My Ehwaz Inspired Essential Oils Blend

My Ehwaz Inspired Essential Oils Blend

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Ehwaz (Cooperation) Blend ~ 5 very different Essential Oils blended together beautifully

This blend is good to use if you find yourself in a 5 of wands situation, basically when you want to stand out as an individual in a group of strong personalities. The tarot and runes helped me pick the essential oils. When I asked the Runes what this blend was aiding the Seeker in, I pulled the Ehwaz Rune. I thought perhaps it was a relationship blend, but no, this is not a blend just for a personal relationship. This blend helps on a broader level with a situation where people have to cooperate with each other.

There were oils I expected to be accepted into this blend that was rejected (like my favourite Ylang Ylang), and oils I did not at all expect to be accepted into this blend (like Lemon).

I also asked the cards about the portion size each oil would possess in this blend. I expected Rose to be at the top, but it was put last, and I expected Frankincense to be put last, but it was put first.

I connect to the Creator of all when I ask the tarot cards and I use my intuition in my tarot card interpretation. It has taken me a long time to tune in this way, and I feel my reward is that I can now tune in to create these amazing Essential Oils blends.

Here is the Recipe for the Ehwaz Cooperation Blend

The five remaining oils selected were: Wild Orange, Lemon, Rose, Frankincense, and Lavender. I was shocked to get the portion sizes. The first thing I ask is from 1-10 drops, how high should I go for the highest number and I got 6. So the highest number will be 6 (however I repeat the rounds of drops 7 or 8 times depending). Frankincense got 6 drops, Lemon got 5 drops, Lavender got 3 drops, Wild Orange got 3 drops, and Rose got only 1 drop. After I put all the drops in I inhaled the scent. I can’t describe the beautiful balance between these very different oils. It truly is the perfect cooperation between these very unique oils. I repeated this round 6 more time, so 7 times all up. I then asked the cards if I should add any of the other oils I so expected to be accepted. But no, the blend was in perfect harmony. I am diffusing it at this very moment writing this.

I am around big personalities most of the week in my part-time job as an Activity leader at a very busy learning center. I hope this blend will help me guide our group together. I will put the blend in the diffuser and also wear as a scented balm on my wrists.

Essential Oils Properties

Frankincense: A sacred oil that can aid the person focus on the present. Frankincense is used to aid the person in regulating their emotions to create balance in their lives.

Lemon: Lemon oil is a great purifier and uplifter of moods. This oil is also used to aid a person in increasing their awareness and help balance brain chemicals. No wonder it was chosen to be part of this blend.

Lavender: Lavender oil is a great balancer and can aid in reducing tension.

Wild Orange: This is the oil for Abundance and was chosen by my tarot cards to be part of my King of Pentacles Abundance Blend.

Rose: Rose oil can aid the person in creating positive feelings of joy, hope, love, and appreciation. This oil is also connected to peace and happiness.


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