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sun spellThe Magical Sun Spell

The Winter solstice yesterday inspired this Magic Sun Spell. You don’t have to wait until the next solstice to do this, this one you can do every day as a celebration of your life and to the giver of life, the Sun. Sun phases are much easier to follow than Moon phases and you can do them every day when the sun shines on you. This one is best done just before or during the Sun sets. This is a gratitude and manifesting spell.

A Sunset + A tarot deck +Your favourite crystal

Write down one thing you want to have more of in your life on a piece of paper. Be specific.

Pick out the Seven Major Arcana cards with the Sun in it which are The Fool, The Lovers, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Moon, and the Sun.

Lay the Tarot cards in a circle. The Tarot cards represent the rays of the Sun. Place your crystal in the middle.

The Crystal represents the Sun and the Sun represents your highest desires. This spell will charge your crystal with vitality. Visualise the Sun setting inside your crystal.

Place your piece of paper under the Crystal. When the Sun sets it delivers your wish in the highest and best way with grace and ease.

Pick up the Fool and say: I am excited about life. Gratitude fills my soul.

Pick up the Lovers and say: I am blessed with holy relationships. (If you are manifesting a soulmate say: My highest and best, most compatible soulmate is coming into my life)

Pick up the Hanged Man and say: My life is facing the Sun. Endless opportunities to succeed are coming my way.

Pick up the Death card and say: I close the door to what is no longer serving my highest and best.

Pick up the Temperance card and say: I create heaven on earth. I know how to receive good in all ways.

Pick up the Moon card and say: At night I let my dreams create. My fears are gone. I get enough sleep.

Pick up the Sun card and say: My inner child come out to play. I am energised and can create all day.

it in silence until the Sun is set. Bring your crystal and your wish note with you for 7 days. Every time you want to get energised and motivated squeeze your crystal. You can do this spell as many times as you like. To supercharge your spell, do the Connect to the Creator of All meditation before you do the Spell ritual.

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