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Six healing sounds presented by Master Mantak Chia

Learn more about Mantak Chia Here.

I decided to change some of my poorer lifestyle habits this year, and get back into my roots in energy healing. I am familiar with the teachings of how organs store emotions from my thetahealing days. So far, the video above is the best energy clearing of internal organs I have found. This is strictly my opinion of course. 🙂 This video resonated with me so deeply, I want to share it with you. My husband, Tom, even has agreed to do this energy clearing with me on a weekly basis. I am so happy about that. I am a strong believer in LifeForce energy, and harnessing this energy for good, will promote a healthy body and mind.


If you intend to keep practicing, you might be interested in the time-stamps where the specific exercises begin. The first few times though, I recommend you watch the video in full. 🙂

Lung sound begins at 7:40 min

Kidney sound begins at 14:05 min

Liver sound begins at 20:45 min

Heart sound begins at 31:12 min

Spleen sound begins at 41:33 min

Sound to cool down the hot part of the upper body(brain and heart) and heat up the cooler part of the lower abdomen(kidney and sexual organ): 56:23 min