Major Arcana tarot card combinations

tarot card combination

Major Arcana Card Combinations

The Major Arcana tarot cards speak of the life situations we are in, and when they show up in our readings they tell us what situation the rest of the cards in the spread speak of. It can be a good idea to use reversed cards because Major Arcana cards will then be able to tell you if the situation you are in will be positive or negative. A reversed Major Arcana card can also be a sign to turn a situation around. Sometimes a reversed Major Arcana cards can mean you need to take a step back and incorporate the lessons seen in the previous Major Arcana card. For example; Strength reversed can mean you need to incorporate the Chariot into your life. The Chariot stands for healthy competition and being a go-getter. Go after what you truly desire and the Strength card will be turned around with all of its gifts available to you.

fool tarot card meaning
1. Beginnings

Fool upright. A situation involving new beginnings, children and students, or adults acting like children. Fool can also indicate a new situation where the Seeker feels excited, yet they are being naive about what the situation is actually about. Fool next to Magician often means the Seeker has a lot of luck in career. Fool next to Empress signifies an unexpected pregnancy. Fool in combination with Emperor can mean the Seeker has to grow up fast. Fool next to Temperance often denotes higher education. Fool next to Devil can mean difficulties in dealing with an authority/boss/coworker/family member in the Seeker’s life. Fool with Star can mean an unpredictable new situation where the Seeker is relying on faith to get through.

Fool reversed. A situation involving an old person. Fool reversed also indicate a situation where the Seeker feels pessimistic. Fool reversed with Justice can mean being an unwilling witness or unwilling participant in a legal case. Fool reversed with Star often mean the Seeker will do something in the heat of the moment they later will regret. Fool reversed with the Sun card often means the later stages of a pregnancy. It can also mean a temporary setback. Fool reversed with World can mean wasting one’s talents and resources.

Magician tarot card meanings
Magician: Talents

Magician upright. A situation involving the Seeker’s highest and best soulmate, or highest and best life-calling using the Seeker’s natural gifts and abilities. Magician next to Wheel of fortune often means luck in meeting someone significant when you least expect it. Magician next to Emperor often means self-employment. Magician next to Temperance means the Seeker will meet someone who will bring out the best in them. It can also be a workplace that is exactly what you need. This card combination can also signify a wellness industry. Magician next to the Devil card can mean being pulled into a bad situation leading to trouble. Magician next to World can mean using your talent to teach others.

Magician reversed. A situation where the Seeker is being deceived by someone dishonest. Magician reversed can also indicate a situation where the Seeker is unable to use their talents, or the Seeker is out of place and doing something they are unnatural at. Magician reversed next to Empress can mean adultery. Magician reversed next to Lovers can mean difficulties committing in relationships. Magician reversed next to Hierophant can mean spiritual crisis. Magician reversed next to World can mean Seeker being out of alignment geographically. They might feel out of place and have difficulties connecting with people in their community, can also be an indication of a language barrier.

HIgh priestess tarot card meanings
High Priestess: Intuition

High Priestess upright. A situation involving the most important woman in your life; can be wife, sister, daughter, mother, grandmother, female friend etc. High priestess can also be the inner world of the seeker. Thought patterns and beliefs seem stronger than ever. High Priestess next to Magician can mean the Seeker is on the path to meet their highest and best, most compatible soul mate. High Priestess with Emperor can mean a woman in a man’s world. High Priestess next to Chariot often indicates a career woman. High Priestess next to Temperance means being able to communicate with a higher power. It also signifies a woman from a far away place. High Priestess next to World tarot card often means high education and/or an academic.

High Priestess reversed. Difficulties involving understanding someone, often due to lack of insight. Use of intuition and insight will heal this. High Priestess reversed next to Strength can mean having lost faith and passion, and therefore also direction. Being lead astray is indicated. High Priestess reversed next to Hermit can mean growing apart from family and friends, and being too isolated. High Priestess reversed next to Hanged Man can mean being lost in a world of conspiracy and false ideas. There are difficulties adapting to fresh new ideas. High Priestess reversed next to Tower can mean being ‘addicted’ to drama, and being emotionally on a roller-coaster. High Priestess reversed next to the World can mean difficulties completing a study. There are difficulties with concentration.

Empress tarot card meanings
Empress: Abundance

Empress upright. A happy life situation involving nurturing and love. In combination with the Sun it often means pregnancy. With the Fool, it often means raising children. With the Chariot, it often means nurturing career. With the High Priestess, it often indicates your mother. With the Emperor it often indicates a charismatic couple; can also be your parents. Empress with Hanged Man can mean creating a peaceful life. Empress next to Moon often indicates a spiritual path revealing spiritual gifts. Empress with Judgement can mean being a single mother.

Empress reversed. A situation involving neglect and lack of support. Take a step back and embrace your feminine power. Empress reversed with the Hermit can mean loneliness and difficulties making friends. Empress reversed next to Devil tarot card can mean promiscuity and love addictions. Empress reversed next to Moon can indicate a worrywart. Empress reversed next to Judgement can mean difficulties caring for someone elderly.

emperor tarot card meanings
Emperor: Structure

Emperor upright. A situation where the Seeker feels completely in control. Emperor often indicates being on top of an organisation or being a business owner. Emperor next to Fool can mean a very calculated risk. It can also mean new structure needed in a business or a learning institution. Emperor next to Strength can indicate Human Resources or a spiritual entrepreneur. Emperor next to Wheel of fortune often means a better job, possibly a promotion. Emperor next to Justice can mean government work with a strong legal aspect. Emperor next to Temperance often indicates a career in management, often in a humanitarian field. Emperor next to Tower can mean the Seeker is burning out due to too much stress. Emperor next to World can mean work in natural resources and governments.

Emperor reversed. Lack of leadership. The Seeker might feel out of control in life, or a situation feels chaotic. Nurturing and love will heal this situation, and bring back appropriate leadership. Emperor reversed next to Fool can mean lack of care nurturing young people. They might be left fending for themselves, no one is showing them how to mature. There are no role models. Emperor reversed next to Hierophant can indicate an organisation losing valuable funds. Emperor reversed next to Lovers can mean someone is unable to function in relationships due to lack of self-love. Emperor reversed next to Strength can mean someone is giving too much of themselves without having appropriate boundaries. Emperor reversed next to Sun tarot card can mean there is an absent father figure in someone’s life.

hierophant tarot card meanings
Hierophant: Tradition.

Hierophant upright. Spiritual structure. A situation that is compatible with the Seeker’s beliefs and values. This is a good card to get in a career question as it denotes the Seeker agrees with the values of the company he/she works for. In a relationship, Hierophant denotes marriage and sharing the same beliefs. Hierophant next to High Priestess mean an even deeper sense of meaning and purpose, and it often involves empowering the individual. Hierophant next to Temperance often means an ancient culture and spiritual rituals. Hierophant next to Star can mean the Seeker has a sudden awakening that creates shock waves in their lives. Hierophant next to the Sun means security and success on a long term basis. Hierophant next to World can mean the Seeker travels overseas to teach.

Hierophant reversed. Lack of compatibility in belief system between the Seeker and the situation; it can be in personal relationships or in the workplace depending on the question. Hierophant reversed indicates the Seeker feels insecure at the core and might be subconsciously attracted to a corrupt and false institution where they will be vulnerable to abuse. Hierophant reversed next to Fool can mean a learning institution lacking guidance and structure. There is no real substance, and the teachers are lacking motivation. Hierophant reversed next to Magician can mean a relationship being on the rocks. Hierophant reversed next to Justice can mean an investigation into an organisation revealing scandals and illegal activity. Hierophant reversed next to Tower can mean the Seeker is spiritually broken, and abandonment of spiritual faith. What the Seeker is believing and what is the truth are out of alignment. The Seeker might be accusing innocent people of wrong doing. Hierophant reversed and the Moon indicates fear driven beliefs and consequently fear-driven actions. This card combination can also represent a mental institution where the patients are not getting the correct treatment.

lovers tarot card meanings
6. Lovers: Love

Lovers upright. Love and relationship situations. The Seeker feels whole and complete, and most importantly loved. Lovers next to Fool can mean falling in love too easily. This card combination often shows up when the Seeker meets the person they will be with before they meet the One. The Fool is there to teach them something before they meet the one they are meant to be with. The Seeker might believe they have met the One but are unable to form a solid relationship. The Lovers and the Magician together indicate true love and being with your Highest and Best soulmate in this lifetime. Lovers next to Hierophant often mean getting married. Lovers next to Hermit can mean a long distance relationship, and being friends before becoming romantically involved. It can also mean finding love later in life. Lovers next to Wheel of fortune mean a Destiny meeting bringing you love. Divine timing is at play. Lovers next to Justice can mean the legal aspects of a relationship, and sometimes it can mean setting up prenups. Lovers next to the Moon means romance and romantic surprises. Lovers next to Sun mean falling in love at first sight. Lovers next to the World tarot card often means a romance across continents.

Lovers reversed. Lack of unity and finding a common ground. The Seeker might feel disconnected and numb. Lovers reversed next to Magician can mean being afraid of falling in love. Lovers reversed next to Emperor can indicate seeking love to have security rather than being in love. Lovers reversed next to Chariot can mean running from love, and breaking up with someone. Lovers reversed next to Justice can mean divorce. Lovers reversed next to Moon can mean seeking Love in all the wrong places. Lovers reversed next to Judgement can mean a karmic relationship where the Seeker is getting back what they used to dish out, and must learn to raise their vibration to experience love in a more harmonic way.

Chariot tarot card meanings
7. Chariot: Victory

Chariot upright. Healthy competition and growing through wanting to get ahead. Winning because of a can-do attitude. Chariot next to Magician can mean a sales job, or in a love reading, it can mean traveling when meeting your soulmate. Chariot next to Hermit can mean the postal service; sending/receiving post, and it can also mean emails. This card combination can also denote the internet. Chariot next to Hanged Man can mean winning by bidding your time. Chariot next to Death can indicate the police or the military. This card combination can also mean traveling to a place with a strong military presence, or a strong police presence. Chariot next to Star can mean seeking fame, and a career in the public eye. Chariot next to Judgement often means political ambitions.

Chariot reversed. Unhealthy competition and ego-motivated situations. Losing due to having the wrong attitude. Chariot reversed next to Fool can mean being accident prone, especially when traveling. Chariot reversed next to High Priestess can indicate a lack of self-belief. Chariot reversed next to Strength can mean depending too much on your partner, friend or colleague. Chariot reversed next to Justice can mean problems with legalities, even losing a legal case. Chariot reversed next to Tower can mean fleeing a dangerous situation. Chariot reversed next to Star can mean losing sight of one’s dreams. Chariot reversed next to World can mean a difficult time where the Seeker has to become more to stay on top of things, or they will fall behind.

Strength tarot card meanings
8. Strength: Passion

Strength upright. Being someone’s rock. Situations where the Seeker is the caregiver. Strength next to Fool can mean helping students. Strength next to Magician means the relationship is rock solid. It also means nurturing one’s talents and the talents of others. Strength next to Chariot can mean letting someone go and setting them free because you love them. Strength next to Hermit can mean being the light in someone’s life, and caring for them through teachings and mentoring. It can also mean a teacher is the Seeker’s rock. Strength next to Justice can mean legal assistance. Strength next to Sun can mean helping taking care of children, and giving children a safe childhood.

Strength reversed. Unable to care for others, and not having enough support in one’s life. The Seeker might be fatigued and apathetic. Strength reversed next to Fool can mean either be taken advantage of or taking advantage of others. It can also mean a student who lacks passion for the subject their studying. Strength reversed next to High Priestess can mean a woman on her own with little to none support network. Strength reversed next to Chariot can indicate too much pressure to perform has drained the Seeker of energy. Strength reversed next to Moon can mean thought patterns and toxic emotions causing the Seeker to feel flat and without passion and energy. Strength reversed next to Sun can mean a much-needed break and holiday coming up, but it can also mean the Seeker has a lack of energy while being around people who are very energised, for example, children.

Hermit tarot card meaning
Hermit: Teacher

Hermit upright. Introspective and reflective. Seeking peace and understanding away from the mainstream social consciousness. Hermit next to Fool can mean letting go of worry and concerns, thus feeling light and optimistic. This card combination is also often seen when someone has been single for a very long time, and they never had to adjust to someone else over a long period of time. They have not had to fit in with another person, friends and families, they are only molded by their own thoughts and programming. Hermit next to Wheel of fortune can mean being a healer, animal communicator and/or mentor is the Seeker’s destiny. It can also mean meeting someone with those qualities to receive help and guidance. Hermit next to Hanged Man can mean being different from contemporaries. The Seeker might be unable to fit in. Hermit next to Death can mean a generation gap, it can also mean a child who is an old soul. Hermit next to judgement can mean an old person, however, in career questions, it often means political adviser.

Hermit reversed. Isolation and loneliness. The Seeker either has too much time alone or not any time alone at all. Either way, the Seeker feels isolated and lonely as a result. Hermit reversed next to Lovers can mean a couple who only have each other and very rarely socialise outside the relationship. Hermit reversed next to Strength can indicate the Seeker is hanging in the hope of better times ahead. Hermit reversed next to Moon can indicate feeling very low emotionally. Hermit reversed next to World can mean the Seeker feels they don’t belong on this planet.

wheel of fortune tarot card meanings
Wheel of Fortune: Destiny

Wheel of fortune upright. Destiny, luck and divine timing. The Wheel is turning in the Seeker’s favour and situations turn out to their advantage. Wheel of fortune next to Fool can mean an unexpected promotion or offer. Wheel of fortune next to High Priestess can mean a fortunate meeting with an influential woman. Wheel of fortune next to Hanged Man can mean turning down an offer that is hard to refuse. This card combination can also mean an offer with an unfortunate catch to it. Wheel of fortune next to Star can mean getting public recognition, even fame. Wheel of fortune next to World can mean emigrating overseas.

Wheel of fortune reversed. Unlucky situations and being at a disadvantage. Wheel of fortune reversed next to Fool often means having lost direction and not knowing how to proceed. This card combination can also indicate skill shortages and holes in the education system. Wheel of fortune reversed next to High priestess can mean losing touch with inner guidance, and also losing contact with an important woman in the Seeker’s life. Wheel of fortune reversed next to chariot can mean feeling defeated and wanting more control in life. It can also mean a loss of driver licence or car problems. Wheel of fortune reversed with Hanged Man can mean unemployment. Wheel of fortune reversed next to Death can mean one door has closed, but the Seeker has yet to see a new door opening, and the Seeker might feel they are in limbo. Wheel of fortune reversed next to Tower can mean losing something important at the worse possible time. Wheel of fortune reversed next to Judgement can mean retirement.

Justice tarot card meanings
Justice: Balance

Justice upright. Legal activity, and situations involving being lawful and following rules. Justice next to Fool can mean unexpected luck in legal outcomes. Justice next to Magician can indicate a very clever lawyer. Justice next to Emperor can indicate a legal firm. Justice next to Chariot can mean starting a new fitness regime. Justice next to Devil can indicate a criminal lawyer. Justice with Moon often means legal loopholes. Justice next to Judgement can mean political agendas and political ideas.

Justice reversed. Unfairness and injustice. Situations where people are breaking the rules, even the law. Justice reversed next to High Priestess can mean lack of opportunities for women. Justice reversed next to Hermit can mean jail time. Justice reversed next to Hanged Man can mean legal setbacks. Justice reversed next to Devil can mean a criminal organisation. Justice reversed next to Tower can mean lies and betrayal covered up. Justice reversed next to Moon can mean bullying. Justice reversed next to Sun can mean a custody battle.

Hanged man tarot card meanings
Hanged Man: Delay

Hanged Man upright. Situations involving walking away from conflict and taking a step back from the ‘limelight’. The Seeker realises that a situation is not about them and they need to let go of trying to control it. See what is really going on by observing objectively. The hanged man next to Fool can mean a sudden change of lifestyle. It can mean being a stay at home parent. The hanged man next to Emperor often means going against your instincts. The hanged man next to Hermit can denote a psychiatrist. The hanged man next to Death can mean the Seeker is changing their future by changing their belief system. Hanged Man next to Star can mean being an activist for peace. The hanged man next to Moon often signifies a creative genius. The hanged man next to Sun can mean a delay in getting pregnant, or being out of touch with the present moment.

Hanged Man reversed. A toxic situation created by an unhealthy ego. The Seeker is unable to let go and let God. Instead, they are getting involved in situations that are none of their concern. Hanged Man reversed next to Magician can mean missing an opportunity due to focusing on the wrong things. Hanged Man reversed next to High Priestess can mean old grief and sadness blocking psychic powers. Hanged Man reversed next to Lovers can indicate an abusive relationship. Hanged Man reversed next to Hermit can mean addictions. Hanged Man reversed next to Death indicates a fear of change. Hanged Man reversed next to Star can mean being led astray. Hanged Man reversed next to Judgement can mean being taken advantage of.

death tarot card meanings
Death: Endings

Death up rightA situation is ending, and a new beginning is about to start. Death can also indicate the Seeker’s childhood. Death next to Fool can mean facing a fear head-on. Death next to High Priestess can mean Mediumship. It can also mean past life memories surfacing. Death next to Justice often means dealing with taxes or handling other people’s money. It can also be an inheritance. Death next to Chariot often means the Seeker is changing residence. Death next to Moon can mean creative blocks. Death next to Sun means the Seeker is re-living a childhood memory. Death next to Judgement can mean a near-death experience.

Death reversed. A much-needed ending is not happening, and the Seeker might be suffering mentally as a result. Death reversed can mean the Seeker has thought patterns that act as loops, replaying in their mind over and over again, needing to be released. Death reversed next to Fool can mean the Seeker has difficulties in school. Death reversed next to Justice can indicate prolonged and unfair legal proceedings. Death reversed next to Wheel of fortune can mean the Seeker cheated death. Death reversed next to Hanged Man can indicate the Seeker just wants to give up. Death reversed next to Devil can indicate jail time or be stuck in what feels like a prison. Death reversed next to Tower can mean emotional meltdowns due to a difficult upbringing, possibly even abuse in childhood. This needs to be healed so the Seeker can have peace of mind. Death reversed next to Sun can mean the Seeker is not growing. Something is preventing them from growing up, it can be a sign of substance abuse.

Temperance: Moderation

Temperance upright. A situation which teaches the Seeker emotional control and leadership, often by mixing two opposite elements the Seeker must balance in order to keep the order. Temperance next to the Strength indicates the Seeker is mastering their emotions very well. Temperance next to Tower can mean the Seeker has emotional ups and downs that are at the far end of the scale each side. Situations might be very unpredictable. Temperance next to Star means the Seeker will be in the public eye, and they will learn to deal with people on a larger scale. Temperance next to Judgement means more responsibility will come upon the Seeker.

Temperance reversed. A situation which brings out the worst in the Seeker. Other people might deliberately make it harder for the Seeker, even sabotage their progress. Temperance reversed next to Fool speaks of unexpected responses to situations making it hard to get along and difficult moving forward. Temperance reversed next to Magician can mean the Seeker feels unworthy and has slave-mentality. Temperance reversed next to Moon can mean the Seeker is up all night, unable to sleep, worrying or having bad dreams. Temperance reversed next to Sun means situations will soon improve.

devil tarot card meanings
Devil: Obsession

Devil upright. A situation that brings out the darker side to the Seeker’s personality. The Seeker might be dealing with others addictions, or maybe the Seeker has problems with their own addictive behaviour. Their inner demons are coming to the surface. Devil next to Emperor can mean a controlling authoritative figure, possibly the Seeker’s employer. This card combination can also mean the Seeker id too ambitious. Devil next to Hierophant can mean a corrupt system. Devil next to Chariot can denote a soldier, but it can also mean the Seeker is moving away from a limiting situation. Devil next to Judgement can mean someone is being too assertive, and they need to be more tolerant.

Devil reversed. A situation which the Seeker realises will be harmful thus they make appropriate changes. Devil reversed next to Fool can mean the Seeker has a newfound freedom in their life. Devil reversed next to High Priestess can indicate suppressed anger. Devil reversed next to Empress can mean failed IVF. Devil reversed next to Temperance can indicate the Seeker is suppressing their shadow side. Devil reversed next to Moon can mean the Seeker is balancing the fine line between madness and sanity. Devil reversed next to Sun can mean a hidden danger in a child’s life.

tower tarot card meanings
Tower: Destruction

Tower upright. A difficult situation bringing dark feelings to the surface. The Seeker might feel they losing something or someone important to, them. In my experience, the Tower operates on an emotional level mostly. There is emotional upheaval, but it is not as bad as you think. Tower next to Fool can mean a sudden shock, someone might be mean on purpose, and it is unexpected. Tower next to Magician can mean someone the Seeker really likes, even loves, is triggering emotional turmoil in the seeker. The Seeker is pushed to the limit by someone who seems to know how to push all the right buttons. Tower next to Devil can indicate the Seeker is taking a stand and is not backing down. They might retaliate. Someone treated them badly, and now the Seeker treats them bad back. Tower next to Star can mean the Seeker has to ask for help and allow someone to help them. They need to stop believing they are always on their own. Tower next to Judgement can mean a sudden Wake-Up call. The Seeker might suddenly have enough of a situation, they take charge of their lives and move on. And they don’t look back.

Tower reversed. A situation where truth remains hidden and people are resigned to be ‘less’ than they could be. Restriction and discrimination are often at the heart of the situation. Fear campaigns keep the Seeker from freeing themselves from the Tower. There is no shake-up and the Seeker bottles up their feelings. Tower reversed next to Fool can indicate difficulties in moving on from rigid structures. Tower reversed next to Justice can mean the Seeker has bound themselves to a contract without really knowing what they signed up for, and not being able to get out of it. Tower reversed next to Moon can mean the Seeker is being slowly poisoned, could be through the water, food or medication. This card combination can also signify that the Seeker is being brainwashed, and therefore poisoned through mind-games. Tower reversed next to Star means the Seeker is making the most out of a difficult situation, they often turn themselves into healers and humanitarians, using the difficult situation to help as many as they can. Tower reversed next to Judgement mean help will arrive from an outside (and often unlikely) source. Playing politics is the key to turning this situation around.


star tarot card meaning
Star: Hope

Star upright. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and the Seeker knows their future will be better than their past. A situation is improving, but there is still a lot of work to do. Star next to Emperor often means government support and assistance. Star next to Hermit denotes furthering your education. Star next to Devil can mean the Seeker is manifesting what they don’t want, rather than what they do want. Their fears might be stronger than their ability to trust at this stage. Star next to Tower (tower coming after star) can mean hopes being shattered, but it is often only temporarily, and it is always for a reason. Star next to Moon can mean the Seeker is on the path to fame, and a creative career. Star next to Sun denotes sudden success and sudden recognition. Star next to World means the Seeker has chosen a challenging occupation.


Star reversed. The light at the end of the tunnel never seems to appear. The Seeker might fall victim of doom and gloom, or their situation is really depressing. Star reversed often shows up when the community the Seeker lives in lacks opportunities. Star reversed next to Magician denotes the Seeker lacks self-belief, and this is often due to the people they are around. Change of social circle will create a turnaround. Star reversed next to Chariot means the Seeker is afraid of success, and they are holding themselves back. Star reversed next to Devil can mean their pessimism creates a negative situation it can be hard to get out of. Star reversed next to Justice can mean human rights have been broken. This card combination can also indicate difficulties with online activity. Star reversed next to World can mean the Seeker is isolated from the world around them.

Moon tarot card meanings
Moon: Creativity

Moon upright. A mystery to be solved. The Seeker is left wanting to know more, and they begin to search for the truth. Moon next to Strength can mean the Seeker is pulled out of their comfort zone. They are learning that what they used to be afraid of was harmless. Moon next to Hermit often denotes a writer or a creative entrepreneur. Moon next to Wheel of fortune means an artistic breakthrough. Moon next to Hanged Man can mean the Seeker escapes using drugs (legal or illegal), or the Seeker escapes in their own mind, closing themselves off to the outside world. Moon next to Devil can mean a criminal underworld or a shady business deal. Moon next to Tower means the Seeker takes drastic measures to escape the Tower of illusions. Moon next to Judgement can mean owning a valuable piece of art or being an art collector. This card combination also denotes working in tv/film, screenwriting, writing jobs and fashion careers.

Moon reversed. Lack of mystery and wonder. A bleak reality where the Seeker no longer wonders what else there is to experience. Moon reversed next to Fool can indicate a thrill seeker with a death wish. Moon reversed next to Magician can indicate a compulsive liar. Moon reversed next to Chariot can mean problems with the Seeker’s car, or problems getting from A to B. Moon reversed next to Hanged Man can indicate digging oneself deeper into a problem, often drug problems. Moon reversed next to Sun can mean problems raising children. Moon reversed next to World can mean a dangerous place.

Sun tarot card meanings
Sun: Happiness

Sun upright. Success is love and love is success. The Seeker is making good decisions and is connecting to the Truth which in return brings love and warmth to the Seeker’s life. Sun next to Fool often signifies a very loved child. Sun next to Hermit can mean a child who is wise beyond their years. This card combination also indicates success as a storyteller. Sun next to Wheel of fortune can mean winning in games and competitions. Sun next to Justice indicates success in a legal case. Sun next to Devil can mean success in business. If Empress is also present this card combination can mean successful IVF treatments. Sun next to World often means travelling, possibly relocating, to a very sunny place overseas.

Sun reversed. Jumping to the wrong conclusions, thus making poor decisions. The Seeker’s success is delayed. In a yes/no question, Sun reversed indicates a no. Sun reversed next to Empress can mean infertility. Sun reversed next to Emperor can mean poor leadership. Sun reversed next to Hierophant can mean old age facility. This card combination can also mean closing down of learning institutions and charities. Sun reversed next to Lovers can mean a relationship needs renewal. The couple might be in a rut, or they are fatigued due to stress. Sun reversed next to Death can mean an ending the Seeker doesn’t want. It can also mean a difficult childhood. Sun reversed next to Temperance can mean someone or something is bringing out the worst in the Seeker. Sun reversed next to World can mean difficulties passing exams and tests.

Judgement tarot card meaning
Judgement: Inner Calling

Judgement upright. A situation that is meant to wake you up, gives you direction, guidance and a calling. Judgement next to Fool is perhaps the most fortunate card combination. The gates are open for the Seeker to receive what they desire most. Judgement next to Magician means the Seeker has discovered their Gift, and they are meant to share this Gift with the world. Judgment next to Emperor can mean a judge or politician. Judgment next to Devil can mean law enforcement. Judgment next to Star often means journalism.

Judgement reversed. A situation that makes the Seeker numb. The Seeker wants to shrink and hide away rather than waking up. Judgement reversed next to High Priestess can mean a widow. Judgement reversed next to Emperor can mean a fall from grace. Judgement reversed next to Hermit can mean a widower. Judgement reversed next to Temperance can mean the Seeker is filled with regrets. Judgement reversed next to Devil can mean being pulled into a dangerous network. Judgement reversed next to Star indicate abandonment. Judgement reversed next to World denote having a distorted view of the world, and isolating oneself from the outside world as a result.

world tarot card meanings
World: Success

World upright. Success and completion, but not without a steep learning curve. The Seeker had to learn and adapt, and some situations had to be challenging, or the Seeker would not have grown as much. The World next to Magician can indicate having a soulmate from another country. This card combination can also indicate travelling overseas to work. World next to Emperor denotes world resources and governments. The World next to Temperance often means studying overseas. The World next to Devil can denote the oil and gas industry, mining, and farming. The World next to Tower can mean natural disasters. The World next to Star often mean a life in the public, it can also mean a career in media, and internet careers.

World reversed. A situation remains unfinished often due to lack of substance and discipline to complete it. World reversed next to Fool can mean only being interested in the initial stages of projects. World reversed next to Magician can mean a language barrier making a situation difficult. World reversed next to High Priestess can mean a group of women having to hide. World reversed next to Empress often denotes female discrimination. World reversed next to Hierophant indicate cultural conflicts. World reversed next to Lovers often means distance comes between a couple. World reversed next to Temperance denotes the Seeker longs to escape where they are living. World reversed next to Judgement can indicate a prison or an institution.


  1. Hi Inger,
    I made a karma spread about an ex.(this relationship had a bad and ugly end a year ago, and i can’t forget and forgive…) I asked: why did we met? I got the Devil.
    Have we got anything more to do/will we have any kind of future relationship ? I got High Priestess reversed.
    And I asked- What can I do to close this story in me and release the pain and anger- I got the Seven of Pentacles reversed.
    What do you think about it?
    Thanks a lot!


  2. Hi Vica. I believe the cards are telling you to remember who you were before you met this person. Seven of pentacles reversed indicates taking on a challenging lesson to gain invaluable insight and wisdom you can take with you during your life journey. Write down everything you learnt from this relationship. This way you complete the lesson, but you keep the learning, and there is no longer any need for anger to remind you….you anger and pain will then let go of you….
    Sending you lots of LOVE!

  3. I tried a 2 card spread. While shuffling, Wheel of Fortune fell out. Then I pulled The Hanged Man and Princess of Cups.

  4. Hi Ginger, did you ask the cards a specific question? In a general reading this card combination denotes someone with special gifts, especially psychics and artistic gifts. Princess of cups is your audition card, it means putting yourself out there to be noticed for your talents. If there has been a waiting period in your life then Wheel of fortune is telling you that the wait is almost over. 🙂

  5. Inger, Thanks! I am at a major crossroads in life. I have been working on myself since July of last year after nearly a decade of letting myself drown out in my relationship, friendships and work. I am about to go on a trip and I just asked in general what was going to happen since I’ve concentrated so much on bettering myself.

    Most recently, I had been connecting with my spiritual self again. I have been feeling mentally linked with someone that I have never met, even astral projecting and connecting with their mind. My trip next week is to a place I am hoping this person is going to be. *crossing fingers*

  6. Hi inga I’ve just done a three card spread and three of coins came out, then three of wands and King of cups, I feel as I’m being sent something strong here as I repeated it and low and behold the same three cards came out again and in the exact same order

  7. Hi Kerry-Anne. This layout nearly creates an arrow (a perfect alignment in the cards). They say that you are expanding and the only ‘missing link’ is the ‘right’ people, your so called tribe who will be your network and the key to harmony in an enterprise that means a lot to you. You can ask your guides and angels to bring in the right people that share your enthusiasm. They say it has to be people you can see face to face, and meet up with, as opposed to online connections. It could be an interest group in your community for example.
    Cheers, Inger.

  8. Hi Inga. Im very new to this. On a 3 card spread for Past, Present & Future, I drew the Moon, Hierophant in Reverse and the World. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Hi Eileen. I feel like this card combination is telling you to go out into the world, as you now are a bit too boxed in, and you need more freedom in your life. 🙂
    Cheers, Ingie

  10. Hi

    I have been hurt in the past and now I am finally over it . Problem is I now have strong feelings for someone else who I barely know and I really do not understand how this is even possible. Since nothing has ever happened romantically. I did a 5 card reading about this relationship and got 4 of wands, 6 of Penacles, 2 of swords, the fool and 7 of wands with 3 of wands as clarifier. The cards confuse me I feel they are telling me to move on and I need to make this decision . I have previously pulled the tower in outcome position and pulled the moon and 4 of wands as how I will feel about this change signified by the tower. Is this a good or bad change I do not know .The thing is I can’t seem to forget him :(.

  11. I believe the cards are telling you that you won’t be seeing much of this person in the future…but you did feel a spiritual connection, which was meant to happen to remind you that you can manifest a soulmate in your life….you can begin by focusing on what is important to you in a relationship….what do you want in a soulmate….write a list, and command to meet your highest and best, most compatible soulmate now…

  12. hi I have had a really bad few days really bad, I did a celtic spread 12 cards and was wanted some knowledge its just a general one for work, love and family, I have some problems in work and family, but as some of the cards revel I am standing my ground which I am proud of I think there will be a house move but I would like to know when, ten of cups was the outcome card so as trouble times pass I will be in a happier place the six of swords with seven of wands show a management job, or more responsibility I am looking for work but not having much luck. I am learning tarot but it takes time. I have a sick family member who is going to pass in the next few days my cards are
    ace of pentacles-six of swords-seven of wands- four of cups -wheel of fourtune -queen of swords -four of wands -king of wands two of swords -ten of cups-the magician-the high preistess
    there has been much uphevel and I am standing my ground on a lot of things, I let the gossips gossip which I know is also going on around me, I feel very isolated and alone, but I am sometimes happier that way. Can you please give me your professional opinion on these cards, thanks so much

  13. Hi, Jodie. I believe the tarot cards are telling you about love. The Magician and the High Priestess are the love cards, especially when it comes to soulmate connections. The cards are also saying you will have a new beginning financially, and you have the wheel of fortune card operating for you now, which means you will end up working somewhere pre-destined. Keep avoiding the gossipers, they are low vibrational people, and not part of your soul family. By keeping your boundaries strong around them, you are also making room for your soul family (soul family is often different from earth family), and you will never feel alone around them. Keep going, Jodie, your interpretations of the cards are great.

  14. Hi, Strength means you want and need someone and/or something in your life that is your rock. Magician in challenges position can mean that you have been let down by someone, and feel now that no one is listening or taking you seriously. Wheel of fortune means you will propel forward in life regardless of past hurt, and you will move rapidly towards your Destiny. You are learning to become a leader, and an authority.

  15. Hello inga
    I opened celtic cross for my bf but i had some cards that scared me. Tower in the present, page of wands crossing him, chariot in the above him position, two of wands near future and 9 swords inthe outcome. My experience is limited but the combination tower+ chariot + 9 swords implies a car accident in 48h?

  16. Hi, Mika. I think the cards are telling your friend to have confident in his future. He might have a lot of doubts if he is making the right choices, and he is unsure if the path he is on is the best for him. 2 of wands in future position tells me this is only a temporary state of mind, and he will soon be very confident about where he is heading and what he wants….:) Nine of swords can mean he is a bit ‘stuck in his head’ and over thinks…he might also not get enough sleep….

  17. Hi Inger,

    This morning from a three card spread I received the devil card upright, the fool upright and the empress card reversed. I would be very grateful of any interpretation you can give me to this.

  18. Hi, Sophia. The interpretations depend a bit on if you were using the whole deck, or if you were only using the Major Arcana cards. If you were using the whole deck, then it can mean there are a lot going on behind the scenes that you are not aware of or able to influence too much at this stage. But at the same time, now is a good time to ask your spiritual team (your guides and angels) to bring you what you want into your life. Sometimes with reversed cards, it can be a good idea to look at the card before in the tarot deck, and with the Empress, that card is the High Priestess. The High Priestess is a master at Manifesting seemingly the impossible. I believe the cards are telling you to raise the bar, and believe in achieving what you might believe is impossible, because it is achievable if you put your mind to it….:)
    Cheers, Ingie

  19. I did a 3 card spread and I got for past the temperance present judgement and future the Knight of wands , what does this meam

  20. Hi my cards were 4 of coins 7 of cups 8 of swords 7 of coins 10 of cups the temperence then high priestess followed by the fool and last but definitely not least..the tower! 🙁 this spread was for career/job The cards were all upright. my work makes me very unhappy so I am looking for a change bit the spread has made me a little worried. Thanks

  21. This is actually a very positive reading because you are getting triple 7 with two zeros, so that tells me you will find your soulmate job…meaning you will be in a soul relationship with your next job. I believe the job you are currently in is teaching you about what you don’t want. Now, it is easier to know what you do want. The 0s are god energy, so your prayers now are very powerful. Ask to be crossed path with your highest and best, most compatible, divine job that will bring you happiness and joy 🙂

  22. I did a three card spread for my current new job/work environment.

    I’ve gotten the devil for the past, the emperor for the present and wheel of fortune for the future. All the major arcana. I’m at a lost at how to read this.

  23. Major Arcana cards indicate time will fly by, and they can also mean you will be in the right place at the right time. I feel like you will receive a new work offer in the future (wheel of fortune), could very well be a promotion. 🙂

  24. Thanks. Am surprised out of that many cards, all I drew were the major.

    I am already at my new job for 3 weeks. The draw is meant to advise me on the job/job environment. I guess after all, it’s still a good draw. ?

  25. Hello Inger,i had an online tarot reading about winning the lottery and i pulled a Seven of coins in the situation column,Ace of cups in the opportunities/challengies/,Six of cups in advice,King of wands in daily lesson and near future the fool i have tried to find the meanings can u please help me out

  26. Hello Inger,i tried another online reading on what my talents are and i pulled a situation card of nine of cups,opportunities n challenges i got a Five of swords,Eight of pentacles in advice,Judgement in daily lesson and The World in the near future please help me understand both readings thnk u very much

  27. I feel like the cards are telling you that you have an opportunity to fine tune and practice your talents on a daily basis. With cards like these, you are already aware of what your talents are, and you will be able to take it to the next level.

  28. Hi I pulled 3 cards online
    The hanged man, strength & heirophant. My question was do I take the job offered in Qld. Would you decipher thus fir me. Thank you Sue

  29. Hi, Sue. I would use cards you have shuffled and laid out yourself for an important question like this. I would also use the ‘Make the right decision tarot spread’: You will have to repeat this spread for each choice and options you are looking into. Notice the positives and negatives and how the different choices are affecting your family, love, career and spiritual life.

    Card 1: Lessons I will learn from making this choice

    Card 2: Positives about this choice

    Card 3: Negatives about this choice

    Card 4: How this choice will affect me most

    Card 5: Future location (where you will end up geographically) if making this choice

    Card 6: Friends and potential love connections if I make this choice

    Card 7: Spiritual growth if I make this choice

    Card 8: Career goals achieved if I make this choice

    Card 9: Family influences if I make this choice

    Card 10+11+12: Final outcome if I make this choice

    Compare the different choices before making them. Which one has the best result for you?

  30. Thank you. What is the Make the right decision spread. I did my own and pulled
    10 swords, king of Pentacles & the world.

  31. Hi Inger
    I recently pulled the Hermit , Justice and Death cards in this order side by side .
    Please help me better understand this reading .

  32. Comment…I get the 5 cards of mine in tarot… The tower,the temperance,the lovers,the fool and the hanged man… What does it mean? Plsss….

  33. Hi, Christine. The Hermit is shedding light onto a situation in your life where you need extreme balance and also clear thinking. I feel like you will create more stability in your life, and they say also, you will be helping other people as well. I feel like this has to do with your Life purpose, and there will be a great transformation occurring soon, that you are ready for, and you are well-prepared for. You are in preparation mode now.

  34. Hi, Che….these cards are very strong. I feel like you will have a very intense period where your life will change, or more so, the way you look at life will change. It could be a new relationship that manifests seemingly out of nowhere, that ends up changing you (lovers next to the fool next to the hanged man)….:) The tower suggests you will feel all shaken up for a while, and the temperance often means there is a new element being added to the mix that makes everything more exciting 🙂

  35. Hello Inger. I am just starting out with tarot and am trying to begin with general 3 card spread. I do have a few things going on at the moment so wanted a bit of guidance. I received 5 swords 10 cups and the emperor.

  36. Hello Inger,
    I absolutely love reading everything you write and this site is amazing! I have a question for you:” 🙂
    I have done several spreads for myself and I always have the same cards regardless of which spread I do. Tonight it was the full moon and again 1) King of Wands 2) 8 of Pentacles 3) Star (r) 4) Queen of Wands 5) Wheel of Fortune 6) Strength 7) 9 of Swords.
    I can’t help but think that if in 3 months the same 7 cards are appearing in every spread there’s something I am supposed to know I can’t seem to find it. I am becoming obsessed. Can you help me?!

  37. Hi, this card combination speaks of creativity, and also the need for more freedom and flexibility. It could be that you are a creative soul in a too rigid environment…..I also feel like this card combination speaks of you getting what you want as long as you stick it out….

  38. Hi, Deanne. 🙂 Did you have a particular question in mind when you laid out these cards, or is it a general reading? Also, did the card positions have any specific meanings (for example future or advice etc)?

  39. Hi Inger!

    This was a general reading tonight. I have this “feeling” that something is going to happen. These feelings or intuition has never been wrong in the past but this time I can’t see or feel what it is, it’s just a nagging sense that something is wrong or isn’t right around me.

  40. Hi again Inger – the position of the cards were this –
    1 – releasing
    2 – retaining
    3 – receiving
    4 – surroundings
    5 – giving
    6 – beginning
    7 – your lesson

    Thanks again!

  41. Hi Inger,

    This was a general reading. I have this feeling that things are not right around me and I can’t figure out what my intuition is trying to tell me.

    The of the cards were:

    7-your lesson

  42. Hi, Deanna. I think the cards are telling you that someone wants to tell you something (king of wands) and you could be picking up the energies of this person….You lesson: 9 of swords…perhaps you are learning to release some of your worries 🙂

  43. Hi Inger,

    I have been feeling very low lately and wonder if I should even go on. How depressing, I know. This morning, when I was feeling particularly bad, I pulled two cards: The Fool followed by Death. In my lowly state, I almost wanted to read it completely literally, as I should just go throw myself off a cliff. I didn’t know how to take a possibly hopeful new beginning just immediately leading to an ending. Unfortunately, I know my question wasn’t as specific as it should have been. I just sort of asked if I should bother anymore or if there was hope.

    Thank you for your insight,


  44. Hi, Aurora. I know life can sometimes be a heavy burden. But please hang in there…. This card combination is telling you that there is a whole new way of life out there for you…. and you can get excited about life again…The Death card sometimes shows up when people are internalising too much…and they don’t open up with their feelings….Have you got someone you can talk to? I feel like if you could talk with the right person/people, you would begin to feel happy about life again….:)

  45. Did a Celtic Cross…I pulled judgement death seven of swords The Wheel of Fortune the star the Knight of Swords Two of Pentacles page of Pentacles and Ace of Swords…I can’t figure it out

  46. Hi Inger, A friend pulled three cards for me,asking what do I need to be most aware of right now and received Temperance reversed followed byThe Hermit & The Chariot upright, would appreciate your interpretation. Blessings, Samar

  47. Hi, Samar. Temperance reversed can mean that you might need to slow down a part of your life and give more room for meditation and to pay more attention to your inner life. There is a new beginning for you which you will see once you slow your life down and start to concentrate on your inner strength and also to focus on what you really want.:)
    Cheers, Ingie and Noah.

  48. Hi inger! lately I was having second thoughts of taking my exam or not. I then asked someone to pull cards for me. While he’s shuffling, empress card fell out.. then he got me queen of pentacles reversed, followed by moon reversed for what I need to know. Then got the Fool card for what I should do… i was kinda confused on his explanations, so if you could help me to interpret more of the cards would be a great help! Thank you in advance! (And for the last one, he got me queen of cups for the love reading. I just broke up 4 months ago and currently single now. Hope you can elaborate about it more. Thank you!) 🙂

  49. Thank you Inger! That’s a very nice and convincing interpretation of yours! Would love to push hard more for a better future! Thank you! God bless! 🙂

  50. Hi Inger. I’m new to this but have done a 1 card reading asking about money situation/luck. Using full deck. Wheel of Fortune upright come. I asked to clarify and drew 2 cards Justice upright and hangman reversed. At this point I’m a little nervous cos what are the odds of pulling out Major arcana only, so I asked for more clarification and drew the Star upright. Decided to stop there. Any advice? Thanks in advance ?

  51. Hi, Shannon. This card combination can mean you want more control over your current situation. I also feel like you will need strong boundaries with someone in your life, and you are being pulled in a new direction in your life. I feel like you will have to make a decision to go on a path hat is more aligned with your true nature.

  52. Hello Inger,
    I have a question about the Celtic cross spread, the first card is DEath, and crosses it card is World, it was a question on a divorce, will it be successful?

  53. Hi, Ariana. The world card in that position can mean that there will be delays due to complications in proceedings. Ask the cards what you can do to speed things up. There could be only one or two things that will make the world of difference. At the moment, I feel like you will have to protect something that is dear to you.

  54. What does The Empress and The Emperor side-by-side reversed mean? I was doing a reading for my year ahead and I got them two months in a row. The card before this combo is the 9 of swords and the card after is the 8 of swords. I’m not entirely sure if the card combo is about me or my parents considering my parents have never had a good relationship. I think it might mean they are going to get divorced or, at least, I think their going to fail in the roles as parents. Maybe it means their facade of the Emperor and Empress is coming off? Seems strange because I already knew my parents were struggling, they have been for 22 years!

  55. It seems like your parents are too afraid to make the final cut. You can say some prayers for them that they can find some peace within themselves to reach a decision that will make them both happy.

  56. Hi Inger,
    I’m a fellow reader myself but for my own readings sometimes I need other readers to help me see clear being emotionally attached to the situation vs not be attached to my clients readings.
    One of my past lovers is around recently and is trying to get me back on some level not sure to what degree (haven’t had “the talk” but I’m interested in someone else ATM but questioning what the universe is trying to tell me. (Venus retrograde shadow period ATM) I did a reading asking what’s gonna happen between me and my past lover and got this reading full of Major Arcanas:
    1)High Preistess
    2) The Lovers
    3) The Moon
    4) 3 of Pentacles
    5) Ace of Pentacles
    6) Justice
    7) Solar Plexus
    8) 7 of Wands
    9) Magician
    10) Wheel of Fortune

    Shadow card ~ The Fool

    (psychic tarot for the heart deck by John Holland)

    What do you get it’s trying to tell me about my past lover and current interest?

  57. Dear Aleha. It seems like you are currently manifesting a soulmate into your life, and your energy is attracting in several love interests. I feel like your ex is not the highest and best soulmate, however, you have the Magician in the 9th position which often indicates a soulmate coming in when you least expect it. The cards also indicate that you are a very independent person and when you settle down, it will only be because you are head over heels in love, and not for any other reason. The Wheel of fortune can mean you will not be able control this situation, it flow exactly to where it is meant to be. You will have to think about what you want in a relationship and also work on any fears of commitment.

  58. Hi there,
    really new to tarot but having a lot of fun getting to know my deck. I asked my deck about what lies ahead for me and my ex (there’s still a lot of love there but circumstances are keeping us from being together right now). As I was shuffling the knight of swords jumped out and then so did Temperance. I then did a fan spread and pulled the ace of cups. Any insights you have would be greatly appreciated

  59. Hi, Elaine. Once you get over the confusing part, and things needs to be talked through. A door is opening up for you to clear the air, and also to forgive (self-forgiveness and acceptance is a must). There is a chance of reunion, but you need to put energy and effort into it.

  60. Hi, I pulled Justice, three of swords and ten of pentacles in a soulmate reading, could you provide some insight? Thanks!

  61. I am in strange place in my life, and did a nine card spread last night…
    The devil (reversed) the lovers, the emperor
    Judgement(reversed) 10 of swords, ace of Wands
    10 of hearts, 5 of hearts, death.

    So a little,about where I am, I am currently signed off sick, as not happy in my job, trying to identify another path, and establish a business from home.
    Last June broke from a 3 year relationship, still have feelings, but have recently met someone online who I get on with really well, but am not certain about, we have not met.
    Your insights would be really appreciated.

  62. Hello,

    I did a three card spread for a potential love interest this morning, i received the empress, the moon and the page of swords. I feel that the empress symbolizes me and page of swords him because he’s a bit younger. Could you help me interpret the meaning of this ? Thank You.

  63. Hi, Laytee. I like these cards, they align very well and denote you have very good communication and will have a strong connection, and I also feel like you will be able to inspire each other creatively.

  64. Hi, Annette. Now is a very good time for you to start a business from home as the cards are telling you this will make you happy and it will give you back the feeling of being in control in your life. I also feel like you will be very committed to doing this, all you need now is to really believe in yourself and that it is possible. I also feel like you need to be in a better routine, and you will make a structure that you can follow. This structure will be vital for your health and well-being. I also sense that you will really enjoy the learning process of setting up your business.

  65. Hi Inger!
    I recently did my own traditional 11 card spread for myself, the 11th card being the outcome card. My question was general. I asked “what does spirit see for me and my soulmate in the next 6-8 months”.
    The cards I pulled were :
    Top 5 layer: 8 of Wands, ace of cups, high priestess, nine of cups, page of pentacles
    Bottom 5 layer: 9 of Wands, 2 of cups, justice, 8 of cups, temperance, outcome card 6 of cups.
    Can you please interpret?

  66. Hello
    I recently picked out 3 tarot cards and got
    The 1st card was the sun
    The 2nd card was the hermit
    the 3rd card was the world
    I decided to research the meaning of the cards myself instead of getting a free reading came across your page and a few others and it seems I picked out great cards is there more you can tell me by the way they were picked and next to each other.
    Cheers joanna

  67. Hi, Joanna. You did pick out great cards, all Major Arcana cards which mean your destiny is about to be revealed to you in a big way. I feel like this has to do with your life purpose and you are meant to rise to your highest potential. You will reconsider everything and focus on what you care about the most, what truly matters to you. I feel there is a completely new life for you, and you might be seeking time alone first, and then you will have a new beginning followed by an ending that had to happen in your life. There is more love coming into your life, and you will heal from what has hurt you in the past.

  68. Hi!
    I received the heirophant in the advice section (#3) of my love spread, and the star at the final outcome card (#12). Can you please clarify?

  69. Hi, Hierophant in advice position means to focus on security and tradition in your relationship, and the security will transform your lives to be better and more enjoyable, with more things to look forward to in the future.

  70. Hello!
    Asking about a desired job change, I got the tower (past), the emperor (present) and the reversed wheel of fortune (future). I thought it can mean that right now I have to work hard for it, but I won’t get it immediately. Do you mind to share it what it means to you? Thanks.

  71. Hi, yes, I think you are right. You will get it, but it could be a delay. The Emperor in the present denotes you are quite set at the moment, so make sure that the job change will be a step forward and not a step backward, as the Wheel of fortune reversed can mean you will get something you want, only not to want it anymore. The Emperor is also there to remind you that you have other options available to you so think everything through carefully 🙂

  72. Thanks a lot, Inger. You’re helping me to clarify this question a lot. I asked now about another job change (related to the first one) and I got the reversed Tower in the past, the Star in the present and the Justice in the future. If asking twice in a row is not too much, would you mind to clarify? Thank you again 🙂

  73. Hi Inger, I pulled Strength-Temperance-The Lovers when asked how he felt for me during our latest meeting. I understand, this means a slow moving love and he won’t reveal his feelings soon. Is that correct? Also, is he thinking he’s not sure about how I feel for him. Is that right? Thank you!

  74. Hello, I am trying to learn the craft — quite new to it. I am using a couple books to help develop my reading ability. But they don’t explain how to read on a standard 3 card spread (past, present, future) when all three cards are MA cards.

    Specifically: Judgement (Inverted), The Hierophant (Inverted) and The Tower (Upright).

    I understand the individual cards, but as I have read that when a Major shows up they overshadow the rest…
    I also understand that this is conveying something more on a spiritual level as well.

    I am not asking for interpretation so much as how to interpret when this happens.

  75. Hi, i received world + moon + sun as whats coming in. I took this to mean that a very important and significant event is going to take place. Something which has been building up to this point and now the stars and planets have aligned for something to take place. Usually I would say that the moon and sun together cancels out any weighting to either side and instead represents ying and yang/ balance etc. Could their be any other interpretations for this three card combination?

  76. I feel like you will be in a new place with new people and this will change you in some way, however, it will be an awakening, and you will be able to put your mark on the world in a big way, especially when it comes to awakening others.

  77. If you are in a relationship, then I believe the cards are telling you about a renewal in your relationship, and also to be more committed and secure within your relationship. I feel like you are holding back a lot and this is creating some kind of tension in your life, thus the tower is showing up. I feel there is a major shift, possibly an ending, in about 1-2 months time.

  78. Hi Inger,

    I pulled Sun-Magician-Strength as the way he feels about us (him and me). We were seeing each other but nothing had happened and we both weren’t completely sure where it was going. I kind of initiated a talk and we aren’t seeing each other for now but he wants us to be friends and see where it goes. What is your interpretation? Thank you very much!

  79. Hi Inger, I did a Celtic Cross reading about my current job situation. My best friend/roommate and I both started working at a place and have been told they were happy with us, but also have heard that we may not have a job soon because of the expensive staffing company we work through. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

    1. The Hanged Man
    2. 9 of Pentacles
    3. 3 of wands
    4. The tower
    5. Page of cups
    6. 6 of swords
    7. The star
    8. 10 of Pentacles
    9. Knight of Pentacles
    10. Judgement
    (Bottom of deck: queen of swords)

  80. Hi there, i just gave myself a celtic cross reading and im struggling to interpret the significance of the empress in my “final outcome” (card 10) . I have the fool show up as well as the hermit the sun and the magician in this reading. I reveal that there isnt a chance im pregnant at this moment, so i doubt that would be the message here… any help apreciated. I just havent ever had so many major arcana cards in a single rrDing

  81. Hi Inger!
    I did your What Are Your Chances spread off your tarowikepedia website. My question was what are the chances of my soulmate and I having a long term commitment/relationship. The cards came as follows. I am an air sign he is an earth sign.
    1. 100% percent chance judgement (doubled with ace of pentacles 2. 75% chance 5 of swords (doubled with lovers) 3. 50% chance Queen of swords (doubled with wheel of fortune) 4. 25% chance 10 Wands (doubled with 10 pentacles) 5. 0% chance. King of cups (doubled with ace of cups).
    Can you please give me some insight on this reading? I’m new to reading for myself

  82. Dear Inger!

    I went to a fortunteller and she said, that the man I love is in love with someone else. So this morning, with a broken heart, I asked the tarot deck about our past, present and future together. While I shaffeled the cards the two of cups card fell out, so I put it on the table.
    Then I gott for past the High Priestess, for present the Magician and for the future the World card. I still dont get it…how is it possible?
    Thank You

  83. Hi. Things are confusing at the moment, and high priestess next to the magician can mean you both have strong personalities that sometimes can clash, even though you have a soulmate connection. Your confidence will return to you and with this, I feel things will improve with the man you love.

  84. Hopefully you’re still on your site! ?
    Help needed!
    I got my cards done right?
    The cards that the girl pulled for me were
    The Chariot reversed with the 9 of cups, the sun & the 10 of wands, then strength.
    When we were about to put the cards up, the sun fell out again.
    Tarot card reader tends to think it’s pregnancy but I’m not too sure. We both had gut feelings that the cards were wrong but could they be right? Could I be with child?

  85. The Sun next to 9 of cups means it will be something you have always wanted; so if you have always wanted children, it could be a child, but only if that is what you really want.

  86. The Sun next to 9 of cups means it will be something you have always wanted; so if you have always wanted children, it could be a child, but only if it is what you really want.

  87. Hi I recently had 3 cards selected for me. However the explanation was a little vague. The cards were:

    1. The Star
    2. The letter
    3. The lady

    Can you explain this combination for me please?
    Thank you x

  88. Okay, I see. 9 of cups next to Chariot reversed says to focus on love and romance and this will bring you your wish. When chariot is reversed it means to take a step back and look at the card before in the deck which is the lovers card. You might be very busy as well and you will experience success on many fronts. Focus on love and being in love…. If you are single, Chariot reversed says if you slow down, love will find you. If you are in a relationship, slowing down and focusing on what you have will make everything blossom in your life.

  89. Hello,

    Before anything, I really like your explanations of each card. They’re true and often relatable.
    I’ve been thinking about a combination mostly because none of them, individually, make sense to my current situation.
    I thought maybe they have something to say together.
    It was about my life in general, mostly regarding my fulfillness.
    Lovers upright ( I have no partners nor am I in love ), Temperance reversed, Death reversed.

    I would appreciate your guidance?

    Thank you!

  90. Hi. I feel this card combination is telling you to release something from your past. There is a completely new beginning for you, but I feel you need to let go of something first. The Lovers signify a new relationship in the future.

  91. I asked a yes or no ? And got nine of cups the knight of penicals,ten of penicals the judgement card and the six of cups so I’m confused

  92. Someone very important to me drew my cards last night; I got The Star, TheHierophant, and The Hermit in that order. No idea what to make of pulling three major arcana cards. Can you help?

  93. This is a very positive card combination and it speaks of you being on the right path in your life and you can trust in what you are doing now. You will have more security and abundance as a result.

  94. Hello Beautiful Inger!

    This morning Spirit deliver onto me a beautiful message! I believe I am stepping into new territories orchestrated by Divine POWER! I’m so excited to know that I am in the hands of the Spirit <3

    What is Spirit sharing with you?

    The Empress–The World–The Fool!

    P.S. I'm not pregnant and there is no possible way that I can be!!! 🙂

  95. Hi, Marina. I believe this card combination speaks of a completely new beginning for you, and you have something to teach the world, a message you can share with humanity. I also feel you will free yourself from negative people and you will heal from past heartache.

  96. HI, Inger…
    I was asking the cards what can I do to make the guy I am having relationship with stays loyal and honest to me. I got the Sun, the High Priestess and the Emperor. Could you please enlighten me with the reading? Thank you ^^

  97. Greetings. I recently used an on-line site which chose for me the Magician reversed, The Empress and Judgement. I was informed that this is a most unusual combination. Have you any advice as to whether or not I should be worried at all?

  98. You are getting 3 major arcana cards and they all speak of creating a strong emotional connection, in their own ways. The Sun through joy and laughter, the High Priestess through a psychic connection, and the Emperor through strong boundaries. I feel you have a strong connection and all you have to do is to relax and enjoy your relationship.

  99. Hi. I feel this has to do with a relationship that is changing and you might not feel ready for these changes. If you are single than this can denote a new person coming into your life soon.

  100. Hi Inger,
    Thank you for the enlightment. Really appreciate it. I do hope our relationship built based on strong connection and good will. And to have stronger bond by time. Time will tell.
    Bless you and Thank you.

  101. I received a 3 card spread then they drew a fourth.
    6 of cups reversed,
    10 of swords
    Wheel of fortune
    The magician reversed.

  102. Change your mindset about this. You can create something for yourself, even working for yourself from home….you might have to do some training in a certain area. Remember, Age is just a number…..I feel you could have a home business….

  103. Dear Inga,
    I am happy to have found your site. A question if I may… I met someone long distance a year ago and because of communication breakdowns we went our separate ways. He felt as though we needed to put our troubles behind us before even pursuing friendship let alone anything more. He has always been in my heart. After some months passing he contacted me again to ask if we can see each other. I hesitated and said no. Last night I did a three card spread with a clarifier to seek out what I ought to do. This is what I cast: Magician upright, Hermit upright, Hierophant reversed, Lovers upright. Any insights would be helpful as I am new to the RW.
    Thank you.

  104. Hi, as long as you are both single, this card combination indicates you will have a lot of communication. There is a sense of spiritual soul connection between you.

  105. The aeon the sun the hermit. this combination is hard for me to understand in a weird spot in life and this just sums it up lol.

  106. The cards are reminding you to remember that even if you are in a strange place in your life now, since you are an eternal being, and also a very old soul, this time in your life will pass and things will soon make more sense to you. Now is a good time to connect to your soul and to your inner life, and have a real conversation with yourself about what you really truly want and what is important to you.

  107. I really appreciate and admire this article, Inger! Thanks so much for all of the effort! 🙂

    I recently did a small spread in regards to a relationship (something to the effect of “in the next 7 days, what can I expect ___ to do to pursue a romantic relationship with me”), and received The Lovers followed by an inverted Chariot.

    Could you possibly help to decipher this combination with the question in mind?

    Thanks so much!

  108. Hi,

    My relationship have had ups and downs, and i wanted to know wther my boy friend and me will ever get maried and live together. I ask the queation aboit our relationship.
    The question was: “what is he planing to do with me?”
    And i got the justice, the wheel of fortune ans the four of swords, i am not sure how to understand those.

    Thank you for your help

  109. Hi, I did a reading and in the resolution part I got in the following order Tower + Death + 3 of gold. It was about money. what does this mean to you ? Iam baffled

  110. Hi Inger,

    I recently did a 3 card spread where I drew an upside down magician first followed by the upright empress, followed by the upright judgement card. I’m not entirely sure what this means for me so any insight you can give me would be really helpful! Thanks! ?

  111. Hi, Nick. You need to make good judgements now when it comes to money. Everything will work out well, and I can see you working really hard in the near future. You are making some life-changing decisions that will bring you more security. You have been a bit off-path lately, but are finding your feet again.

  112. Always pay attention to reversed Magician, as this card reversed speaks of someone who sees you as a resource and would like to exploit you. This card combination could be a warning not to be taken advantage of.

  113. I pulled the hermit the star in the upright potion and the judgement card I was told this is a odd combo wondering how true that is

  114. I have this 3 cards what the significants of this 3 cards the high pristess reverced the star and the chariot

  115. When the high priestess is reversed it can be that you must face something within you that is causing pain in your life. This can be from childhood, and it can also be something in your environment now that is a trigger. However, since all the cards are major arcana cards it can be something that happened a long time ago that you must now address. The star speaks of coming out of the darkness and into the light. This can be a very painful experience, and you need to love yourself and take care of yourself in the process. The chariot speaks of the light at the end of the tunnel, and you will be victorious.


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