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Should I Travel There Tarot Spread

Sometimes circumstance will come up and may lead you to travel and/or relocate, thus this is a tarot spread that will help you determine if you should travel there. Will your life benefit by going there? Are there any hidden dangers?

Think of your question and shuffle and cut the deck. 

Card 1. How strong will my positive Karma be in this location?

Card 2. Do I have a strong Karmic relationship in this area?

Card 3. How will this place affect me emotionally?

Card 4. How will this place affect me spiritually?

Card 5. How will this place affect me physically?

Card 6. Will this be an abundant area for me?

Card 7. Overall happiness in this place?

Card 8. What kind of obstruction may I encounter in this area?

Card 9. What are the chances I will end up in this area?