My Page of Cups Makeover

page of cups tarot card

I felt like doing a Page of Cups Makeover. Page of cups people are very artistic and dreamy. They tend to have musical talents and make great friendships. When they are happy they are your best friend, but when they are unhappy, they can turn on you like few others do.

Makeup used:
Foundation Face: Covergirl 810 + Maybelline matte poreless + Contour book australis. Eyelids:: Glitter white and grey + Paradise kayal extatic + Revlon Eye Art Green Glimmer. Eyelashes: Maybelline the falsier push up angel mascara + False eyelashes. Add Revlon Eye Art Green Glimmer to the false eyelashes. Eyebrows: Covergirl climb crusher extensions + Paradise kayal extatic. Cheeks: Maybelline master blush. Lips: Butter gloss raspberry tart.

I chose a pink dress and a crimped hairstyle.


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