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Anne is a Soul Realignment and Clearing Certified Reader

anne angel reader

Anne’s Bio. 

In our present and past life we have made choices that has taken us to where we are today. We make negative and positive choices. And we have to deal with the consequences of those choices, called Karma.
You are the most powerful person in your life. You are the one who has attracted whatever in your life right now. What Anne can offer is a clearing of your current blocks and restrictions to allow you to make new and positive choices. But the biggest work is yours: Anne will give you homework to further clear your blocks . Change doesn’t happen overnight, but little by little you will get more clarity and acknowledge the choices that you have made and what new choices you can make to life an abundant life.

Anne will also uncover who you are at soul level. What is your divine gift that you should use in order to create the abundant life you want. What is your soul group of origination and how is that affecting you in your life today.
Anne will tell you how many guides you have and what is your life lesson here on earth.
In this reading I will also do a property clearing so that your house is a vibrational match to the new you.

Other readings by Anne

Channelig your spirit guides

-get personal messages and coaching from your guides.
Life situation and future reading
-What do you want to attract in your life within the next year and what blocks and restriction you need to address.
-Future reading is great for those who want to attract something specific in your life. Anne can see if you are on the right track to get there(remember: Only through new choices we can make change) or if you need to course correct and an estimated time frame you will manifest the outcome.
-In the life situation reading Anne check on your day to day blocks and restrictions that have arised after your first soul realignment clearing and how you have attracted it into your life.
Anne recommend these readings together so that your blocks in not in the way of manifesting what you want.
These readings includes follow up sessions to check in that you are on your right track attracting what you want.

Anne highly recommend to do the Soul Realignment reading and clearing as your first reading. If you do the channeling, future- and life situation readings first, your initial issues will be in the way to help you get the life you want.

Think of your life as an onion: We are peeling one layer at the time to avoid healing crisis. A couple of months after your initial reading new issues will arise and then you will be ready to move on and clear more.

The Soul Realignment readings are conducted over the phone, through conference call. Anne records the sessions and send it afterwards.

If you don’t want to go deep into working on your life and just want answer to a specific topic that you have in mind Anne also offer Angel Intuitive Readings.
These are gentle messages from your Archangels and guardian angels on your current life situation whether its related to health, romance or career/money.

These readings are done via email.

Book Your Reading On Anne’s FB Page Here. 

Or Go to Her Website and Book Here.