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A Tarot Guide to Tarot Card Groupings

What does it mean when certain cards show up in your reading to form Tarot card groupings?

And by the way, what is a tarot group? In a spread, a tarot group is cards that either come side by side or they tie together energetically (you will have to use your intuition) in a spread. The list below shows how several seemingly different cards can mean the same thing. They usually mean the same thing when they lay either side by side or close together in a spread.

Also, check out what repeating numbers mean in your tarot readings. 

Starting a new Job

Eight of wands

Ace of pentacles

Knight of pentacles

The Hierophant (induction)

The Chariot

Career Change

The Star (an unexpected but positive change)

Three of swords (unwanted change)

Two of wands (want and need change where one can use ones talents)

Eight of wands (sea change that brings career change)


Eight of pentacles

Eight of swords

Seven of pentacles

Five of wands

The Hanged Man

Moving in with someone

The Devil (financial reasons)

Judgement (settling down)

Page of cups (house sharing)

Ace of cups + Ace of pentacles together(starting a life together)

Seven of swords (temporary solution)


The Hierophant (a wedding)

The High Priestess (being a wife, can denote your wife)

King of swords (being a husband, can denote your husband)

King of wands (a husband, but not yours)

Three of swords (to death)

Temperance (long time married)

Ten of cups (newlyweds)


Nine of pentacles (a luxury place)

Four of pentacles (the land)

The Emperor (owning with little or no mortgage).

Ten of pentacles + Ten of wands together(working to pay off the mortgage)


Six of swords (cold place)

Eight of wands (hot place)

The Chariot

Knight of Wands (recreational travel)

Knight of Cups (business travel)

Knight of Swords (travel to do a course)

The World (to a far away place)


Knight of swords (post-graduate)

The World (Graduating)

The Fool (too much theory)

Page of pentacles (slow learner)

Page of cups (early learning)

Page of wands (the school rebel)

Feeling trapped

Ten of wands

Page of swords

Three of wands (especially if it is reversed)


Four of pentacles (Home detention)

Seven of pentacles (community service)

The High priestess (guards)

Death (long sentence)

Eight of swords (can mean in and out of prison)


The Sun

The Fool (back-packing)

Eight of wands

Wheel of fortune


Ten of wands (responsibility)

Seven of pentacles (hard work)

Two of pentacles (the ups and downs of a set routine)

Four of cups (bored by routine)


Eight of cups (painting)

Five of wands (drawing)

Knight of wands (portrait drawing)

Judgement (art collector)

Temperance (multimedia)

The Moon (a writer)

The Hanged Man (ahead of his/hers time, a poet)

Two of swords (knitting, craft with a needle)

Seven of cups (craft displayed online)

Four of wands (market stall)

Six of pentacles (acting)

The Empress (gardening, cooking)


Justice + The Emperor these two cards together can mean CEO of a business.

The Emperor (any scale self-employment)

Four of pentacles

Eight of pentacles (small business)

Knight of cups (creative business or business trip)

Ten of pentacles (family business or employers becoming like family)

The Moon (corner-stone business)

The Hierophant (Chain or franchise)


Seven of wands

The Chariot (male teacher)

The High Priestess (female school teacher)

Ace of wands


Nine of cups(presenter)

The Hermit (Mentor)


Death reversed

Chariot reversed

The Hanged Man

Two of wands

Two of swords

Four of swords

Five of cups

Page of pentacles (slow to act)


Six of cups

The Fool (a fetus)

The Sun (a baby)

Page of cups (toddler)

Ace of cups (not necessary children, it can be anything you care enough about to call ‘your baby’).

The elderly

The Devil (could also mean aging quickly)


Judgement + Court cards together

The home

Six of cups

Nine of cups

Nine of pentacles

The Empress

Queen of pentacles

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