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Queen of Cups as the Final Card in a Tarot reading

As all court cards, Queen of cups denotes both a person, a personality and a situation.

Queen of cups as the final card in a tarot reading denotes a time when you are focusing on self-improvement, your home, and your emotional well-being. You might be overly critical of yourself, blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong, taking responsibility where you are not at fault. These are sensitive times where you are incredibly loving towards other people. People respond by wanting to be with you and craving your company. You have the ability to put everyone at ease with your compassionate and caring nature.  Connect with your own inner psychic. You carry with you an infinite source of wisdom that has the answer to every question. Within you is the light that is always reaching out to you. Meditate, spend time with yourself in quiet, connect with nature, especially water, and your psychic powers will start to unfold in amazing ways. Queen of cups as the final card also signifies a connection to other psychic and intuitive people.

You were most likely born with a highly developed psychic ability. Having extra-sensory perception is normal for you. You have an inner knowing that never fail. You are probably a keen believer in intuition and psychic ability as you are born with a very special psychic gift yourself.

Queen of cups in a general reading:

In questions about life in general then Queen of cups denotes home, family, and close friends will be of up most important to you. Settling down and creating a beautiful and calm environment around you will be your priority. Creative pursuit will be part of your loving home environment. You are someone with highly developed psychic abilities who are kind to others. You care deeply about others and are what is called an Empath. You can feel is someone you care about is not doing well, even if they are far away. You blame yourself if a relationship is toxic and you are always doing your best to make others feel good about themselves. Someone close to you is influencing you through prayer and healing thoughts. They know what you are going through, even if haven’t told them. This is someone who is always there for you, and you might not even be aware of it, as they can use their psychic powers to reach you.

You have a special connection with Spirit, and someone from the other side is reaching out to you. Ask for a sign that you will understand. Thinking of loved ones that have passed over automatically bring them into your Auric field. Your aura is warm and accepting for a spirit to come through and you will be able to feel them when they are close to you.

Queen of cups in career questions:

You will be doing something you care deeply about. Queen of cups signifies that you will find your place in the job market and be truly satisfied with what you do. Queen of cups also tells you that if you want to branch out and your own boss, then this will also be successful, especially in the psychic, natural therapy or counselling industries.

Queen of cups in a love question:

If single then you will most likely find a suitable partner through your line of work. If you are in a relationship Queen of cups denotes a stable period in your love life. Your partner means the world to you and you are not afraid of showing him/her how deep your love is.

Queen of cups reversed:

When Queen of cups is reversed like this you might find your sensitivity difficult to cope with. The environment around you might feel harsh and toxic where people are inconsiderate towards your feelings. This creates a cycle where you become overly sensitive which makes you moody and defensive. Psychic ability might be blocked while you are learning to cope with what is going on around you.