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Mice Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the twenty-second Lenormand card, mice, is problems. Mice also signify loss and stress.

Mice Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Mice in Rider position: News of problems. A new beginning creating problems.

Mice in Clover position: A challenge brings luck.

Mice in Ship position: Problems with a travel overseas.

Mice in House position: Troubled household.

Mice in Tree position: Problems with health.

Mice in Clouds position: A problem brings confusion. Feeling lost.

Mice in Snake position: Someone bringing you down to their level.

Mice in Coffin position: End of problems.

Mice in Bouquet position: A happy outcome to a problem.

Mice in Scythe position: Problem with surgery. Stress dealing with decision making.

Mice in Whip position: Stressful conflicts.

Mice in Birds position: Problems with a couple.

Mice in Child position: Problems with a child. Problems with a new beginning.

Mice in Fox position: Problems at work. Stress at work.

Mice in Bear position: Problems with the boss. Financial problems.

Mice in Star position: Loss of goals, difficulties reaching a dream.

Mice in Stork position: Unwanted change.

Mice in Dog position: Problem with a friend. Stressful friendship.

Mice in Tower position: Corruption.

Mice in Garden position: Stressful events.

Mice in Mountain position: Stressful obstacles. Losing faith.

Mice in Crossroad position: Loss of options. A stressful decision. Making the wrong decision.

Mice in Mice position: Much stress.

Mice in Heart position: Problems with love.

Mice in Ring position: Problems with a relationship. Stressful contracts. Illegal contracts.

Mice in Book position: Stressful studies.

Mice in Letter position: Lost mail. Stressful message.

Mice in Man position: Stressed man.

Mice in Woman position: Stressed woman.

Mice in Lily position: Problems with retirement.

Mice in Sun position: Loss of achievements.

Mice in Moon position: Stressful romance. Loss of creativity.

Mice in Key position: Focusing on problems.

Mice in Fish position: Business problems. Financial loss.

Mice in Anchor position: Long-term problems.

Mice in Cross position: Loss and worries.