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Symbolism in the Moon

Moon tarot card meanings

Moon: Creativity

The moon tarot card has had many transformations from the Gringonneur pack with two astrologers measuring the moon to the Bembo pack where the Goddess Diana is holding the Crescent Moon in her right hand and a snake in the left hand. The Moon is part of the Three Celestials, the other being the Star and the Sun, each a bit brighter than the other. This symbolises the increase in enlightenment and awareness.

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The significance of Triple Moon Goddess Diana, Selene, and Hecate

The woman in the image below is holding a Moon in one hand and a Snake in the other, referencing her to triple Lunar Goddess of Diana, Selene, and Hecate. Hecate is the Greek Goddess for witchcraft, Moon, doorways, night-animals, serpents, and ghosts. In Greek Mythology, Selene is the Goddess of the Moon. In some earlier tarot decks, the Moon was shown as the Goddess Selene driving her chariot across the sky. Goddess Diana is also the Goddess for hunting, wild and domestic animals, the moon, and nature. Is the face of the Moon in the Rider-Waite deck, Goddess Diana, Selene, or Hecate?

History of the Moon tarot card

The Moon’s connection to Water.

In the Gringonneur deck, the Moon was an image of two astrologers measuring the crescent moon with dividers. Ancient astronomers discovered the connection of the moon with the tides. It was believed that the Moon exerted tidal influences on the liquid of the brain and the Moon was linked to madness, turning people into LUNAtics. Thus, the Moon is also a symbol of uncertainty. Water is in itself a symbol of uncertainty. Who knows what lurks under the surface. This is how Water became a symbol for the depth of the Human mind and all the unknown beliefs and programs influencing us in unknown ways.

The Moon is the Ultimate Symbol of our Emotions

In the 1JJ Swiss deck (see image above), you can see a man wooing a woman on a balcony. There is moonlight, there is music, there is the hope of everlasting love. The Moon is very much a symbol of the hope of love, and it is the kind of love where we lose ourselves in the music, in the soulful conversations,  in the unknown and the promises made, even in the dangers that lurk when our hopes and wishes get the better of us.

The Moon in Astrology

In Astrology, The Moon speaks of our emotional needs. In your natal chart, you can see what sign resides in your Moon. This speaks of what you need Emotionally. In a partner, it is ideal to have someone who matches your emotional needs in their Moon sign. The Moon is connected to Pisces and Cancer. Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac. Here we find all things in life that we most want to avoid, so we push them deeper into the depths of the subconscious in the hope that we can avoid them entirely. It is also a place where we will find ourselves creatively. We can perhaps face our fears by creating/interacting with art, films, and books. Moon people tend to be very Creative and Mysterious. I also believe Moon people become very Good Detectives. Cancer is also connected to Moon astrologically. The crab has a hard shell, symbolising the need to be in control over your emotions. With the crab comes claws that tend to grab things to hang on to, especially the home, family, friends, and possessions.  How do you know if you are a Moon person? If you have a strong Cancer and Pisces connection in your chart, that is one, or if your Atmakaraka (soul’s desire sign) is the Moon. If you are a 2 life path, you are most likely also very influenced by the Moon, as 2 is ruled by Moon. Find your Life Path Number here. 

The 15 Yods ~ Samech

The Yods are also seen in The Tower tarot card. The yods are a reference to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. There are 15 yods in the Moon. The 15th Hebrew letter is Samech, meaning Endless Cycles or Eternal Cycles of God. You are part of something bigger than yourself, and when the Moon shows up in your reading, you most likely cannot see the highest meaning of what is going on. Something is to be revealed, thus, the Sun is the next card. The Sun is the symbol of truth.

The Moon as a Symbol for your Human/Divine Nature

The Moon represents our nature, good and bad. With all the cycles of the Moon, new emotions and emotional situations are triggered and surfaced, thus giving us plenty of opportunities to ‘find ourselves’. That is, of course, unless you begin running away from yourself. Running away means you will always be running. Instead, stay with the Moon for her face will again change, symbolising ‘this too shall pass’. The Hound and the Wolf are also a symbol of our Civilised vs our Primal nature. The lobster or crayfish coming out of the ocean signifies that even our most Primal instincts are subject to Divine influence. We can change. It is impossible not to.

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