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Page of pentacles as the Final Card in a Tarot reading

As all court cards, Page of pentacles denotes both a person, a personality and a situation.

Page of pentacles as the final card in a tarot reading denotes reinventing yourself in some way and you will have the chance to start something new. You have a clear goal and a dream you want to achieve, and you have the diligence to make it a reality. There are times when you feel you lack support in those around you and it is easy to feel disheartened. You must keep going and put in the work, even if you don’t see any result straight away. The insecurities you are experiencing are just temporary speed bumps. The important thing is that you move forward. You need someone to believe in you and to invest in you. When they do, you are ready to give it your best shot. You need those in charge to be patient with you while you are learning, and if they push you, you tend to lose all faith in yourself.

Page of pentacles in a general reading:

Page of pentacles in the final card position signifies a time for study and learning. You are not yet an expert, but if you put the effort in, you will be. There is a keen interest in learning and education. Learning is fun and it makes you feel alive. There is an opportunity for growth, and unless you feel like you are moving towards your goal you feel discouraged and unmotivated, and at times it is like if the world is moving so fast you are unable to keep up with demands. It is tempting to settle for less than what you are capable of, just so that you can feel secure. Avoid that trap. Make a plan and stick to it. By being a bit stricter on yourself, people will stop being so hard on you.

Page of pentacles shows up to point out the importance of paying attention to detail. Look at the other cards in the spread. What is Page of pentacles focusing on? Page of pentacles signifies a time when you are too self-conscious and are therefore not seeing the big picture. Page of pentacles needs structure and plans. They work well with lists and schedules. Make a list of your priorities, and schedule time allocated to each thing on your list.

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Someone will come into your life to teach you about being grounded and how to appreciate life from a different perspective. This is someone who loves to chat and talk about life in general. They love to learn and are hesitant about leaving the comfort of receiving knowledge. They must learn to apply their knowledge in a practical way. They can be hard to get motivated, and if life get’s too serious they can become very unhappy.

Page of pentacles can signify someone very beautiful, who get’s attention due to how they look, rather than who they are. Because of this, they often have many suitors, and they need to apply boundaries. Page of pentacles can easily be very dependent on their partner, both financially and emotionally, which can stump their growth.

Page of pentacles in career questions:

Page of pentacles often denotes a student, an apprentice, entry jobs or pursuing a business idea. Page of pentacles signifies a work situation where there are much routine and attention to details. If you get the Page of pentacles in a career related question it is often time to reinvent yourself in some way. Further your skills to give you more options in the job market.

Page of pentacles in a love question:

Page of pentacles signifies attracting strangers who are fascinating with the way you look. You need execute firm boundaries. As all pages, Page of pentacles are inexperienced when it comes to the harsher realities of life and this includes love. Page of pentacles can be particular naive when it comes to love, and they often confuse sex with love. They have a tendency to believe in ‘sweet talk’ and are therefore get easily hurt. Page of pentacles often goes through many attempts at relationships before they find ‘the one’. If you are already in a relationship Page of pentacles signifies that there will be changes within the relationship and you will reinvent yourself in some way. There is a focus on the physical within the relationship.

Page of pentacles reversed:

Page of Pentacles reversed indicates issues with concentration, learning and health. This card reversed signifies that instead of reinvention of self there is a waste of one’s talents. There is also some unrealistic expectations in regards to their abilities. This is someone who wants to be rewarded straight away without putting any efforts in. If not a person, page of pentacle reversed can stand for bad news in regards to money, business, and health.