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Lovers Tarot Card Soulmate Spoken Meditation

This is a Soulmate Meditation that will give you information about who is your Soulmate. If you are confused about who your Soulmate is, or if you want to make a deeper connection to your Soulmate, this is the meditation for you.

This meditation will connect you to your True Soulmate.

Soulmate Meditation Transcript

Welcome to this meditation. This meditation is designed to give you information about your Soulmate using images from how the Lovers tarot card was created. Just as these images come together, it comes more and more of the full picture, so will you get the full picture of Who is Your Soulmate. Not just any soulmate. We can have many soulmates, but the most Divine, Eternal Soulmate. The one you feel the most at peace with. The one you feel a real connection and you are not doubting that. The one when you Just Know. This is someone you have been with many times before, you are with between lifetimes, you are always connected through a Psychic link. This is why when we connect to the Creator of all which we will in this meditation, will supercharge your psychic and intuitive abilities, you will become more of who you really are. Everything that is yours by Divine Right such as your Divine Soulmate, it will become Obvious to you who this person is. If you have already met you will know. If you are already with this person you will know as well. If you haven’t met, you will get a strong sense of who this person is. This will bring you peace and happiness. It is like a relationship that can begin before it begins because it never ended. It just is. It always is. You are always together. A part of you never separated. A part of you, even though you are here now in two separate bodies, living your life on Planet Earth, you are never separated. A part of you remains in the Afterlife as spirits, as souls, connecting, together always. Through this meditation, you will become more aware of this connection, fully aware.

To do this we are doing a Theta meditation. As you watch the images, this will prepare your mind and set the intention. Think about what you Really want to Know, maybe even write down a few things that you Really want to be Answered. After the spoken meditation is over, it’s just music and for you to relax into the meditation. Then you can close your eyes, and just stay in the flow of the Theta brainwave. Let the Creator show you, without trying too hard, just let the Creator show you Who is your Soulmate. And if you are trying too hard, just rest assured, the Creator knows you want to know about your Soulmate, and you will get the answer. In the following days, when your mind is relaxed and ready to receive, you will receive the answer. You can watch this video again and again, and every time you will get more of the big picture. So let’s begin.

Imagine light from the Creator of all that is, sparkly white bright iridescent light, connecting to every atom of your being, every molecule, and you are one with this, and it restores you to perfect health, to perfect love, and it restores you by washing away everything that you regret, everything that you wish could have been, everything you think was a mistake, and you get a sense of who you are as a Divine Eternal Being. You are very loved no matter what. You are loved. And it is commanded that you are connected to your Eternal Soulmate in the highest and best way with grace and ease, and that you become fully aware of who this person is, and that this person can come into your life now, in the highest and best way with grace and ease and so it is. Thank you, it is done it is done, it is done.

And you start now to form a picture of who is this person and how is this person compatible with you. How is this person going to connect and how is this person part of you, your soul. And you begin now to realise that you were always together. You were never separated. You are forever linked, and separation is an illusion that is fading away. You are realising now something very unique about this person, your soulmate, there is something very unique that will identify who is this person. A piece of information that will make you 100 % certain who is this person. This is how you will recognise this person when you meet, or if you have already met, this identifies who is your soulmate. A piece of information that makes it completely obvious to you, and you feel the truth. It is so obvious. It was always this. It always easy. And all of the confusion in your life, it just simply melts away. This light, the truth, it is taking full presence in your life and you know what the truth is, who is your soulmate. And you let go of all the regrets in your life and everything you think you have done or not done, you completely let go of the past. The past is the past. Now focus on the future. The future is yours and you will spend it with your soulmate. The Creator is blessing your soulmate relationship, this is a holy connection, you were made to be together. You were made to be each other’s soulmates. And you love yourself for the first time maybe you feel what self-love is and that you are worthy and deserving of love from the Creator of all, from yourself, from your own soul, from your soulmate. And you now allow people in your life to love you for who you are completely, without pushing them away, and you free yourself from the obligation of pushing people away. And you know how to let the right people in, the people who love you and support you, who has your best interest at heart, and you know how and when to trust and who you can trust. And most importantly you trust yourself, and you know that you can be trusted, that you are someone who is trustworthy. You know how to trust yourself and how to make good decisions. And all the fears of abandonment they simply go away. There is no abandonment. There is just a connection, a real connection, you and your soulmate can never abandon each other, you will always be connected. It is the will of God that you two are connected forever and always. And all of the defeated energy where you tried and tried and tried, and you have really wanted things to be a certain way, and you felt it couldn’t be or you felt disappointed in yourself and you felt criticised, and you compared yourself to others, and you felt not good enough, all of that defeated energy no longer serves you. You are enough the way you are, you are enough because you have been created perfectly. And when you have true love in your life, it has no expectations of you other than you just being you. That is all that matters for you to be yourself. You can be you and you are good enough the way you are. You are perfect the way you are. Your Soulmate loves you for you, and you love your Soulmate. You don’t want to change the person, you love and accept the person completely as you are loved and accepted completely. And as you see the full picture of who is your soulmate, you will now receive more information. You can now close your eyes, and enjoy the music, and receive information directly from your soulmate who is your soulmate. You might even get a name. You might see the face of your soulmate. You might get other information about your soulmate. You might even remember past lives. Whatever information is meant for you now, you will receive that. You will receive this information that is specific to you at this time that is important for you now, so just relax into this meditation and allow yourself this love to be yours.

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