Page of Swords as the Final Card in a tarot reading

Page of Swords as the Final Card in a tarot reading

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Page of Swords as the Final Card in a Tarot reading

As all court cards, Page of swords denotes both a person, a personality and a situation.

Page of swords as the final card in a tarot reading denotes a mentally restless period where you are eager to find out everything that is going on around you, and you might find that there are plenty of drama going on. Mental activities of all kind will be fun, however, your concentration levels might not be as refined as you’d like it to be. News and gossip, at times malice gossip will reach your ears. There are some lies flying about as well. Someone is being generous with the truth and telling tales.

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Find out the truth about the situation. Not everything is what it seems. Ask questions until you are satisfied you are getting to the bottom of the issue at hand. Don’t draw any hasty conclusions. Find a past time that is enjoyable and who gives your active mind a rest. You are being encouraged to go back to something you learned at a young age. This is a skill and an ability that are in your blood, and it feels like second nature doing this. Think back to when you were younger. What skills did you possess that you learned from a young age? Bring them forward. This is something you can turn into a lucrative hobby, even a career.

Page of swords in a general reading:

Page of swords in the final position denotes a mentally active period where you want to fight for what you believe in. You might be involved in activism of some kind. The rebel inside of you is well and truly alive and you openly share your views and standpoint. Even though you don’t like to be involved in too many politics you will get involved if you have to, and if people play dirty with you, you too know how to play that game. Unfortunately for them, they have a tendency to underrate your ability to outsmart others which you can use to your advantage. There might be some drama, gossip and conflict so choose your battles wisely, don’t just fight for the sake of fighting.

Someone is coming into your life to wake up the dragon that is asleep inside of you. This is someone with strong ideas and viewpoints, very much an idealist. Few can live up to those high ideals and you suddenly start seeing everything that is wrong with this world. You don’t always know what they are doing or where they are, which can be unsettling to you. They are very honest, but you only get the truth out of them if you ask the right questions, as they can be mistrusting about who they open up to. If they want to find out something about you, they will find out without asking you, as they are great little spies, and they don’t want you to know that they know. They love investigating. Your beliefs about right and wrong will be strengthened and you might even start fighting for causes you believe in.

Page of swords is often an ‘indigo child’ who can drive people crazy with their active and acquisitive mind. This card indicates you are interested in social justice and if someone is lying you will know straight away. You can look straight through people with analytical and intense eyes that can make people very uneasy. There might be problems with authorities.

Page of swords as the final card denotes an investigative period where finding out information is the key to success. It is all about how much information you have about someone or something. Once you have this information you will know exactly what to do with it.

Page of swords in career questions:

In career questions, you will have to work for an organisation that matches your high ideals, or you will have to change your career. You might be drawn into social work, environmental work, and the arts, where you work towards creating a better world. You need to be around people where you can be yourself. Page of swords signifies someone who is very good at what they do and their productivity is usually way above their co-workers and competitors. Page of swords is someone who keeps businesses alive by being able to get so much done, but they are not always rewarded financially. Much of their frustration is that they see people with less ability being promoted right before their eyes, not that they think of themselves as management material, but it can be difficult to take orders from someone who knows less than they do. In the workplace, there might be gossip due to overactive minds being bored.

Page of swords in a love question:

In love life, Page of swords shows up as someone you are interested in, and you are waiting to see if you can trust this person completely. You need to be with someone you can be your own quirky self with, and with this person you most likely can be. Page of swords often shows up when your intuition tells you one thing and logic tells you something different. You might be a bit confused about what you want. Should you follow your heart or your head? This is a very restless period where neither people nor situations can live up to your high ideals.

Page of swords reversed:

When Page of swords is reversed there are almost always some malice gossip and rumors causing problems for everyone involved. Don’t believe everything you hear, someone has an agenda of their own, and they are not to be trusted. Be careful with emails, texting, and social media, as information will be misinterpreted. The best thing is to lay low for a while until the energy of reversed Page of swords is over. There is a strong possibility that someone is ‘spying’ on you. They are very interested in what you are doing. You will most likely have no idea that they are doing this or why. Sometimes Page of swords shows up in this position when someone is being investigated, however, the investigation is flawed.

6 thoughts on “Page of Swords as the Final Card in a tarot reading”

  1. Hi Inger, I am trying to find out if I should continue to find jobs or starting out on my own career(being own boss).

    I tried the Question and Answer spread as taught in Sasha Fenton’s tarot cards/book set. I got the top layer card as 6 Staves(Significator), the 2nd layer of cards as Temperance and 4 Swords, and the last layer of cards as Moon, 9 Staves, King Cups and lastly the conclusion card to be Page of Swords.

    What do you think all these meant? You did mention that Page of Swords means something that I would be good at, but still it does not tell me if I would be working for myself(being own boss) or for others, does it?

    Please kindly enlighten me on this as I need it to better plan my life at this juncture.

    May you be blessed and thank you very much.

  2. The cards are telling you that you can do it. You have the skills and you will be to handle all the different situations arising, and learning as you go how to be successful. You will discover which of your dreams are real and once you become pragmatic about your approach, I feel you will blossom as an entrepreneur.

  3. Hi~lnger. I have a question when I ask a tarot card if I can develop my relationship with my love interest. Then, the page of swords reversed was shown up as the final card. How can I interpret it?

  4. Hi! I pulled two cards asking how someone feels about me. I got the page of swords and the sun card. What do you think it mean So? Thanks!!

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