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Tarot Court Cards Most Likely Activity

This is a just for fun video I made back in 2015 that displays the Tarot Court Cards Most Likely Activity.

Page of wands ~ Most likely at a disco.

Page of cups ~ Most likely on a ghost tour.

Page of pentacles ~ Most likely on a billboard.

Page of swords ~ Most likely solving the Rubik’s Cube

Knight of wands ~ Most likely at a Poker game.

Knight of cups ~ Most likely on the Beach.

Knight of pentacles ~ Most likely in a Sports car.

Knight of swords ~ Most likely a Mysterious Stranger.

Queen of wands ~ Most likely to take a selfie.

Queen of cups ~ Most likely to read fairytales.

Queen of pentacles ~ Most likely to give you gifts.

Queen of swords ~ Most likely fighting for justice.

King of wands ~ Most likely at a sporting event.

King of cups ~ Most likely on the cover of Forbes.

King of pentacles ~ Most likely presidential candidate.

King of swords ~ Most likely on a Most Wanted Poster!

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