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The Hanged Man and Empress Tarot Birth Card

The Birth Card of the sagacious Jodie Foster (19th of November 1962).

Hanged man tarot card meanings

Hanged Man: Delay

Empress tarot card meanings

Empress: Abundance

Other celebrities with Hanged Man and Empress card combination:

Kate Perry, Hillary Clinton, Bill Cosby, Linda McCartney, Snoop Dogg, David Bowie, Alec Baldwin, Alan Aida, Bill Crystal, Tom Hiddleston.

People with Hanged Man and Empress card combination are unique individuals. They are very intelligent. They need to allow people to love them. They often sacrifice themselves for a higher good, a path that often leads them to stand out from the rest. They are excellent communicators and they make you think. They are often so charismatic that they get noticed wherever they go. This is the best card combination to have if you want to get famous and stay famous.