Queen of Cups is Spiritual Love

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Queen of cups is so much more than a friend in need, intuitive advice, a psychic, a mother figure, or an inspirational genius. Yes, she is all those things, but she is also a symbol of Spiritual Love.

Learn the traditional meaning of Queen of cups here.

What is Spiritual Love?

Spiritual love can best be understood in the context of heartache and pain. Why is this? When we have every reason not to forgive, when we have been wronged and misunderstood, it is Spiritual Love that Forgives and gives Grace. It sets us Free. We are given another way, another path that leads to a better place. Where pain leads to more pain, Spiritual love gives us Understanding and Wisdom. Understanding and Wisdom lead us to Prosperity.

Spiritual Love heals instantanious.

No need for long mantras or complex modalities. Spiritual love heals instantaneous and it is free. It offers its gift to all of us. What we can do is to prepare our minds to accept such Grace. Being One means there are no limiting beliefs blocking Grace.

In Tarot, the Queens speak of your Intuition and Spiritual Connection to your Life purpose. When you feel you live in the wrong place, in the wrong time, and with the wrong people, you might find that the Queens have disappreard from your layouts. The Queens show up when the Seeker feels there is a Soul Connection between them and their lives. They are living in the right place, at the right time, and with the right people. You will also find Court cards show up in full when there is a strong Soul connection between you and the people in your life.

Soulfamily in the Tarot cards

I once did a full Year layout and no Court Cards showed up. I was about to move to a new place. I felt little connection to the people I met there. There was no deeper Soul connection. They were not my Soul family.

I moved again, and all the Court Cards appeared again, and so did the Queens. I was back on track again. My sidetracked path did serve a purpose. I learned about the darker side to people’s personalities. I carried with me an empty feeling and at times I felt dispair. I had to get back to my Soul purpose or I felt I would never be happy again. I needed my Soul family around me.

Soul family is a huge part of Quality of Life.

One thing that will determine your Quality of Life is the people in your life. When the Right People are in your life, your life will be better. Don’t be afraid to cut people out of your life that are taking you down with them. They are not your Soul family. They are instead a distraction. You can observe and learn from them, but don’t get involved in their lives. If you are involved, work towards moving away from them.

Honor your Connection to your Soul family by Disconnecting to those who are harmful to you.

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