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Major Arcana tarot cards and their Super Powers.

foolFool is Flash

Flash is the superhero name of Barry Allen, a young forensic scientist who witnessed his mother murdered by a mysterious force as a child. Tragically his father was wrongly accused of the murder and put behind bars. Barry escaped in his work, solving every case he came across. After a freak lightning bolt hit his lab Barry received super-speed, becoming the Flash. The Flash runs into adventure after adventure, often jumping into things before thinking them through. He has a lot of luck, and even though he is inexperienced, his heart is in the right place. He is in and out of people’s lives, always chasing the next mystery to solve. The Fool often shows up in a reading when the Seeker is running away from something, but they don’t always know what they are running towards.

magicianMagician is Ironman

Anthony Stark, son of industrialist and inventor Howard Stark, created himself as Iron Man with his mechanical and innovative skills. He always knows how to solve a problem, how to be innovative, and he is always very charming and funny. Iron Man might be the most charismatic of all the Marvel’s superhero pool. Iron Man is so lovable because he is witty, troubled, fruity and eccentric. Often the Magician shows up in our tarot reading when we are about to meet someone who really gets us, and who is very easy to talk to. The Magician can also denote a time when the Seeker will be innovative and utterly charming. The Magician manifests using a beautiful blend of charm and skill.

high priestessHigh priestess is Dark Phoenix

Perhaps the most powerful of all female superheroes is the Dark Phoenix from X-Men. Jean Grey has incredible telepathic powers and psychic abilities, and she went through many trials and tribulations before she became the Dark Phoenix. Dark Phoenix traveled through dimensions, and she could be destructive and angry. Within her is Jean Grey trapped, and she is unable to control the body she is in. The High Priestess can be a warning that we have powers beyond our control, and it reminds us to always listen to our conscious.

empressEmpress is Wonder Woman

The princess of the Amazon, alias Diana Prince, came to America and joined the Justice League. She is a feminine archetype who exhibits inner and outer beauty, strength, force, and kindness. Wonder Woman is one of the most loved and celebrated female superheroes. She is the Empress of the superhero world.


emperorEmperor is Batman

Bruce Wayne, the man behind the mask, is an American billionaire and owner of Wayne Enterprises. As a child, he witnessed the murder of his parents and swore revenge on criminals. Batman is not born with a superpower, he is a man-made superhero. He has exceptional martial art and combat skills, inexhaustible wealth, advanced technology and brilliant strategy. Batman is the Emperor of the superhero world, he signifies how powerful you can become if you apply your strengths in the best way possible.

hierophantHierophant is Confessor

Yes, there actually is a superhero called the Confessor. The Confessor is a roman catholic priest named Jeremiah Parrish.  He was tempted by a beautiful woman who unfortunately for him turned out to be a vampire. She bit him and turned him into a vampire. After decades of hiding in the forgotten halls of the Cathedral, he decides to pay his penance and fight crime in Astro City. On his chest is a large cross to prevent his from drinking blood. It also reminds him of his mission. Later on in his career as a superhero priest, he ends up with a sidekick called altar boy. The Confessor is the Hierophant of superheroes. The Hierophant reminds us to apply strict rules to live by so that we can accomplish our life mission.

loversLovers is Superman

Superman with his human name Clark Kent was originally from the planet Krypton. He has a secret identity as a journalist for the Daily Planet where he fell in love with Lois Lane. The love story between Superman and Lois Lane makes him the perfect candidate to represent the Lovers tarot card. They are one of the most famous fictional couples and Superman is perhaps the only one who found himself in a love triangle where he is competing against himself. Clark Kent is in love with Lois Lane and Lois Lane is in love with Superman. In the end, Lois Lane discovered the truth about Superman and a proper relationship developed between all three personas.

chariotChariot is Captain America

A soldier with the name Steve Rogers took part in a military experiment where he was injected with a serum that turned him into a super soldier. This serum enhanced him to the pinnacle of human performance, turning him into Captain America. He gained speed, strength, courage, and endurance. His unwavering courage and willpower made him a victorious living legend. He is the Chariot of the superheroes. The Chariot often turns up in a reading when you are about to discover just how much you are capable of.

strengthStrength is Starfire

Originally a princess with the name Koriand’r from the planet Tamaran, Starfire is an outgoing, passionate and confident superhero, even by superheroes standards. She is assertive and flamboyant, and she is not afraid to show her feelings. Starfire absorbs solar power through her skin which she turns into a power of flight. When she is provoked she often flies into a rage, increasing her already impressive fighting skills. She is a joy seeker, and she is very flirtatious and has plenty of romance in her life. She is the Strength of the superhero world.

hermitHermit is Wolverine

Born as James Howlett Hudson, the Wolverine is a mutant with the soul of a Samurai. He possesses amazing healing powers, enhanced senses and bone claws in his hands. Wolverine fought many battles in both WW I and WW II. He ended up joining the Captain America team who are unaware of his mutation and dub him ‘lucky James’. After the war, Wolverine traveled to Japan where he trained in the Samurai culture and code of Bushido. After a disaster left him with nothing else and a catastrophic return to Canada, Wolverine became a loner, living in the wilderness by himself. In the end, he returned with a healed mind to fight evil with the Department H, but his solitude personality remains. He is the Hermit of the Superheroes.

wheel of fortuneWheel of fortune is Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan is a shape-shifting teenager who had no idea she was a superhero. She is the youngest child of a traditional Pakistani family living in Jew Jersey. She is a typical American teenager and she is a huge fan of superheroes. On her way back home from a high school party she got encased in a cocoon by the Terrigen Mists, and her superpowers were unleashed. Bursting out of her cocoon she realised she can become whoever she wanted using her newfound shapeshifting powers. Kamala Khan is a polymorph and able to decrease and increase her body to any size at will. She can stretch her legs to travel long distances in short amounts of time. She also has healing abilities. Wheel of fortune shows up when we are about to experience a major breakthrough in our lives, and we are able to become the person we always wanted to be. Kamala Khan is the Wheel of fortune of the superheroes.

justiceJustice is Crimson Avenger

Jill Carlyle is a vigilante lawyer who after losing a criminal case of an obviously guilty defendant decided to exact vengeance on criminals. She obtained a pair of colt guns who are cursed. The guns cursed her to seek out revenge on those who have killed innocent people. As part of the curse, an ever bleeding bullet hole appears on her chest, and as part of her assignments, she has to mentally relive the death of the victim. Her guns never miss, and they never run out of ammunition. She became a member of Justice Society of America, where she tracks down villains and gets justice for victims.

hanged manHanged Man is Spider-Man

Bitten by a radioactive spider as a high school student, Peter Parker turned into a superhero with the strength and powers of a spider. Spider-Man learned that with great powers come great responsibilities, and he, therefore, uses his superpowers to help people. Spider-Man is often misunderstood and even feared by the public, however, the lack of recognition does not detour his mission to save people. He is the Hanged Man of the superheroes. The Hanged Man often shows up in our readings when we are doing great work that we don’t get enough recognition for.

deathDeath is Phantom

When Christopher Walker was a child the ship he was on with his father got taken over by pirates. As the only survivor, he washed up on a beach in Bangalla where he swore an oath to destroy piracy, greed, cruelty, and injustice. The oath is inherited down the line of his sons giving the impression that the Phantom cannot die. When one Phantom retires, the son takes over. Death often shows up in our readings when something is ending in our lives, and just like the Phantom the old continues through other people, while we are free to start a new chapter.

temperanceTemperance is Gentle

Gentle is a teenage mutant part of Storm’s squad and one of the students of the Xavier Institute. Gentle uses meditation to calm and balance himself. When Gentle activates his powers he can increase his muscle mass, height and weight to dangerous degrees. Gentle is a calm and passive individual, quite the contrast to his superpowers. He holds strong anti-violence beliefs. He only uses his powers in emergencies. Temperance often shows up in a reading when we are pushed to use a side of ourselves we feel uncomfortable with. However, in certain situations, we must be assertive and powerful, rather than passive. The two aspects of our personalities can at times be very contradicting. Good communication skills must be developed so we that can respond to conflict in the least aggressive way possible.

devilDevil is Hellboy

Hellboy was summoned from Hell to Earth by the Nazis during the World War II to help the Nazis win the war. He was discovered by allied forced and raised by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm. Due to the professor, Hellboy grew up to be very benevolent and with a strong sense of humor.  Hellboy ends up working for an international agency as a paranormal investigator. He possesses superhuman strength, endurance, a degree of resistance to injury, and a healing factor that allows him to heal quickly from injuries. He also has the innate ability to comprehend ancient and magical languages. Hellboy eventually learns that he is destined to become King of hell. He ends up trapped in the Abyss as he begins his journey to learn the true story of his origin. The Devil card often shows up in our reading when we feel trapped in our own emotional Abyss, and we need to return to the world of the living. We need to let more light in.

towerTower is Hulk

Hulk is the alter ego of Robert Bruce Banner, a socially withdrawn physicist who transforms involuntarily into the Hulk under emotional stress. When transformed the Hulk has a new personality separate from Banner, and he develops super strength and size. The angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes. Robert Bruce Banner had a violent and abusive father, leaving him with a fragile psyche. It is possible the difficult childhood caused Banner to have a split personality, a way for him to hide his anger. The Tower often shows up when the seeker is faced with anger issues and emotional meltdowns. The seeker might even feel completely out of control and unable to deal with the inner forces occurring.

starStar is Storm

Oora, codename Storm, is a descendant of a line of African princesses. SheS has the power to use magic and manipulate the weather. Her parents were killed violently by a plane crashing into their home in Cairo when Oora was five, leaving her traumatised. Homeless and orphaned Oora got taken in by a gang of street urchins who turned her into a master thief. Her path briefly crossed that of Charles Xavier, but her life as a street thief did not end there. Her life was full of turbulence until she vows to change her life forever. Her path crossed again with Charles Xavier, and he convinces her of the true magnitude of her powers. She is destined to become Storm, a powerful mutant who works with mutants in the world of X-men to save the world from threats. The star tarot card shows up when people have survived a dangerous past to become one of the world’s brightest light.

moonMoon is Vixen

Vixen is an African female superhero who has the powers of the animal kingdom through a Tantu Totem given to her by an old warrior. She ultimately moved to America with a new identity; Mari McCabe. She worked as a model in New York, and she traveled the world. On a trip to Africa she took back her Tantu totem, and with the help of its powers, she became Vixen. The Moon tarot card often shows up when our lives take unforeseeable twists and turns, and we are often pulled back to our primal roots. The Moon also speak of a strong connection to the natural world, especially to animals. It also speaks of our raw feminine powers that men also exhibit. When we are in balance between our feminine and masculine powers we can achieve great things.

sunSun is Antboy

Danish first ever superhero is here. This is the story about a boy bitten by an ant who transforms him into a superhero kid called Antboy. With his extraordinary powers, he succeeds to defeat the villain Flea. The Sun often describes the life of children, and it also shows up when we are connected to our own inner child. The Sun also represents something new and exciting occurring in our lives that give us joy.


judgementJudgement is Terminator

The Terminator’s ultimate calling was to help humanity steer away from its own destruction. Judgement tarot card often describes the seeker’s quest to fulfill an important life mission that can end up helping others on a larger scale. The Judgement tarot card defies the group consciousness and brings in a new wave of awareness that ultimately can become a lifeline for others. This is an incredibly powerful card and it signifies a shift in the Seeker’s mental attitude. The Terminator is the Judgment of the superheroes.

wondergirlWorld is Supergirl

Cousin to the man of steel, Supergirl, named Kara Zor-El escaped to planet Earth when planet Krypton dies. Behind a secret identity as Linda Danvers, she attended high school and start operating as Supergirl in secret. She holds many jobs, but always puts her career as supergirl first. The world tarot card often shows up when the seeker is on a steep learning curve, and where they learn to take on more responsibility in their lives. especially to master certain skills. It is also the card for traveling to faraway places and completing cycles.