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How to interpret the Seeker’s position in the Celtic Cross Spread

In the video above, I speak about how to interpret the Seeker’s position in the Celtic Cross. This is an example of a reading, where I also speak of tarot card combinations. There are many different versions of the Celtic cross. My version of the Celtic cross is the following.

Card 1 is the Situation.

Card 2 is What is creating the situation and it is often a block or something you can change/improve upon.

Card 3 is advice.

Card 4 is a distant past.

Card 5 is resent past.

Card 6 is the future.

Card 7 is Seeker.

Card 8 is Other people often a significant other.

Card 9 is Surprises.

Card 10 is the final outcome.

I always look at where the court cards and people in the cards are facing, especially in the 7th and 8th position.

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