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Practice reading the tarot

The tarot can take practice to master. I believe it is important to practice regularly. There are my favourite practice tips.

Tarot practice tip 1.

Pull a tarot card out of the deck. Do not look at it. Ask the rest of the deck to describe the card you pulled out. You can pull 3 cards or even do a full Celtic cross layout. Pretend you are doing a real reading and analyse the card you pulled out. When you are ready, turn the card over. I bet you learned something new about the card you read.

Tarot practice tip 2.

Open a magazine (one you haven’t read) to a random page. Make sure you don’t see what the magazine article is about. Ask the cards what the article is about and lay out the cards. This method is my favourite for activating the right side of the brain.

Tarot practice tip 3.

While you are watching tv, ask the card what the next advertisement will be about. Layout the cards. This method is really fun!

Tarot Practice tip 4.

Watch a ‘Who Dunnit’ show either real or fictional. Ask the tarot cards to tell you who has done it and see if you can get motive and full plot, twists, and turns as well.

How to best Practice the Tarot cards?

The most important thing about practicing the tarot cards is to practice regularly. Don’t give up and never surrender. If you practice regularly, you will increase your skills quickly.

What can you do to be a better Tarot reader?

Everyone has their own style. The people who want you to read for them most likely are going through something where they believe you could be of great help. You often find that reader and seeker have similarity in both personality and life experiences. :)

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