Major Arcana Cards in a Love Reading

Latest Pick A Card Video: How Will They Act When They Realise You Are The ONE?

Disclaimer! These videos are for entertainment purposes. Only take what resonates.

I have now completed the Video Playlist to the Major Arcana tarot cards in a Love reading. You can watch all the videos here.

If you also want the written tutorials, you can get them here.

What can the tarot teach us about love?

Through the tarot, we can see ourselves more objectively. This way, we have a better chance to understand ourselves in regards to what we need. When it comes to love, the cards will tell you when a love interest is near. If you have fears and doubts, then the tarot can help you identify those to help you move past them. The tarot can also help you identify a love fraud. A love fraud can show up in your reading in reversed Kings or the reversed Magician. We often put our innocence onto others, believing they are honest too. The tarot can help you see the truth. The best tool when it comes to love is Your Own Emotions. If you feel happy and light, then your love interest is bringing out the best in you. If you feel confused, scared, ashamed, then those emotions are major red flags. Perhaps you are being manipulated.

Tarot and Soulmates

We all have a Soulmate. A Soulmate is someone you have known in many previous lifetimes. A Soulmate is someone who makes your life better.

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