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The Magician Tarot Spread

The Magician tarot spread is great to use when you want to find out how you are using your talents, and also when you want to know more about your talents.

Learn about The Magician tarot card here. 

Shuffle and cut the tarot deck. 

Card 1. What is my strongest, divine Talent?

Card 2. How can I best use this talent?

Card 3. How have I used this talent in the past?

Card 4. How am I currently using this talent?

Card 5. How will I use my talent in the future?

Card 6. How can I use my talent to become prosperous?

Card 7. How can I develop my talent further?

Another meaning of the Magician is that the Magician can indicate your highest and best, most compatible, divine Soulmate. Below is the Magician soulmate love spread.

The Magician Soulmate Love Spread

Learn about the Magician Love meaning here.

This spread asks how you will meet your Highest and best, most compatible, divine soulmate. This technique is a bit different from other tarot spreads in the sense that now you will lay out the cards in the different card positions until the Magician arrives. The position where the Magician ends up denotes situation you will meet your soulmate.

Card 1. Through someone in your family.

Card 2. Through your friends.

Card 3. Online dating.

Card 4. Through your work.

Card 5. Through travels.

Card 6. Someone from your past.

Card 7. Through a spiritual practice.

Card 8. Through your hobbies.

Card 9. Destiny (not through any other channels other than just being in the right place at the right time).