Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility

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Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility in Love and Romance

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In love and romance, it is the couple’s moon signs that determine how well they will get on and if they will get their emotional needs met. In the list below, you can find out what the Moon sign compatibility is for Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is connected to the Death tarot card.

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Moon in Scorpio meaning

Moon in Scorpio denotes an emotionally intense person who loves and hates with equal passion. Scorpio Moon has complex emotional needs and tends to hold on to grudges and resentments. They fear abandonment and betrayal and they have a difficult time trusting in others. They often become fiercely attached to their loved ones and are very loyal and committed people. Scorpio Moon enjoys spending time alone, and they can be very secretive about who they really are as they don’t enjoy showing their vulnerabilities.

Scorpio Moon with Aries Moon

Scorpio Moon with Aries Moon is a somewhat complicated union. Both Aries Moon and Scorpio Moon love to control everything, thus in this union, one will have to take 2nd place. Scorpio Moon has feelings that run very deep, much deeper than an Aries Moon person. Aries Moon has blowouts and moves on, while Scorpio Moon holds grudges. Both are very emotional people, and usually not a long-lasting union.

Scorpio Moon with Taurus Moon

Scorpio Moon with Taurus Moon can seem like a dream come true, as this union does have great potential. Taurus Moon has much simpler emotional needs than what a Scorpio Moon person has, and problems can arise when Scorpio Moon hides away as an attempt to protect his/hers emotions. Scorpio Moon tends to be unnecessarily jealous and suspicious. Taurus Moon can also become possessive in love and romance, and when the pair realise they actually want the same thing, which is a partner they can depend on 100 %, this relationship can blossom and be very strong indeed.

Scorpio Moon with Gemini Moon

Scorpio Moon with Gemini Moon is a match between two people with very different emotional needs, and their inner nature might be completely at odds with each other. Scorpio Moon feels everything very deeply, while Gemini Moon likes to escape in their heads, avoiding their feelings completely. Gemini Moon has the ability to detach, while Scorpio Moon is intense in their love. Scorpio Moon can be possessive and might try and control Gemini Moon who enjoys freedom. Scorpio Moon might think Gemini Moon is indifferent and Gemini Moon might think Scorpio Moon hates them. This union can be difficult unless they put the effort into really understanding the other person. Scorpio Moon can be jealous of Gemini Moon’s friends and hobbies, and Gemini Moon can feel suffocated in this relationship, while Scorpio Moon feels unloved and unappreciated.

Scorpio Moon with Cancer Moon

Scorpio Moon with Cancer Moon is a very compatible match between two people who love on a deep level. These two can become very attached to each other. Cancer Moon is softer than Scorpio Moon, and Scorpio Moon can become the dominant one in this relationship. Cancer Moon can become very emotionally dependent on Scorpio Moon. Scorpio Moon is also dependent on Cancer Moon but does not like to show any vulnerabilities. Cancer Moon and Scorpio Moon is a union that has a strong chance of lasting, and Cancer Moon can be the one that gets to know Scorpio Moon better than any other Moon combinations.

Scorpio Moon with Leo Moon

Scorpio Moon with Leo Moon is a mix of two personalities that can only be described as night and day. Leo Moon is sunny and happy-go-lucky, while Scorpio Moon has a dark side and a range of strong emotions that a Leo Moon person might have a hard time understanding. Scorpio Moon might be very suspicious of sunny Leo Moon, and Leo Moon might find Scorpio Moon’s moods very draining. Scorpio Moon seeks the dark mysteries, while Leo Moon seeks the light. For this relationship to last, the couple needs to understand and accept the differences in the emotional markup of the other person.

Scorpio Moon with Virgo Moon

Scorpio Moon with Virgo Moon is a union between rational and emotional. Virgo Moon tends to be careful and restraint, while Scorpio Moon tends to be emotional and dramatic. Scorpio Moon thrives on the highs and lows of emotional intensity, while Virgo Moon can often find it difficult to deal with emotionally intense situations. For this relationship to thrive, Scorpio Moon must work on not needing to stir up emotional storms as they make Virgo Moon very uncomfortable. Also, Scorpio Moon tends to criticize, something that often hurts Virgo Moon to the core.

Scorpio Moon with Libra Moon

Scorpio Moon with Libra Moon is a mix that might need some work from both parts to be successful. Libra Moon prefers to be cool, calm, and collected rather than emotional, and Scorpio Moon enjoys displaying a range of emotions to feel whole and complete. Scorpio Moon can sometimes find Libra Moon to vague and superficial, and Libra Moon can often find Scorpio Moon way too intense. Scorpio Moon wants to relate on a deep and intimate level, while Libra Moon likes to discuss without going too deep into the emotions of what is being discussed. Scorpio Moon notices what is dark and secretive in others, while Libra Moon is drawn to the light in people, and Libra Moon often ignores people’s darkness, only focusing on their light. Libra Moon tends to accept people more easily, and Libra Moon is also more sociable. Scorpio Moon is suspicious and can also be very much a loner, avoiding people completely if they feel like it. In a relationship between Scorpio Moon and Libra Moon, Scorpio Moon tends to be a bit controlling and Libra Moon can find this a bit suffocating.

Scorpio Moon with Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon with Scorpio Moon denotes a volatile and emotional union where the emotions run deep on both parts and this can create problems if these feelings are dark. Scorpio Moon both Love and Hate with passion, so when two Scorpio Moon come together both the love and the loathing are intensified. Scorpio Moon can be very jealous as well, and they expect extreme faithfulness from their partner and they often test their partners. Scorpio Moon does not like revealing themselves until they feel they can trust completely, and trusting completely is hard to do when you have got a Scorpio Moon. They fear being betrayed and they fear abandonment. Usually, two Scorpio Moon people form a very strong bond and attachment, even with all the emotional drama. They both tend to feed off the emotional highs and lows, thus, the emotional attachment to each other. When it is good it is good, and when it is bad, it is really bad as well. Both you enjoy creating emotional storms, just watch out so you don’t take it too far, creating a storm that is too destructive to recover from.

Scorpio Moon with Sagittarius Moon

Scorpio Moon with Sagittarius Moon is like night meeting day, as these two are very different emotionally. While Sagittarius Moon is light and optimistic, Scorpio Moon tends to be intense, suspicious, and unlike Sagittarius Moon, Scorpio Moon does not easily bounce back from setbacks. Sagittarius Moon often denies darkness even exists, while Scorpio Moon has no such detachment. Sagittarius Moon enjoys people and chooses to see the best in others, while Scorpio Moon can become a loner, brooding, becoming dark in thoughts and feelings when spending too much time alone. Sagittarius Moon wants to have a sunny outlook all the time, and they don’t enjoy the storms which a Scorpio Moon person craves to feel emotionally satisfied.

Scorpio Moon with Capricorn Moon

Scorpio Moon with Capricorn Moon can seem like two people who are very similar, but deep down, they are very different. They both tend to be quiet, but a Scorpio Moon is quiet as they hold on to their secret fears and intense emotions, while Capricorn Moon is quiet while repressing their inner child so they can take care of practical manners and work hard at being successful. Both Scorpio Moon and Capricorn Moon have problems trusting, and they also fear to show their vulnerable side. In fact, in Capricorn Moon, Scorpio Moon has found a partner capable of being very faithful and sincere. When these two decide to trust each other and open up to one another, it can become a very happy relationship.

Scorpio Moon with Aquarius Moon

Scorpio Moon with Aquarius Moon is two people with very different emotional needs. This can create a lot of conflict and distance between the couple. Scorpio Moon is very intense and becomes passionately attached when in love, while Aquarius Moon resists being possessed, and is very independent. Aquarius Moon can become very detached from their feelings, which makes Scorpio Moon feel unloved. When Scorpio Moon feels unloved, they often create an emotional storm to try and find out what their partner is thinking and feeling. At times, Aquarius Moon will find it very hard to understand Scorpio Moon’s intense emotions. Scorpio Moon is very private, while Aquarius Moon is very social and enjoys participating in their community. Aquarius Moon is also very open-minded and enjoys participating in various interests, and they also need to be stimulated intellectually by their partner. They enjoy sharing their ideas, while Scorpio Moon is much more closed and private. This relationship can be difficult to keep alive.

Scorpio Moon with Pisces Moon

Scorpio Moon with Pisces Moon is a union between two emotional people who often develop a strong psychic bond between them. Their relationship can become very intense and the only thing that really matters between these two. Both Scorpio Moon and Pisces Moon are very intense in their feelings, however, Pisces Moon is much more forgiving than Scorpio Moon. Scorpio Moon tends to hold on to grudges and resentments for a very long time, making it almost impossible for others to help them heal. Pisces Moon wants to help Scorpio Moon heal, however, it can take its toll on Pisces Moon. Scorpio Moon with Pisces Moon can be a very harmonious union if Scorpio Moon lightens up a little bit, as Pisces Moon does not enjoy the conflicts.

Celebrities with Scorpio Moon

Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, Bruce Lee, Orlando Bloom, Robbie Williams, Ben Affleck, Will Smith, Mila Kunis, Avril Lavigne, Ryan Renolds, Steven Spielberg.

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