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four numerology meaningNumerology Meaning of Number 4

Characteristics: Stable, strong and disciplined. Hard working. They love and need family and a stable home.

They are faithful and dependable. They make excellent teachers. They are observers and notice everything.

Number 4 people care about Security! They are reliable people who need family. They are loyal people and they believe in commitment. They often become dependable partners. 4 life path people are the most cerebral and they love to learn/study. They make excellent business men/women and they like earning lots of money. They make great business owners and managers. They are often experts in their fields. 4 people are observers of life and they make great teachers.

In relationship Life Path number 4 people are:

Natural matched with 2, 4 and 8.

Compatible with 6 and 7.

Challenging to 1, 3, 5 and 9. (Can cause a breakdown in communication).

Life path number 4 people make committed and loyal partners. They can come across as insensitive but they care deeply about the people in their lives. They internalise and therefore don’t always show you how they feel. When they live on a negative they can become overly stubborn and reluctant to change.

The number 4 and it’s connection to the tarot

In the Tarot, the Number 4, is associated with the Tarot cards the Fool and the Star. Astrologically the number 4 is ruled by Uranus.