Swan spirit animal

Swan is represented by Ace of Cups Tarot Card

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Swan Spirit signifies embracing beauty and grace as part of your everyday life. Swan helps you get in touch with your inner poet. Swan spirit helps you out of the mundane and into the world of art and love. The Swan teaches how to express your Soul’s desire through your body.

Swan Spirit teaches you to believe in your own beauty, especially if you feel rejected by your peers. Swan helps you raise your vibration to see into the future and to enter into higher vibrational planes of existence. Swan assists in connecting with your soul mate and to create a strong family union.

Swan Medicine




Believing in yourself

Soul Mate love

A Happy Ending

Growing confidence

Family union


Connecting with your Soul

Fulfilling your Soul

The love of the art world

Higher planes of existence

Swan as a teacher

Swan teaches you to believe in your own beauty. Swan aids those who have been rejected and outcast for being different. Swan aids people in finding their true Soul Mate. Swan helps connect you with your soul so that you can fulfill yourself on a deep level.

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