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Magician tarot card meanings
Magician: Talents

The Magician Tarot Spread

The Magician tarot spread is great to use when you want to find out how you are using your talents, and also when you want to know more about your talents.

Learn about The Magician tarot card here. 

Shuffle and cut the tarot deck. 

Card 1. What is my strongest, divine Talent?

Card 2. How can I best use this talent?

Card 3. How have I used this talent in the past?

Card 4. How am I currently using this talent?

Card 5. How will I use my talent in the future?

Card 6. How can I use my talent to become prosperous?

Card 7. How can I develop my talent further?

Another meaning of the Magician is that the Magician can indicate your highest and best, most compatible, divine Soulmate. Below is the Magician soulmate love spread.

The Magician Soulmate Love Spread

Learn about the Magician Love meaning here.

This spread asks how you will meet your Highest and best, most compatible, divine soulmate. This technique is a bit different from other tarot spreads in the sense that now you will lay out the cards in the different card positions until the Magician arrives. The position where the Magician ends up denotes situation you will meet your soulmate.

Card 1. Through someone in your family.

Card 2. Through your friends.

Card 3. Online dating.

Card 4. Through your work.

Card 5. Through travels.

Card 6. Someone from your past.

Card 7. Through a spiritual practice.

Card 8. Through your hobbies.

Card 9. Destiny (not through any other channels other than just being in the right place at the right time).


  1. I am a little confused by this one because when I go to like career reading for my first card it says projects that attract recognition? I think it’s saying like maybe if I spend more time on myself, inside and out, then I’ll get recognition? I don’t know that seems true anyway… I got:

    1. 6 Wands
    2. 4 Wands
    3. 3 Swords
    4. 5 Wands
    5. The Empress
    6. 8 Swords
    7. 5 Pentacles

  2. Hello Inger and Tawny!

    Would you have a look at my interpretation?

    1. What is my strongest, divine talent?
    6 Wands
    – I see here your ability to coordinate the work of others towards success. With this talent you could aspire to a position of manager or coach. You may also excel at organizing events. The theater/cinema or fashion/interior-design industries may be indicated.

    2. How can I best use this talent?
    4 Wands
    – I see here the definition of short term business or sports goals, as well as the planning of festivities – which are, by
    nature, of short duration during an year. The 4 of Wands is different from other Wands cards – the focus here is on defining that which must be achieved and helping others stick to the goal, from the position of one who is certain of the goal’s value.

    By developing in the direction of such a position, your talent for choosing the right short term goal based on an innate sense of a greater picture will become more and more effective. You should coordinate its function with a realistic understanding of socio-economic demands in our present world, of physiological and psychological limitations of the usual human being.

    3. How have I used this talent in the past?
    3 Swords
    – I see here that you struggled with coming into your life’s purpose because of obstacles in your mentality, most likely resulted from unsolved conflicts between your heart’s sense of reality and views of your earlier authority figures – parents, school teachers, other older people that happened to be in a position of power over you. You have probably so far moved in the direction of your life path without clearly seeing where you are headed and unable to estimate your actual position on this path properly. The good news is that you have made some progress, even if it is not obvious to you.

    I have a feeling you are still quite young. Please consider my advice of taking your fate in your hands. Don’t worry about not knowing what to do. There is so much help available in the world. Take your time and look through the internet. Once you are dedicated to finding what’s best for you, more and more doors will be opened. There will still be confusion and struggle, but try to look at everything as being meant to assist you, to serve you. Even obstacles that, ultimately, are left behind, serve by provoking the enhancement of our inner strength; in response to them.

    A good advice when being hindered by your thinking is to get out of your head more. Try something fun like dancing or go for meditation; in a quiet, pleasant environment.

    4. How am I currently using this talent?
    5 Wands
    – I see here the attempt to separate from the limitations of those procedures that the people in your current environment try to impose on your practice. Also trying to come out successful from a competition – and eventually you will, as the 6 of Wands promises. You should look for a path of yourself, your unique way in which you can firmly stand out in the world. Don’t let similarities with other paths hold you back – see the common as a means to more easily connect with other people and emphasize the particular with courage, knowing that it has just as much value as the particular of other successful people.

    5. How will I use my talent in the future?
    The Empress
    – I see here the inspirer and care-taker of growth and beauty. Possibly your development will be more on the welness coaching or artistic projects/fashion management side – but you could also bring that sense of abundance and contentment to any environment where you act from a leading position.

    6. How can I use my talent to become prosperous?
    8 Swords
    – I see here guiding others out of the blockages in their thinking. With that energy of the Wands you can put fire back into the hearts of your clients or customers. As a team leader, you will be the light ahead that the others can follow. You should seek such people that, while being knowledgeable, lack the power of decision and the drive to turn their vision into reality; you could also be the one who provides or completes their vision. Remember the lessons of your 3 of Swords – you will know how to motivate others to move forward, by acting in spite of their confusion.

    7. How can I develop my talent further?
    5 Pentacles
    – I see here expansion, the leaving behind of what you have achieved so far – and keeps you stuck, unable to manifest – in order to make room for something new, more aligned with your life path. In the face of fear and doubt remember that you are not giving up on anything of value, that what is truly useful will not be lost – even if you seem to lose it at the moment. Expansion is needed in order to become the greater you, who you are meant to be. Even if you feel completely unprepared for new tools, new projects, trust that you will reach stability and prosperity. And it’s ok if that will, for a long time, be just in terms of inner strength. Apparent mistakes and failures are part of the plan for becoming a better human being. Remember the 3 of Swords and tell yourself that it is better to give yourself a chance at new things than to perpetuate a state of insatisfaction. Turn anxiety into the spirit of adventure! Let the old take care of itself and roll yourself into a dice for something new and unexpected! Take the Fool by the arm and leap into the unknown with full confidence! Apparently 2017 is a great time for new beginnings for many people.

    Thank you Inger and Tawny for this opportunity to be of service! I was just checking with the Divine in regard to my

    life’s purpose and I was lead from a quick search for information on my Owl spirit animal here, where I felt

    overwhelmed with the excitement of playing a bit with tarot! This was my very first reading!

    Happy, fulfilling 2017!


  3. Hi, Tawny. You have the winning spirit. Creating success is your talent. This could be applied to all types of projects and events. You will definitely get a lot of recognition for your talent in the future, as you get the Empress. You will create a lot of beauty in this world. I feel like 8 of swords and 5 of pentacles are telling you that you will help people in some way that feel insecure, and you will be able to motivate and inspire them to believe in themselves. I feel like you are someone with a gift to motivate and inspire others.

  4. You all just made my New Years brighter, this is exactly what I needed… I am so thankful. I called out for more clarity this morning, I did a where in the world after receiving an outcome for spiritual text in my celtic, it said it would be from northern Australia. I searched everywhere, but apparently the native Australians were very secretive and was preparing for a night of research. It comes to my mind now that is where Inger is from, I think, and I’m realizing this could be my message. I just love you guys. Thanks

  5. Hi there, Thank you for interesting and full of answers website, I am glad to find it,
    I have a question about the tarot cards that I recently started to use, I bought the Tarot cards the deck of Juliet Sharman-Burkes, there was one deck of them colored and another deck in there to color and make your own deck, so I used the colored deck already for a long time, more than 7 or so years, the uncolored ones I just started to color and did not finish them yet, although I wanted to use them, and asked about the talent,
    the card spread was very difficult to read,confusing I will say

    BUT before the spread there were 2 cards that fell down from the deck on the table,

    this was the spread.

    1. 7 of swords
    2. 3 of swords
    3. 6 of swords
    4. 4 of pentacles
    5. 4 of swords
    6. page of swords
    7. 9 of swords

    help, is it that the cards did not get my energy yet, or?

  6. Magician Tarot Love spread,
    How to do the spread? To use all the cards of Major and Minor arcana and spread only 9 cards randomly, what if the Magician will not end up on one of these 9 places in the spread, do I need to spread another 18 cards and if not, go for another 9 cards, it is kind of confusing, will you please explain that,
    Thank you

  7. Hi, Ariana. It seems like you have a talent in cerebral activities, communication, and problem-solving. I feel like you thrive when you can work as independently as possible. I also believe you can be very successful working for yourself.


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