The Major Arcana Tarot Spread

The Major Arcana Tarot spread

Look at every aspect of your life.

The Major Arcana Tarot spread can be as big as 22 cards or you can shorten it to look at only the areas in your life you want a deeper insight. Basically in this spread the Major Arcana cards ask the questions about future influences and situations while the Minor Arcana cards answer them.

Lay out the Major Arcana Cards that hold the questions you want answered.

What to ask the Major Arcana

Fool: What new beginnings await you?

Magician: What will you be teaching the world?

High Priestess: What will be your secrets?

Empress: What (or who) will you be nurturing?

Emperor: In what area will you be in full control?

Hierophant: What will your spiritual life be?

Lovers: What will your relationship look like? If you are single your future partner will show up here.

Chariot: How will you be moving forward in your life?

Strength: What will be your greatest strengths?

Hermit: What will you be learning?

Wheel of fortune: What is your divine timing (destiny)?

Justice: What will be your divine right ?(jobs, relationships, and property that belong to you)

Hanged Man: What will be your greatest invention?

Death: What will come to an end?

Temperance: Who is your guardian angel?

Devil: What will be your obsession?

Tower: What will you have to let go of to be more abundant?

Star: What does your future look like?

Moon: What will be your fears?

Sun: What will be your greatest joy?

Judgement: What will be your wake up call? (A-HA moments).

World: What will you end up becoming?

How to read using the Major Arcana spread

Keep the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana cards separate.

Shuffle and cut the Minor Arcana cards between every Major Arcana question.

Pull out three cards per question and read the cards in combination. If you are unsure what the cards are saying you can choose to use spreads like the Celtic Cross or pull out an extra card for clarification.

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