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Page of Wands as the Final Card in a Tarot reading

As all court cards, Page of wands denotes both a person, a personality and a situation.

Page of Wands is all about finding your direction and your path. There are plenty of passion and perhaps even drama around this at the moment, and it is most likely due to big personalities at play and people who don’t want to conform. There are likely to be some gossip and news about a situation as it seems to catch people’s attention. Your passion and creativity are driving you towards what you really want to do with your life, regardless of what other people might be saying. You are being an original and original people often have unconventional lives that other people talk about.

When Page of wands is the final card in a tarot reading you are encouraged to follow your dreams, to be creative and go in a new direction. Focus on recreational pursuits as they will bring success. Be original and stand out from the crowd. Use social media to communicate and show off ideas and inventions. Word of mouth will do the rest of the work for you. Stay original and pure to your ideas and ideals. Get out of the same old routine. Create something that you can show off with pride.

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A new idea has sparked an interest and you might even be quite entrepreneurial. Someone has inspired you and woken you up from hibernation. Now that you are awake you want to catch up on life. You are putting in the efforts and are bound to be noticed. If you are starting an enterprise then word of mouth will bring in clients and customers.  Old friends might not be able to recognise you as you are embarking on this path. You must follow through with the changes that are occurring and be around those who understand what it is like to have a burning desire to create something new and fresh.

Someone will come into your life with such passion and creativity that it will catch on. This person is contagious with enthusiasm and it makes you more enthusiastic too. You will be in the energy of learning and sharing how to create something of your own. It is bound to get very hot right now. Life is about to speed up and be very exciting.

Page of Wands In a general reading:

There will be exciting news that will get your attention, and it will most likely change the course of action in a completely new direction. You will most likely change your plans and move towards an enterprise that will be fun and adventurous. Your recreational life will be a priority and you might even turn a hobby into a successful business venture.

This card can indicate that marketing your idea is so much fun that you prefer doing that only and not actually running the day to day business. Marketing and getting noticed will be a blast, but you might have to be more disciplined and also do the more serious aspects of your enterprise.

Page of Wands in career questions:

Page of wands denotes creative careers in marketing, publishing, illustrating/design and media. Page of wands also speaks of careers where the Seeker can have a lot of fun; such as working in clubs and events.

Page of Wands in a love question:

Page of wands shows up in love reading to say that love will be found in your social circle, very possibly on social media. If already in a relationship then Page of wands signifies an exciting and fun time with a very busy social life.

Page of Wands reversed:

If Page of wands shows up reversed you might have been on the receiving end of malicious gossip or you have received some bad news that dampened your spirit. Avoid buying into fear paradigms. Page of wands reversed can indicate that your enthusiasm is blocked somehow and you might feel ready to surrender before you even get started.