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Test your psychic abilities

Check out my 4 favourite tarot practice exercises.

This next practice tip I am sharing is a great way to increase intuitive abilities as well as becoming a better tarot reader. This will help you both as a tarot reader and a non-card reader. You will need a tarot deck (Oracle decks are also great to use). Shuffle the deck and pick a card. Do NOT look at it. Place it a few inches in front of your 3rd eye (between your eyes). Think of 2 people in your life. Ask the card what message it has for person 1. Channel the message. Write it down. Ask the card what message it has for person 2. Write it down. If it is hard to get a message then move the card from side to side over your 3rd eye (this increases the ability in your 3rd eye to pick up messages). You can also put the card over your crown (top of your head) or over your heart. Imagine God’s light penetrating your ear chakras (spot behind your ears). This will actually open up your 3rd eye and your clairvoyance will become stronger, clearer and more accurate/detailed. Open your eyes and look at the card. Look at the message you channeled for the 2 people you chose. The same card will communicate specific messages for the 2 individuals. By doing this you will be able to do tarot readings for a broader range of people as well as doing non-card readings. Remember practice, practice, practice.

Tarot and clairvoyance

Tarot is a great way to increase your intuition, however, if you only read the card meanings without tuning into the seeker’s energy then the reading might feel a bit dry or non-flowing. Tune into the seeker and find out how the tarot cards apply to them on a personal level. Practicing this will create excellent insightful and wonderful tarot readings.