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Page of Cups as the Final Card in a Tarot reading

As all court cards, Page of cups denotes both a person, a personality and a situation.

Page of cups as the final card in a tarot reading denotes that you are showing off your talents in some ways. This is a very creative and artistic card and you are emotionally connecting with your life. You are under the influence of your inner child who brings out much happiness in you. Have compassion for yourself and be your own best friend. Be honest about how you feel. You might have romantic feelings ready to be declared but fearful of being hurt or rejected.

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You are a very sensitive person and you might have to learn to cover up your feelings to avoid becoming someone’s doormat. Sometimes you show people an misinterpreted version of yourself due to some difficulties with trust.

Page of cups in a general reading:

Reconnect with a creative skill and you will be amazed at how quickly it all comes back to you again and you will feel confident about showing others your skills. Keep doing it as it awakens those deep feelings of well-being inside of you. Keep playing with your creativity and you will never lose that special feeling.

Someone will come into your life and wake you up emotionally. There will be a heart connection with this person who is very sensitive. This is someone who forgives easily and who always gives people new chances. There is a purity in this person’s soul that will move you deeply and increase your own sensitivities. This makes you a bit shy and it draws you into your own world of creativity. A part of you is holding back emotionally in fear of getting hurt. You avoid conflict as it causes you pain.
You need to feel loved and safe which have become the main intention while interacting with others. You only trust a certain type of people. If you don’t feel safe you might even lash out in an attempt to defend yourself, however, it usually creates more fear.

Page of cups in the final position speaks of a spiritual awakening and connection to the subconscious. You will be more aware of your soul’s purpose and it almost always involves creative pursuits and doing something that creates feelings of love and well-being. You will most likely discover your artistic talents and like a child you don’t question it, instead, you enjoy it. You have a ‘Can Do’ attitude and you are like a sponge, absorbing all the knowledge that assist your soul’s growth.

Page of cups in career questions:

Page of cups denotes jobs in the creative industry, especially those careers where you have to show off your skills, such as going on auditions and displaying portfolios. Page of cups also denotes someone working with youth and the mentally ill. Page of cups can represent any job that incorporates creativity as their main strategy.

Page of cups in a love question:

You will receive some romantic news from someone you might not even have the faintest clue harboured warm feelings for you. This is someone who is a hopeless romantic and with a very sensitive and beautiful soul, who only lacks a bit of confidence. If you are already in a relationship Page of cups signifies a romantic period where you are opening yourself up emotionally to a new level. There is a spiritual aspect to this relationship and you are connecting on a deeper level.

Page of cups reversed:

When Page of cups is reversed you might find it hard to get motivated, and you might lack insight into who you are. Someone might have made a promise to you that they didn’t deliver. You are being easily hurt at the moment and might be trying to cover up how you really feel.