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Practice tarot reading skills

Give yourself a free intuitive tarot reading:
You might wonder how to become more psychic. The best way to become to increase your psychic powers is by practising psychic ability. The Tarot/Runes method is a very effective way of increasing your psychic abilities AND at the same time you get better at reading with both the Runes and the Tarot. This is truly a win-win scenario. If you haven’t got Runes, don’t despair, you can use a magazine instead, just make sure it has lots of pictures in it, preferably, about people and make sure you haven’t read the magazine yet.

Let’s start with the Rune/Tarot method. You need a deck of Tarot and a set of Runes.

Step 1: Shuffle the Tarot deck. Pick one card, but do not look at it.

Step 2: Ask the Runes to describe the card for you, ie what is the meaning of the card? Has it got people in it, and if so, how many? Male, female? Children? Animals? Outside or inside? You get the picture.

Step 3:Then put your hand in the rune bag and cast the runes. Read the Runes and describe the card you just pulled. Let your intuition guide you, this will increase your intuitive abilities!!!!! You will develop your sensitivity and clarity. Look at the card and see how right you were. Most importantly: KEEP PRACTICING………


The Magazine/Tarot method. You need an unread magazine and a Tarot deck. 

Step 1: Open a random page in the Magazine, do  NOT look at it. In your mind, you decide which side of the opened magazine you are going to focus on.

Step 2: Ask the Tarot to describe the picture in the Magazine (make sure you use a Magazine that has lots of pictures in it). Pretend you are giving the picture a reading. Do the same as with the Tarot/Rune method, and get as many details and information as.

And Remember, the more you practise the BETTER you get!!!!