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three numerology meaningNumerology Meaning of Number 3

Characteristic: Funny, creative and driven. They are excellent communicators and get easily noticed.

They often have distinctive eyes, smile, and voice. This is the number for getting famous and recognised.

Number 3 people care about Communication! They are artistic people who are full of ideas, talent, and initiative. Their mission is to inspire as many people as possible. They know how to put a smile on peoples faces. It is not even what they say but the way they say it. When they live on the negative they become scandalous and prone to gossiping. If a 3 life path person is shy it is a sign that something is wrong. They are very sensitive people and can take criticism very hard.

In relationship Life Path number 3 people are:

Natural matched with 3, 6 and 9.

Compatible with 1, 2 and 5.

Challenging to 4, 7 and 8. (Can cause a breakdown in communication).

Life path number 3 people have a strong ability to love, but they can love too much and become too intense in relationships. They need to communicate and they can put a strain on their partner if they feel they are not understood. They love to talk and they are rarely shy. They have literary talents and they can become excellent writers. Learning other languages often come easily to them. As with the Number 2, they are happiest when they have lots of friends around them and they are also great listeners. They make great counselors and they often have psychic abilities.

The number 3 and it’s connection to the tarot

In the Tarots Number 3 is associated with the Tarot cards Wheel of Fortune and Temperance. Astrologically the number 3 is ruled by Jupiter.