Lunar Eclipse Spell

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Lunar Eclipse Spell with Tarot

Eclipses are about endings and new beginnings. By evoking the energy of an eclipse you can open doors to new and exciting opportunities.


A Glass of Water

A Rock

A Candle

A Deck of Tarot Cards

Lay The Fool, The Moon, The World, and The Emperor on the table.

The Fool represents air. Place the card next to the burning incense which also represents air. This position represents new beginnings.

The Moon represents water. Place the card next to a glass of water. The Moon tarot card represents the Moon.

The World represents earth. Place the card next to the rock which also represents earth. The World represents the earth as it covers the Moon.

The Emperor represents fire. Place the card next to the candle which also represents fire. The Emperor also represents our actions to chase our dreams.

Your spell casting

Pick up the Fool and say: I now go through the doors of opportunities. I move forward with grace and ease. I am embraced by luck and raised by grace. I am safe and my dreams come true.

Pick up the Moon and say: I am connected to my dreams at night and I always get enough sleep. As I rest I regenerate in the highest and best way.

Pick up the World and slide it across the Moon to imitate the eclipse while you say: My place in the world is full of joy. I live my life purpose wherever I go.

Pick up the Emperor and say: I know what to do to achieve my goals. I have everything I need at my fingertips. I am guided by the eternal spirit. I am a part of all that is.

Write down what doors you would like to open. You might also include the doors you would like to shut. Place the note under the rock and place them next to a door (you can use them as a door stopper). Drink the water. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night after doing this spell. You might have vivid dreams that night. It can be wise to write them down when you wake up as they can hold valuable information stored in your subconscious ready to be working for you in your awake state.

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