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Queen of Wands is the Final Card in a Tarot reading

As all court cards, Queen of wands denotes both a person, a personality and a situation.

Queen of wands as the final card in a tarot reading is all about popularity and making something of yourself. Queen of wands can never just be like everyone else. Oh no, she desires to stand out and be an individual. Queen of wands in the final position denotes you are on this quest of self-realization and you are doing something extraordinary with your life, especially creatively. You might even create a brand and a trademark of some kind that is solely yours. You will love and nurture this brand and/or enterprise as if it was your love child. This is exciting times as you are following your own passions and you are doing something just for you. You know what you want and you are going for it.

Queen of wands in a general reading:

When Queen of wands is the final card then you are being encouraged to become someone you can be proud of. Queen of wands loves to study and they never grow tired of educating themselves so this card in this position can be an indication to go back to school. Learn for fun, not just to get a job. Queen of wands is career oriented, but what she desires more than anything is something of her own. Study and learn something that will give you the skills to create something that you can share with the world while it still belongs only to you.

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Queen of wands denotes the need to be someone special. You have the ability to create both havoc and harmony in an attempt to understand why people are the way they are. Most people will not have the same fire within them as you do. You are learning not to compromise who you really are.

Being noticed for what you do is of utmost importance to you at the moment. You need people to know that you are excellent at what you do. And what you do is no ordinary thing. Even if your  job description is a common one, you will describe it in such a way that it sounds like you have a gift like no other. You are very independent and you are popular and easily liked, but if someone rubs up you the wrong way you will retaliate, which can be your downfall. You have a talent within the supernatural world and might even have magical abilities. There is past life knowledge that lives inside you so be careful who you think ill of. You can curse someone without even knowing that you are doing it. It is important for a Queen of wands person to live on a high vibration or their lives can quickly spiral out of control. 

Queen of wands in career questions:

Queen of wands denotes careers in leadership or as a self-made business man/woman. The Queen of wands has excellent skills as a teacher and motivational speaker.

Queen of wands in a love question:

Queen of wands is someone who needs someone to love her more than she needs to love someone. If you are single and looking for love, chances are you will meet someone who enters into your flow. You will only give your heart to this person once you are satisfied that your love interest has given his/hers heart to you. Only then do you let yourself fall in love fully. If you are already in a relationship then Queen of wands denotes a time where you are creating something that you can identify yourself with, something that you both care deeply about and that will bring you closer together.

Queen of wands reversed:

When Queen of wands is reversed you might have overdone it energy wise. Exhaustion and fatigue are indicated. You will need to rest and realise that you can not be on the go all the time. You need balance. Queen of wands reversed can also indicate that the most manipulative sides of the queen are at play. You might be on the receiving end of her games and manipulations which can be the source of your fatigue. She might be draining you and causing you stress.