Queen of pentacles as the final card in a tarot reading

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Queen Of Pentacles as The Final Card In A Tarot Reading

As All Court Cards, Queen Of Pentacles Denotes Both A Person, A Personality And A Situation.

Queen of pentacles as the final card in a tarot reading denotes the practicality of life and making our time on earth as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The Queen of pentacles signifies the importance to have a happy home, a beautiful sanctuary that releases stress and anxiety. You home is your temple, and there is much enjoyment in having material things and financial security. Queen of pentacles is, in fact, the queen of security. She is a hard worker and she never rests on her laurels. In a reading Queen of pentacles denotes work being enjoyable and keeping busy with the practicalities of life is what brings satisfaction and happiness.

Queen of pentacles in a general reading:

Queen of pentacles as the final card signifies your happiness is in the home, and everything you do outside the home is brought back to give your home and your family more security. This card denotes great taste and sophistication in your life style. Basically, you have class, and people notice straight away and give you additional respect.

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You are a very generous person who helps people out both financially and emotionally in times of need. You are often their first point of call in a case of an emergency. When your friends and family are in trouble they call you, as they often have an unyielding faith in you and in your abilities to solve problems. Your ability to solve problems is, in fact, a gift you were born with and because of this, you are a force to be reckoned with in business and in the workplace. You know what is going on around you. You will not back down when challenged because you have a strong backbone that supports you in every situation you find yourself in. Queen of pentacles is a great card to get in case you want to start your own business, or a venture of any kind because she is the queen of planning and executing. This means you will be able to initiate with your intentions and easily expand it into a reality with your practical sense. People believe in you and trust you to get the job done. The customers will keep coming and you home will be busy with people who love to visit your warm and caring home. If you have been asking about family then the Queen of pentacles is yet a favorable sign, because it denotes a happy family life. Your family is coming together and much of it is thanks to you.

Someone will enter into your life to ‘mother’ you in some way. This is someone who is very caring and they turn their friends and co-workers into their children. This is someone who will shower you with love with they delicious  food and beverages. They tend to take care of everyone around them and will feel deeply hurt if someone doesn’t want to be smothered in their lovely embrace. The Queen of pentacles often shows up when someone has been sent into your life to teach you about how lovable and worthy you are. She is a healer and a nurturer. You will not be the same after spending time with the Queen of loving comfort.

Much of the power of the Queen of pentacles is her ability to make everyone feel welcome and secure. They say your network is your net worth and due to the Queen of pentacles personality she has a big network that helps her out when she needs it. If you are facing a problem and the Queen of pentacles shows up as the final card it means there is a practical and often very simple solution. Someone in your network will most likely be able to solve this for you as well, or at least show you the way.

Queen of pentacles in career questions:

Queen of pentacles in a career related question indicates that you have great work ethic and in fact love to work, but you also love your home, and it is important that you get the work/home balance right. Queen of pentacles would love to work from home, but she needs to have people she can nurture. If she can’t do that while working from home she will quickly enter a workplace where she can start exuberate her devotional touches. Queen of pentacles is an amazing career, business woman, and homemaker. She also makes a great manager. This card denotes a happy work life where your work becomes like home or a home away from home. It will be a place you feel comfortable. Your work will comfort you, heal you and nurture you.

Queen of pentacles in a love question:

Queen of pentacles as the final card in a love question denotes you will most likely find love through your friends and acquaintances. If you already in a relationship then Queen of pentacles indicates a happy time in your relationship where you feel secure and loved. Your and your partner are investing in each other and it is paying off. You will be blossoming in this relationship.

Queen of pentacles reversed:

Queen of Pentacles reversed indicates a lack of class and poor taste. There is no nurture, instead, people leave the company of her feeling worse than ever. Someone around you might be putting some demands on you that are unreasonable. There are issues with anger and little or no security. You might find yourself walking on eggshell around a person who needs to be handled in a very delicate way, or else.

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