the power of love, resilience, and the promise for eternal love beyond physical existence. This is also the meaning of the Lovers tarot card. Learn more about Isis and Osiris on Connolly Cove’s website here. 

Lovers in the Vision Quest

Lovers speaks of Adam and Eve being cast out of eden. This is a metaphor for going on the vision quest. Adam and Eve are the same person (masculine and feminine).  When the Seeker goes on the vision quest, they are purifying and overcoming something within themselves. Their awareness has been lowered into the tree of temptation which is the reason for the vision quest. They travel deep within their own mind as seen in the next card, the Chariot tarot card.

Lovers tarot card meanings upright

Lovers tarot card meanings in a general reading

The Lovers tarot card represents love and relationships and soul mates. The Lovers tarot card indicates physical attractions and the choices we make to become more whole. The Lovers represents doing the things that make us feel complete and being with the people who make us feel at home. Lovers speaks of learning by opposites. By doing what you don’t want you will find out what you do want. By being around people you are incompatible with, you learn about who you are compatible with. Ultimately, this card speaks of a deeper balance between the Seeker’s feminine and masculine aspects.

Lovers tarot card in a love reading

The Lovers tarot card in a love reading denotes being deeply in love. If single, the Seeker could be faced with a choice close to their heart. They could be stuck between two love interests. They are learning to trust in the heart.

Lovers tarot card in a career reading

In a career question, the Lovers often signifies stimulating work such as information gathering and media work. Sometimes it also speaks of careers in the beauty industry.

The Lovers tarot card as Feelings

The Lovers tarot card as feelings speaks of love that can feel overwhelming. The Seeker could feel the need to run from this love, or try and contain it. They are learning to trust their heart.

Lovers tarot card as Personality types

The Lovers tarot card as personality types denotes someone who makes choices from the heart. This is someone who needs to emotionally and intellectually connect to every aspect of their lives. This is someone who puts efforts into the way they look and they are often very attractive people.

Lovers tarot card meanings reversed

Lovers reversed can indicate a wrong choice being made, or the Seeker regrets a decision. The Seeker could feel separated from their own hearts and from the people in their life. The could feel very confused about their life when this card is reversed. It is possible that someone is manipulating them emotionally and taking them away from those who genuinely cares about them.

Lovers tarot card reversed as Personality types

The reversed meanings of the tarot cards often speaks of the Seeker acting out due to being under a lot of stress. This can bring out the shadow aspect of the person. 

Lovers tarot card reversed as personality types can speak of someone cares too much about the external and measure themselves by a set of impossible standards. This card reversed can speak of someone who needs to balance their male and female energies. They need to love themselves on a deeper and more unconditional level. Their flaws make them more lovable, not the other way around, and this is what they are learning to accept.

Lovers tarot card meanings summary

Lovers tarot card indicates soulmate love and spiritual fulfilment. The Lovers tarot card speaks of doing what you love and being with the people you love. Sometimes the Lovers tarot card indicates you are learning by opposites. You find out what you want and need by experiencing what you don’t want.

Lovers tarot card combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including the Lovers:

The Lovers(VI) + The Empress: Abundant love. Many love interests. 

The Lovers(VI) + Strength: Strong love. Long-lasting love. 

The Lovers(VI) + Judgement: Renewed love. Renewal of vowels. 

The Lovers(VI) + The Sun: New Love relationship. 

The Lovers(VI) + Ace of cups: Spiritual love. 

The Lovers(VI) + Two of cups: Deep love. 

The Lovers(VI) + Three of cups: Engagement. 

The Lovers(VI) + Seven of cups: Online dating. 

The Lovers(VI) + Eight of cups: Following your heart. 

The Lovers(VI) + Ace of pentacles: You perfect job. 

The Lovers(VI) + Three of pentacles: Finding love at work. 

The Lovers(VI) + Eight of pentacles: Internship in media. Entry job in communication and media. 

The Lovers(VI) + Ace of wands: Starting a project you are passionate about. 

The Lovers(VI) + Three of wands: Moving forward in a relationship. 

The Lovers(VI) + Four of wands: A wedding. 

The Lovers(VI) + Eight of wands: Love letters. Romantic correspondence. 

The Lovers(VI) + Ten of wands: A high maintenance relationship.  

The Lovers(VI) + Ace of swords: Clarity in love. Love-advise. 

The Lovers(VI) + Six of swords: Romantic trip. 

The Lovers(VI) + Knight of swords: Mental compatibility in a relationship.

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