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Queen of Swords as the Final Card in a Tarot reading

As all court cards, Queen of swords denotes both a person, a personality and a situation.

Queen of swords as the final card in a tarot reading denotes a time where logic and reason rule, and you are making decisions that will benefit your own interests. Someone might have hurt you in the past where you were soft and allowed someone manipulate and lie to you. You are smart and clever, and you know what you want. You like to know what is going on and you are not afraid of having a difficult conversation with someone. This is someone who makes it in a world where they might be a minority, and you might be in this very predicament. The fact that you succeed will give way for so many people to follow in your footstep. You take your life very seriously.

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Focus on your career and your long term goals. Protect your interests and don’t let your personal life interfere with what can be a brilliant career and/or opportunity. You most likely will be happiest when you get to be the one giving advice and you often find yourself sorting out other people’s problems and conflict. This is something you do so well you can do it as a profession. Queen of swords in this position advises you to be in control and to let your logical mind make the decisions.

Queen of swords in a general reading:

Queen of swords as the final card indicates a time where you are getting more organised and accountable. You are protecting your interest and point of view. You know how to make people eat out of your hands. You tolerate no nonsense and you can be cold towards people until you get to know them better. This often results in people wanting your approval and they often try to show off to make you like them, which has the opposite effect on you. You are not someone who can be manipulated in this way. You are funny and can be totally irresistible when you turn on the charm, but you are very selective to whom you turn this charm on with. You have experienced a lot in your life and your eyes have an expression in them as if they have seen everything. You are often the smartest person in the room and you know it.

A professional person with an air of authority and coldness will be entering your life, most likely to teach you something. This is someone you might find it hard to work out, and you are not sure if you can completely trust this person. This is someone who is important to you but who can be cold and distant. It can be due to stress and demands or it can be due to a communication issue between you. If this person feels hurt by you, they might want to find a way to punish you. This is their way of communicating that they are in pain. If the person is distant you might be better off writing a non-judgmental letter where you express your feelings and concerns.

Queen of swords as the final card denotes a professional and career oriented period in your life where you will be accomplishing great things. Your personal life might take a second priority for a while. You are most likely devoting yourself to a career that means a lot to you. People around you might feel like they are constantly under scrutiny by you.

Queen of swords denotes someone who takes their time when it comes to intimacy, trust and opening up. It is hard to earn this person’s trust, and easy to lose it.

Queen of swords in career questions:

You are a professional who have much responsibility and your career acts as your security blanket. The way you manage your time will be very important, or you might get consumed by work and demands. You are learning key organisation skills, and you know how to present yourself in a way that makes people respect you. There are more responsibilities coming up in your job role. Queen of swords can also signify working under a demanding boss who is making cuts and sometimes threats to coworkers. As a result, staff feels under pressure and people are starting to make mistakes. When Queen of swords speaks of your new work environment it will be like Sink or Swim. You will have to be a quick learner, there is little room for mistakes, and there will be minimal training provided.

Queen of swords in a love question:

In love, you are learning to control your emotions. Queen of swords indicates that you will not fall in love easily. You are not giving your heart away easily, and you are not falling for flowers and gifts. They will have to prove themselves worthy in some other way, most likely by being a strong and dependable character, or you will simply reject them. You are not going to allow anyone to hurt you. If you are in a relationship you might find it hard to connect emotionally and your partner will have to live up to your high ideals. There is an imbalance in the relationship in regards to giving and receiving. You might be living with an emotionally distant partner or you are the one who acts distant and cold. Romance is currently falling down the list of your priorities in a time where your career seems to be all that matters.

Queen of swords reversed:

When Queen of swords is reversed you might find it difficult to see what is going on.  You might find it hard to get any straight answers from anyone and you will have to rely on your intuition, even though you much rather rely on facts and logic. Someone might be alienating you on purpose. You might not get the credits for the work that you do. Someone might even deliberately cross you because they are jealous of you. They are getting confused between something sad that happened to them and project those negative feelings onto you, even though you had nothing to do with it. Queen of swords in this position often denotes someone on a bit of a power trip and they use intimidation to get their way.