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Online Tarot Courses All Skill Levels

Do you want to study tarot in your own time and in the comfort of your own home? More and more people do as they discover Tarot.

I have 3 main courses + a Tarot Bundle (all three courses together as a subscription).

Tarot Bundle ~ All Courses Included.

Master Tarot Meanings Course + Arrows Tarot Course + Tarot and Soulmate Course in one BIG Bundle of Tarot Goodies.

You will also get access to Private Playlists only available to subscribers.

New Master Classes, Meditations, and Intuitive training are added to the Bundle on an Ongoing basis.  

Check it out. The first 7 units are free :)

online tarot course study tarot online

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You can also purchase the Courses Individually

Master Tarot Card Meanings

Learn the meanings of each 78 tarot card, both upright and reversed.

Understand the tarot court cards.

Determine Yes/No in tarot.

The best way to Time events with tarot.

Celtic Cross Masterclass.

Tarot and Numerology.

How to read tarot combinations.

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Tarot Combination with the Arrows Technique

This course will show you how to read any tarot card combinations by teaching you ‘The Arrows’ tarot technique!

How to read the tarot like a pro teaches a specific system of reading the tarot that takes away getting stuck and confused during the tarot readings. For example, have a look at some examples below, and answer yes or no to the following questions?

Do you sometimes get confused if many major arcana cards in your spread?

Do you sometimes get confused if the final outcome card is a major arcana card?

Do you get confused if the final outcome card is a court card?

Can Many court cards in a reading trigger you to get stuck?

Do you avoid giving paid readings in fear of getting stuck?

Are you worried the client will not give you any information to work with?

Do Negative cards scare you?

Are you afraid the cards will give you bad news?

Do you feel the tarot puts you on an emotional roller-coaster?

Would you like to read the tarot with confidence with the knowledge of a system that is as bulletproof as it gets?

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Linking Soulmates Tarot Course

A guide through the tarot cards including the Fool’s journey.

How to spot a Love fraud in the Tarot cards.

Soul fragment retrieval meditation.

Soul Healing meditation.

How to find your blocks to love in the tarot.

How to remove your blocks through prayer commands.

How to create a Soulmate list.

The Ultimate Soulmate Spread ~ How to give yourself a Soulmate reading.

How to Identify your Soulmate using the Zodiac Spread.

How will you meet your Soulmate using the Zodiac Spread.

Connect with your Soulmate Meditation.

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