Six of Wands

Six of Wands tarot card combinations

The traditional meaning of Six of wands tarot card is winning. Six of wands denotes reaching your goals, getting recognition, and admiration for your work. Six of wands also signifies prestige.

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Six of wands in the grand tableau

Six of wands in Ace of wands: Being a natural, winning with ease. Winning at something new.

Six of wands in Two of wands: Victory in intellectual areas.

Six of wands in Three of wands: A best seller, winning at writing or in trade.

Six of wands in Four of wands: A successful event. A strong community.

Six of wands in Five of wands: Victory in sport, victory in competitive jobs.

Six of wands in Six of wands: Staying on top. Winning with ease.

Six of wands in Seven of wands: Victory in politics, Success in management, teaching and defense.

Six of wands in Eight of wands: Success in travel, holiday, visit. Success in marketing.

Six of wands in Nine of wands: Saving the day. A hero.

Six of wands in Ten of wands: Recognition for hard work.

Six of wands in Page of wands: A popular outspoken person.

Six of wands in Knight of wands: Winning in sport. Successful relocation.

Six of wands in Queen of wands: A successful entrepreneur.

Six of wands in King of wands: A successful leader.

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