Tarot Card Groupings


A Tarot Guide to Tarot Card Groupings

What does it mean when certain cards show up in your reading to form Tarot card groupings?

And by the way, what is a tarot group? In a spread, a tarot group is cards that either come side by side or they tie together energetically (you will have to use your intuition) in a spread. The list below shows how several seemingly different cards can mean the same thing. They usually mean the same thing when they lay either side by side or close together in a spread.

Also, check out what repeating numbers mean in your tarot readings. 

Starting a new Job

Eight of wands

Ace of pentacles

Knight of pentacles

The Hierophant (induction)

The Chariot

Career Change

The Star (an unexpected but positive change)

Three of swords (unwanted change)

Two of wands (want and need change where one can use ones talents)

Eight of wands (sea change that brings career change)


Eight of pentacles

Eight of swords

Seven of pentacles

Five of wands

The Hanged Man

Moving in with someone

The Devil (financial reasons)

Judgement (settling down)

Page of cups (house sharing)

Ace of cups + Ace of pentacles together(starting a life together)

Seven of swords (temporary solution)


The Hierophant (a wedding)

The High Priestess (being a wife, can denote your wife)

King of swords (being a husband, can denote your husband)

King of wands (a husband, but not yours)

Three of swords (to death)

Temperance (long time married)

Ten of cups (newlyweds)


Nine of pentacles (a luxury place)

Four of pentacles (the land)

The Emperor (owning with little or no mortgage).

Ten of pentacles + Ten of wands together(working to pay off the mortgage)


Six of swords (cold place)

Eight of wands (hot place)

The Chariot

Knight of Wands (recreational travel)

Knight of Cups (business travel)

Knight of Swords (travel to do a course)

The World (to a far away place)


Knight of swords (post-graduate)

The World (Graduating)

The Fool (too much theory)

Page of pentacles (slow learner)

Page of cups (early learning)

Page of wands (the school rebel)

Feeling trapped

Ten of wands

Page of swords

Three of wands (especially if it is reversed)


Four of pentacles (Home detention)

Seven of pentacles (community service)

The High priestess (guards)

Death (long sentence)

Eight of swords (can mean in and out of prison)


The Sun

The Fool (back-packing)

Eight of wands

Wheel of fortune


Ten of wands (responsibility)

Seven of pentacles (hard work)

Two of pentacles (the ups and downs of a set routine)

Four of cups (bored by routine)


Eight of cups (painting)

Five of wands (drawing)

Knight of wands (portrait drawing)

Judgement (art collector)

Temperance (multimedia)

The Moon (a writer)

The Hanged Man (ahead of his/hers time, a poet)

Two of swords (knitting, craft with a needle)

Seven of cups (craft displayed online)

Four of wands (market stall)

Six of pentacles (acting)

The Empress (gardening, cooking)


Justice + The Emperor these two cards together can mean CEO of a business.

The Emperor (any scale self-employment)

Four of pentacles

Eight of pentacles (small business)

Knight of cups (creative business or business trip)

Ten of pentacles (family business or employers becoming like family)

The Moon (corner-stone business)

The Hierophant (Chain or franchise)


Seven of wands

The Chariot (male teacher)

The High Priestess (female school teacher)

Ace of wands


Nine of cups(presenter)

The Hermit (Mentor)


Death reversed

Chariot reversed

The Hanged Man

Two of wands

Two of swords

Four of swords

Five of cups

Page of pentacles (slow to act)


Six of cups

The Fool (a fetus)

The Sun (a baby)

Page of cups (toddler)

Ace of cups (not necessary children, it can be anything you care enough about to call ‘your baby’).

The elderly

The Devil (could also mean aging quickly)


Judgement + Court cards together

The home

Six of cups

Nine of cups

Nine of pentacles

The Empress

Queen of pentacles

Major Arcana Tarot Card Combinations

Click here to learn about Major Arcana tarot card combinations. 


  1. I received King of Wands and Empress pairing for a future relationship outcome. This is a man I have a crush on. What would this pairing suggest? I interpret as a commitment happening since empress is domestication and he is in king status. Empress is ruled by Venus and king of wands is passionate so I see this as a passionate love affair.

  2. Thank you for your response. I looked at the spread more closely and realized that I got the pairing mixed up. I am the King of Wands and he is the Empress as our future position. Now I am more confused by this? I am sorry I gave the wrong position the first time I just assumed by the tarot cards. How does this change things?

  3. I receiveda groupingin this order and it’s confusing me.. Ace of Cups, 7 of Pentacles and Death, reversed. Ace of Cups signifies the beginning of something but Death reversedmeans the end of it? Or the delay? And the 7 of Pentacles isn’t very clear to me. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Hi Nikki. It can mean you will be taking small steps to create Big Change. It can not be rushed as you are to learn many things to prepare you for your next chapter.

  5. High priestess, ten of swords, four of coins, the devil, the star. These were the cards I received. What would this group be telling me?

  6. 2 of wands,eight of coins,ace of wands,eight of cups, and the empress. what would be the general meaning for that group of cards? thank you.

  7. I got a four of swords.The Magician, ten of cups, Ace of wands,five of wands,Judgements, ten of swords,eight of swords what do these means.

  8. Hi, did you ask the cards a specific question or is it a general reading? I believe these cards tell you that you will change your mind about a situation involving an important person in your life. There will be an A-HA moment….a wake-up call…

  9. I received ace of wands, justice, and king of cups. Also a card jumped out which was the wheel of fortune. Any thoughts? Id like to make sure I’m interpreting them correctly. Thank you

  10. Hi Inger,
    after a sad, fighting period with a friend is asked the card about the future of our relationship.
    I got reversed Eight of Swords, upright Two of Wands, reversed Chariot, and for long time future- reversed Seven of Wands
    What does it mean?

  11. Hi V. When reversed cards dominate a reading it often means it can be difficult moving forward, 2 of wands is the strongest card in the spread, it is telling you to stay tall through this. Self-respect is more important than approval of your friend at this stage. 7 of wands reversed denotes you will not be able to continue your friendship unless boundaries are respected and upheld.

  12. Hello,

    I received the king of wands, two of pentacles, and the death card in the area of love/relationships, What does this mean?


  13. Hi, in love and relationship these cards can be a sign that someone is afraid of conflict and is avoiding proper communication in fear of things changing or ending.

  14. Hi Inger, I reference your site quite often while trying to teach myself the tarot. Your interpretations of the cards resonate with me much more than any other tarot resource out there. I recently got this odd sequence of cards; 4 of swords, knight of cups, 7 of pentacls, 4 of cups, 8 of pentacles and the chariot?

  15. Hi Inger, This is a relationship reading regarding my daughter. I really want her to find a husband and start her own family. The name of the deck is Thelema tarot. Your insight would be appreciated and I hope someone else can learn from it as well.



  16. Hi Jennifer, yes the card sequence ‘screamed’ relationship 🙂 Your daughter is almost ready for her soulmate, just not quite yet. Her soulmate is looking for her, and when he gets closer she will ‘feel’ him and she will start to make changes. She will be drawn to try new things and be involved in different situations which ultimately will connect her with her soulmate. All you can do in the meantime is to be supportive which I am sure you already are 🙂
    Cheers, Inger

  17. can someone help me with this spread?
    The querent card came out as The Hierophant. The love intrest came out as the 9 of cups. Past of the relationship came out as 8 of wands. Present came out as King of Wands and future came out as 7 of wands.

  18. Hi Carolina. The relationship is surrounded by Wands which means fire…is this a fiery relationship? The Love interest is described as a water element (9 of cups) so this person might be afraid of conflicts in the relationship and perhaps wants to avoid issues that can lead to discussions that again can lead to arguments and conflicts. The Querent is described as Hierophant which means the Querent is the rock of this relationship.

  19. Hello, Inger! Just earlier this afternoon I asked my deck about whether or not I should go through with a somewhat risky plan I have (with a potentially incredible outcome, shout it succeed – after all, no risk, no reward, right?)

    Anyway, the three cards I drew in order were:

    Five of Wands

    Ace of Pentacles


    In particular, this question pertains to both whether I should go through with this decision as well as the potential success of the outcome.

    Your insight into this reading would be an absolute joy. Thank you so much for your time!


  20. hiya inger i love your u tube videos and you and john ballantrae are my favourite tarot teachers big up inger lol no questions at present….

  21. Hi, this looks like great cards to get, especially in career. It speaks of being able to branch out in a very specific way like a niche. And you will be able to master it. Justice shows up to tell us where we can achieve mastery, and in your case, the use of your intuition and ability to communicate emotions and logic in a perfect blend will be the key to your success.

  22. Hi, a friend did a general reading for me, but of course cards reflecting my relationship fell through. She pulled numerous cards as the convo was about an hour, but early on, she pulled the 7 of swords, 2 of cups, and the Justice card. She gave me details, but I’m always looking for more insight. Can you chime in?

  23. Hi! I’m a novice tarot reader. I did a 3 card reading with present situation, advice, probable outcome in that order (horizontally). I got Page of Cups, Judgement, the Chariot. Again in that order. I’m struggling to see the meaning in this spread. Can you clarify pretty please?

  24. Hi, Deborah. This spread is telling you that you have spiritual gifts that you are aware of,and that are also awakening further. They are telling you it is time now to focus towards your life purpose, which could be a creative or spiritual venture.

  25. Hi Inger,

    I got three of swords, King of wards and the lover

    Can you help me out with those all three meaning in love situations please?


  26. Hi, Nina. The cards are letting you know about focusing on people who are available to you. If you are single, this card combination can warn against being dragged into a love triangle. If you are in a relationship, this card combination speaks of the need to communicate about what you have in common, and to do things together that you both are interested in. This is a very interesting card combination, and I will talk about it in more detail at the free tarot card combination webinar on Monday. If you want, I can send you a link to the webinar when it is up and running.
    Cheers, Inger

  27. Hi I’ve been through a sad time for 12 years with the loss of my son in a corrupt system & re my ex but things are looking up: hes 18 now & recently stayed with me a few days. Theres a lot happening currently as my fella Aries has just bought a property abroad & im thinking of selling mine too & moving near to Mum..Im a Libra with Moon Cancer I did a general spread with nothing in mind & it was celtic Cross: The past showed: Queen Coins/4 Cups/5cups future is 4 swords/High Priest/2 wands/Judgement/9 cups/Knight Wands/9 cups AND a spread for my son (Taurus) & I & got 3 Coins/Knight Wands/Emperor/Ace Coins/Ace Cups (an added extra one afterwards) and 6 Swords. Hes planning University this year. Im also concerned about him due to a previous health issue when he was younger as I dont think hes taking care of himself enough (due to us having been parted for years) please help as I need to know he’ll be ok & whether we’ll get time together in the future. ANY ASSISTANCE/GUIDANCE will be gratefully received.

  28. To add to the above: I am a natural healer & a reader myself and according to my astrologer friend I am supposed to be learning about ‘tears’ in this lifetime as I was powerful in my last. Also as my North Node is also Cancer my life lessons are supposed to be via ‘Mother’ my own Mother needs me now but im wary as last time I moved nearby I suffered a huge loss. Just filling you in on some of my Karma 🙂 my Chiron is Pisces & I have gold & purple in my aura + Magenta Pink & Blue and smetimes it comes up with a white mist. Thank you for your insights…

  29. Hi, I believe the cards are telling you that you desire change, but the opportunities to have desired change is not yet manifesting itself. There is a strong focus on your relationship with both your son and your mum, and also your son has a lot to tell you. I feel there is a lot to talk about, and you will be taking the time to listen to everything he has to tell you about his childhood. I also feel like you are going to be each other’s rocks in life, and there is a lot of catching up to do, and you son is almost ready to let you in close. When that happens, it will be a very joyful day for you both.
    Bless you both,

  30. Hi inger
    I did a 3 card spread and got queen of pentacles ace of wands and the hanged man I recently put my house up for sale and have found another house to buy so asked the cards if my house would sell quickly but this spread has confused me could u help ? X

  31. I received a tarot grouping of: the magician, the fool, temperance, justice and death. what does this grouping mean. I know what the cards mean individually but is there something more when they are grouped together?

  32. Hi, Retty. Did you use the whole deck or only the Major Arcana cards? If only the Major Arcana cards show up (or a majority of Major Arcanas show up) then they form a group of their own, and it speaks of FLOW and your guides and angels are working behind the scenes to create magic in your life. All these cards are very different in their vibration (except they are all major arcanas), so they actually are pulling you in different direction. You might feel that the path ahead is uncertain due to this….The Fool is charging your reading with spiritual energy, and everything in your life will be more meaningful. You might have to be patient, as there are so many different elements working together here. You are learning to let go, and to go with flow and you have been given the time to think about what you really want. Now is the time to ask all the BIG questions: What gives you the feeling of purpose and meaning, and where are your gifts and talents best utilized, and how can you reach your highest potential? The cards are asking you all these questions, as you are meant to accomplish something very important, and it is something you are very good at, and you already know what this is…

  33. Hi Inger, In a three card spread I received first : Seven of pentacles, second : The Lovers, and third : page of swords. I had the thought in mind about how my near future was going to come together. I just started a relationship with a wonderful lady and we hit it off this past July and we have been really close ever since. The lovers card may have something to do with the woman I’m currently dating? Seems that way because I haven’t been in a relationship in quite some time. I’m seeking a deeper meaning of this combination. Thank you!!


  34. Hi, this card combination is all about your relationship. They are saying that you must have fun, and to keep it fun. This is the key to success in this situation. You have plenty to talk about, and you are interested in each other, and to take it to the next level, incorporate the light-hearted and fun activities, situations, and conversations 🙂
    Cheers, Ingie

  35. Hi! I did a three card reading today and got the King of Swords (reversed), King of Wands, and three of swords. What is your take on that?

  36. Hi, Rhiannon, this card combination can mean you will deal with authorities and people’s egos. What will get you through, is your enthusiasm, so stay close to like-minded people, and ignore the energetic parasites 🙂

  37. Hi, I was waiting for a good answer to my applied job, what does it mean when I have a seven of pentacles and a strength in a card reading?

  38. Hi Inger, in my relationship, how do you interprete when a 7 card reveals- 9 swords, 8 wands, 3 pentacles, a wheel, 6 wands, 7 pentacles & Strength. Thank you and more blessing!

  39. These cards in regards to the relationship, can mean there are financial lessons tied to the relationship. Also, I feel you will work on trust before feeling comfortable to make a deeper commitment.

  40. It means you have to be patient, however, I do feel they are very interested in you, due to the Strength card. There might have been a lot of applicants. Show them you are confident. I feel like they are looking for someone who is confident who can grow in the role. 🙂

  41. Hi Inger! I had a reading a little over a month ago and the final 3 cards drawn in a group were: the sun, ace of wands, and 10 of cups. I can’t quite remember what she said it meant, could you help me with this meaning?

  42. Hi, Nina. You get a lot of One energy, all the cards are a 1 in numerology. This means wanting to be number 1, and being the best you can be at what you do. All the cards speak of success, and I feel you will make a very good decision, which will give you a lot of personal satisfaction as well as success professionally.

  43. Hi. I received these cards: past-world, present-fool, future-empress. My question was whether my husband is in love with me and wanting us to be together.
    Thak you for your help.

  44. Hi, Sophia. These cards can mean you will have a renewal in your relationship by focusing on common interests and doing things together that are fun and adventurous….The Empress says this will bring in the nurturing element in your relationship…

  45. Hello Inger! 🙂
    Thank you for your feedback much appreciated!
    One more reading if u dont mind. I did for my husband this morning. His cards came out as past-world, present-empress(reversed), future-emperor.
    The thing is he asked 3 questions because he didnt know much of tarot tho.
    He asked about his job whether he would be long with his company, next he asked whether he is able to support me and the kids, overall about himself and future.

    I appreciate if you could look into this. Many thanks Inger

  46. Hi, Sophia. Did you use the whole deck, or only the Major Arcana cards? When a lot of major arcana cards show up the Seeker feels their life is a bit of control. But that is only if you use the whole deck. I feel like your husband will be working for a very big company, and there is a lot of stability there. Empress reversed in the current position can mean your husband is currently feeling a bit on the outside, and he might be neglecting himself, not taking care of himself properly…However, Emperor in the future position means there will be structure and stability for you and your family.

  47. Hi Inger! I used the major arcanas only.

    Thank you for this. I do hope positive vibes are surrounding us.

    I appreciate your help, Inger!


  48. Hi, I drew the two of pentacles, the sun and the queen of swords. I asked about my current relationship with my boyfriend and if we are going to take the next step. (Next step being engagement since we already live together)

  49. Hi Inger, love your page and refer to it often! This one spread has got me all sorts of confused and would love your input. I did a spread for a friend/crush. The first card (resolution/connection) is King of Cups. For myself I drew 10 of Pentacles, Page of Cups and 9 of Cups. For him I drew Ace of Pentacles, Empress, and Devil. The Empress and Devil combo is throwing me for a loop, pretty much the whole thing has me stumped. Thanks!

  50. Hello, am a bit confused and could use some insight. I believe I know what this reading means but I’m not %100 sure.

    I had a series of dreams back in July. They lasted a week straight and got more and more intense and time went on. I am a pretty intuitive person and knew these dreams were not just a coincidence. I believe it may have been my next soul mate connecting with me on the subconscious level or dreams telling me of what will happen in my future. Quite puzzled so I did a reading on it last night. I asked if this man in my dreams was real and would I meet him in this life time.

    I got the Queen of Wands, the King of Wands and the Empress in the future position.

    I would associate the Queen of Wands with myself, although I am not a Leo. I am however, a Leo moon sign with a lot of Leo qualities.

    Basically, the feeling I got was that the Queen and King are representing by him and I. The Empress represents sharing a life together or starting a family? Or she is just confirming that yes, this man will come into my life?

    I would like to know your thoughts on this. Thank you for the posts, I am still relatively new to tarot and am studying every day.


  51. Hi. The king of cups is telling you there is potential for a relationship. You get minor arcana cards, and he gets 2 x major arcana cards which can mean you are more in control over your life than what he currently is in his…so it could be he is feeling a bit out of depth in regards to where he wants to be in his life…

  52. Thank you, Inger. I appreciate your posts. They help me get better insight on cards I am still unfamiliar with. 🙂

    I was also thinking of another possibility, it dawned on me last night. The last dream I had of him, my mother and kid sister were with me in the dream. Could this also imply that maybe my mother will lead me to this man in question? Seeing as the Empress is motherly in nature?

  53. Hi. I was asking about a certain man in my life. Will he come back to me and I drew: ten of Cups, eight of wands and page of cups. What can you tell me about this combination?

  54. Hi. I was asking about a certain man in my life. Will he come back to me after I blocked him from everything and I drew: ten of Cups, eight of wands and page of cups. What can you tell me about this combination?

  55. Hi Inger!I was wondering if could help me interpret the following spread. The seeker was asking about her career, and if she would land her ideal job soon, as she had not landed a job that fulfilled her expectations. The cards drawn were the King of cups, followed by the nine of cups and the five of pentacles. She was also complaining about the fact that she had been through many drastic changes in her personal life in the last couple of years, and that she did not want to move houses once again as she had moved recently. As for my interpretation, I don’t see any house moves, but I am feeling quite confused about the cards regarding her career. What could they possibly be telling about finding her ideal job? Tks for your insights…

  56. Hi, Mono. I feel like where she is living currently could be costing her financially, as the 5 of pentacles can mean she is not prospering where she is now. I feel like she will be getting what she wants in career, though, and the king of cups can mean there will be blossoming in her love life. 🙂

  57. I am currently doing a reading and would love some input from someone more experienced than myself, since I’m a “closet reader”. I have the current grouping past, present/intersecting, future. I’m a bit confused. The overview tarot is The Lovers. Past: Four of Wands. Present: High Priestess Intersecting: The Hanged Man. Future: Two of Pentacles. It is a relationship reading.

  58. Hi, Sacy. With the Hanged Man intersecting together with two of pentacles future influence, it could mean that there will be more work commitment in the future and to make sure you take time out to enjoy and nurture your relationship. 🙂

  59. I got the king of wands princess of swords the hierophant the high priestess 8 of cups 9 of swards swords the empress reversed seven of wands two of wands and the hermit in a celtic cross reading

  60. I did a general reading I got the cards 10 of swords, queen of pentacles, wheel of fortune and ace of cups..also the hanged man flew out of deck reversed. Could you tell me what this means.

  61. Hi, Paula. There is a lot of 1 energy in this reading. 10 of swords, wheel of fortune, and ace of cups are all 1 in numerology. That means you will find yourself ‘winning’ at something important to you. The Hanged man can mean you will create something unique.

  62. Hi Inger,

    I got the king of swords, heirophant and the star for the relationship outcome between me and another. Can you shed some light please?
    Thank you!x

  63. Hi Inger!
    I did a relationship outcome about my crush.
    Sexual attraction-King of wands
    Emotional connection-Queen of cups
    Love connection-The lovers
    Other love interests-10 of pentacles
    Thank you!!

  64. Hi, I wonder if you could help shed some light on a 3 card spread on a question relating to a specific love interest and if he is worth pursuing.
    I pulled Ace of Wands, Death and The Hierophant. The first 2 cards appear contradictory!?

  65. Hello. Please help!! I got a pairing for the 8 of pentacles and the 10 of swords for moving into my own apartment. I get the feeling it means that my hardship can be over if I put serious concentration and do thorough research but the 10 of swords is really throwing me off. Can I please have better input. Thank you!!

  66. Hi, Kellz. 10 of swords can mean that you will be looking for a while until you find the perfect place. I feel like when you move into your own place you will be living with someone who you are very much in love with.

  67. Hello I did a tarot spread and got 10 of cups, 3 of cups, queen of wands and judgement in that order regarding a past relationship. How can this be connected. I’m very new at this so it’s all confusing

  68. Hi, Chelsey. The cards denote there was a lot of love in this relationship. Would you like to revive this relationship? Judgement can mean there is a revival of something that is close to ending.

  69. Hello! I received The Empress, Wheel of Fortune and 3 of swords in a 3 card spread with the High Priestess on the bottom of the deck. I asked Spirit what am I supposed to be doing? Lots of drama in my life and decisions I need to make. What could this possibly mean?

  70. Hi, Angelia. You need to be strong in this situation. If you have suspicion that someone is lying to you, trust your intuition, and cut lose from this person or persons. We can not proceed in life and get to where we are meant to be in our lives when we are dealing with unnecessary drama. You cards also indicate you have a talent in helping people through communication, which you can turn into a career.

  71. Thank you .
    I believe he is for the past 10 yrs . We are in seperation at the moment .
    I just pulled these cards

    Reversed 2 wands
    Reversed 3 swords
    Queen of cups

    Thank you so much

  72. Hi Inger, I will try to be short and to the point even though I just found your site and I cant get enough. Im going through painful breakup (3 months ago after 2 years together), and just had major surgery (waited a long time for it). Im bed bound so I did my first ever single draw which was 9 of wands, and my first ever reading in a 3 card spread. I received 8 of swords, 5 of cups, 7 of pentacles.I feel like these are spot on bout as a group what is it telling me to do? Where do I turn? Or do I just stay patient and leave everything alone? Thanks so much for your insight.

  73. Dear Miss. I feel like your energy will come back, but you need to have strong boundaries on who you let into your life. Think about your long term future and what you really want in life. Start working towards your new life and leave the past behind. I pulled some cards for you and they suggests you will focus more on your spirituality and also do more reading and studying. You also have your own literary talents you can focus on that will bring you happiness. I feel like you will explore different spiritual paths and this will awaken you to your destiny.

  74. Hi Inger I have received 8 pentacles, 6 pentacles and ten cups, not sure if you received the question two days ago ☺️

  75. Hi Ingie,
    Thank you so much ?
    The situation was my friend who I wrote with,well just Took it to the next level. He is separated is playing the field. We have so much fun together and don’t get work done lol,
    So I pulled the cards to see how our relationship/friendship will end and I received 8 pentacles, 6 pentacles and 10 cups .. I don’t know how to read that ☺️

  76. Hi, I posted on 27th January and wondered if you could clarify:

    Hi, I wonder if you could help shed some light on a 3 card spread on a question relating to a specific love interest and if he is worth pursuing.
    I pulled Ace of Wands, Death and The Hierophant. The first 2 cards appear contradictory!?

  77. Hi, Julie. Death card can mean this person will teach you something that will take you on the right path to meet your soulmate. I pulled a few cards for you, and it seems like you are doing 180-degree turn and you pretty much bump straight into your soulmate….It is almost like you are looking in the wrong direction, and when you turn around, whoa, there he is….your soulmate 🙂

  78. Hi Inger,

    I’ve recently started looking at tarot cards and know most of them individually but struggle to understand their meaning as a group.
    I asked a question about what will happen in my relationship and had the following.

    Current situation: 7 of wands
    Desires: Sun
    Helpful: Tower
    Challenges: ace of pentacles
    Outcome: fool
    Please can you shed some light on what this combination means.

    Many thanks,

  79. Hi, Claire. The cards are telling you to be on a spiritual path with your partner as this will bring closeness and joy in this relationship. Focus on your spiritual connection. You have some spiritual gifts you can explore together. If you want to have children, the cards are very positive as the Sun and The Fool together indicate pregnancy.

  80. That’s really interesting because when I had a reading about 6 months back she said I was spiritual and that I needed to find someone who was similar to me. How do I follow this spiritual path with him? Things are not going well so i’m hoping this will bring us closer. Sorry, I’m still so new to all of this. Pregnancy is interesting too because we talked about wanting children lots of times.

  81. Hi, Claire. When you begin your spiritual journey, your partner will most likely follow you 🙂 Ask the Creator that your highest and best spiritual path is revealed to you and that you can go on this path together. The path will be revealed to you 🙂

  82. Hello, I recently had a personal reading done about my relationship. Unexpected changes popped up. When asked what were the unexpected changes, the empress card came out. It was by itself. What does that mean? (had to repost because I typed my email address in wrong)

  83. Hi, Nicole. The Empress can mean you will have new abundance in your life. The Empress also mean you will be very fertile which is good if you want to have children, and it can also mean you everything you touch will turn into gold.

  84. I receive the king of pentacles, the world, the devil, the star and page of wands related a crush that I have for someone. But I am very confused about my interpretation. Can you summarise for me, please? Thank you

  85. Hi Inger, I used the Queen of Pentacles to represent myself and for the relationship reading I dealt the cards in the following order: Ten of cups, the Chariot and the Ten of Pentacles. All upright. All in all it looks like a fantastic spread but I would like a bit more information, would you be able to assist?

  86. I GOT THE CHARIOT,5 WANDS,WHEEL OF FORTUNE,STRENGTH AND ACE OF PENTACLES. My question was, what is coming up for me in the near future? I have one year to go to finish my teaching degree and I am looking for summer employment in my field.

    Thank you so much!

  87. Hi, I really want to be a flight attendant again, i was one 3 years ago but only for a few months. Had to resign because of medical reasons (I regret it so much). I’ve been applying but no luck. I asked the cards (not sure if I worded the question right) if I will become a Flight Attendant again? The cards I got were: The Devil to me I felt fear, panic, 8 of Pentacles I felt it was working or concentrating on something and 4 of Swords rest after a period of conflict. I’m hoping you can give me more clarification. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  88. Hi Karaline. Your cards are great for employment. You will be able to stand out from other applicants due to your passion for teaching. Ace of pentacles denotes a job offer.

  89. Hi, Veronica. The Devil card denotes you want it enough to pursue it until you get it, and I also feel you could be going on longer trips, overseas trips. I also feel like you will do training to get back into employment as flight attendant again.

  90. Hello again, thank you again for replying. I asked the cards a question relating to my fiancé. He will be applying to transfer to another job tomorrow morning doing the same job he does now. However, he is not happy where he is at the moment. I think the cards gave a positive outcome.The cards I got were:
    King of Swords (my fiancé is an Aquarius)
    9 of Swords
    Knight of Cups
    The Empress
    2 of Wands

    I’d appreciate your input, thanks.

  91. Hey Inger

    What do you feel about Page of Cups, Judgement, and The Moon?

    I thought about a past-life connection / reunion that will help to uncover areas that require work (lessons). Or maybe a new job which will require lots of study (lessons). I initially saw it as a person, a contract, and hard work… but I am too analytical when trying to figure out my own cards.

  92. Thanks 🙂

    I’m trying to make a career change. There’s two possible paths for me, neither are overly artistic. Both very practical. But I currently work with my own artistic talents.

  93. Hi, I hope you can interpret this reading for me. I applied for a very competitive job this morning. I asked the cards if I will interview and get a job offer with the company? I followed the Celtic cross that’s here on your website. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    1. Ace of Wands
    2. Death
    3. 2 of Wands
    4. Page of Cups
    5. 4 of Wands
    6. 5 of Cups
    7. Ace of Cups
    8. 2 of Cups
    9. 7 of Wands
    10. Ace of Swords

  94. Have you drawn cards for the two career paths? Are you passionate about them? Let me know more and I can draw some cards for you as well…. I feel like you will make a difference in peoples lives.

  95. Hi, Ronni. You get 3 x aces, which means there are a lot of support in your life at the moment, and you are being encouraged to go for it. Ace of swords is seen as the victory card. Ace of pentacles is the only one missing, so I feel that must be read with the Death card in the 2nd position. It can mean you still have a big commitment in your life that could be blocking this offer from coming through. I feel like you will get an interview and they say to focus on showing your leadership abilities and intellectual abilities as those are the gifts seen in 2 of wands. And I also feel like this company is looking for someone who is very committed and that is why the cards say that you must let them know you have a lot of availability in your life to dedicate yourself to them….They are looking for an Authority type personality. I pulled some cards for you as well, and I got 8 of pentacles, 6 of wands, and queen of wands. I believe this means you can Win this job by showing them how committed you will be to them 🙂

  96. Thank you so much for taking the time to interpret my cards very sweet of you and you’re truly very talented thank you again.

  97. Hi Inger,
    I recently asked the card one serious question “What are my purposes in life?” I drew three cards in order from left to right: Death/King of Coins/King of Swords. Could you please help Me interpret these? Thank you very much for your kind help.

  98. Hi, Inger.

    First I would like to say thank you for your gracious replies and spiritual insight for the readers on this page. You are giving of your talents quite freely, and that is a rare kindness these days.

    I am going through a difficult time in a love relationship, which I believe to be a soulmate connection (and he agrees) not only based on mutual intuition and feelings but on a lifelong study of astrology which points to a karmic past for us. We are currently not together, but still in daily contact and both very deeply in love with one another. The situation is extremely painful for both of us, but he is struggling with other losses regarding his children and job, so a great deal of darkness is surrounding him now. During this time, I have found solace in studying tarot and reawakened my interest after not using my own cards for several years.

    My question is, of course, what the outcome of our love relationship will be, although we have broken up before and always reunite, and even during times of separation we are never out of contact or out of love. My concern this time is that, with the pressure of family and loss of income, our relationship may be indefinitely on hold, but not completely over to the point that would allow me to move on. I really would like some clarity, and have been seeking it in the cards, which have been pretty spot on in regards to our past and current situations, but I am so foggy on the future.

    Anyway, here is what I drew today:

    The Sun
    5 Cups
    6 Pentacles
    Ace of Swords

    Thank you again for reading this. Your time is very appreciated!

  99. Hi. The money worry I believe is temporary. I do think you need to have more fun and light hearted conversations, and this will break the block that you are experiencing. I don’t see a reason why you should not be able to move in together in the future, it is all in your hands basically. 🙂

  100. Hi Inger, blessings!
    I asked the cards to help me understand where I currently stand with a guy I like. He changes the subject whenever I raise it so… in no particular order the cards that fell for me were : page of Cups, Hierophant and page of pentacles. They seem positive but as he keeps me guessing, what’s your take?

  101. Thanks Inger! When you say he doesn’t trust in his own emotions, what exactly do you mean? Not sure about me? Playing games, or just not ready?
    Much appreciated x

  102. Hi, I asked the cards how a guy that I have feelings for feels about me messaging him. I pulled the lovers, the ace of cups and two of cups. How would you interpret this? Thank you so much!

  103. Hello. I am new to tarot. I asked to be shown what I need to know about my future husband (assuming I have one. I don’t think I have met him ever.), in a celtic cross spread. I would very much appreciate your interpretation of the reading!
    1. 8 of cups
    2. 10 of cups
    3. King of wands
    4. 3 of swords
    5. 4 of pentacles
    6. 7 of wands rx
    7. 2 of cups rx
    8. 5 swords rx
    9. King of Pentacles
    10. Ace of swords rx

    Thank you!

  104. I had 3 different cards from 3 different people in one night … the high priestess, 4 of wands and king of wands reversed… ive searched them but im kinda trying to see if they fit together somehow

  105. Hi. This has to do with your destiny. You might not feel prepared, however, the cards say you will soon be in a new position, and you will be more empowered in your life. I feel like you will be very much in love as well.

  106. Hi Inger,

    Hope you find yourself well. I asked the cards: Will my Aunt come to New York in the Summer? I felt very positive about the answer. What are your thoughts? Thanks, I appreciate it. The cards were:

    Ace of Cups
    6 of Pentacles
    The Star

  107. Hi ..I did a three card spread to ascertain if I will land the job I am looking for…the tarot deck is robinwood…

    I got the following:

    what should I do: six of pentacles
    what should I not do: empress
    outcome: queen of pentacles

    Would you mind sharing your insight on whether I will be getting this job I am looking for or not? thanks a lot.

  108. The Empress can mean the way you dress will be important, there could be a female who will be jealous of you there. I also feel if you are yourself and you are relaxed you will fit right in and you will enjoy it there. I feel you will get the job if you can show them you can give them a big commitment.

  109. Hi
    I picked three cards for my general reading of the year 2017
    They were knight of cups and then a moon and the last one being king of pentacles. What does it mean?

  110. A door will be opening up for you and it can lead to more income and abundance in your life. The Moon is telling you that you might be feeling unsure about what is real and how you really are feeling about the way things are going, however, if you take small steps, you will be able to achieve big things this year.

  111. Hi lovely
    What does these cards mean please
    In order :
    Nine swords
    Wheel fortune
    Ace swords

  112. These cards are telling you that you have nothing to worry about, as you are on the right path in your life and big things will happen for you, all you have to do is keep going and follow your instincts. If this was a career question, you might be doing more training or higher education soon. There is also more security in personal relationships, possibly a deepening in a commitment.

  113. Hello Inger,

    I did a 5 card spread asking whether or not I should stay on course to manifest the relationship between myself and the love of my life – my twin soul whom I know and we are in a somewhat relationship although we have others in our lives right now. I received the following cards in this order:

    3 of Wands
    9 of cups
    Queen of Cups
    Wheel of Fortune
    The Sun

    He is a Sagitarius and I am a Leo. Would you please interpret the 5 card spread?

    Thank you!,

  114. Hii dear…
    What does these cards mean please
    In order :
    Four swords
    Ace of pentacles
    King of pentacles

  115. Hi Inger 🙂

    I am trying to learn tarot and came across your site. Which might I add has been very helpful to me 🙂
    I have drawn the following cards and am struggle to make sense of what they are trying to say. (general reading)

    The Chariot
    The Moon
    Nine of Wands
    Nine of Cups

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  116. This card combination can mean you will be very absorbed in a new job or project that will take up a lot of your time, and it will give you confidence and more financial security.

  117. Hi. It looks like you are both moving towards being in a relationship together and not apart….this could be your destiny since you get the Wheel of fortune tarot card.

  118. Hi. You get double 9 which can mean endings with a new beginning, and this could mean a relocation since you get the chariot. The moon indicates that you might be a bit confused about the direction your life is taking, however, what will happen is part of a bigger plan. Death as the final card will mean a complete transformation and things will not be the same. If you can ride the waves, it will be much better in the future, especially in regards to love and romance 🙂

  119. Thank you Inger ?
    I greatly appreciate your reply ?
    I have been very confused about my direction in life with everything, seem to be seeing a pattern lately of endings and new beginnings. ?

    But thought see what the cards say as I have Scorpio as my moon sign in my chart. But will look forward to some positive changes, need it ?
    Have a wonderful day ?

  120. 3 card reading. In this orders regarding a (we are just friends??) relationship. We are past lovers and after an emotional battle agreed to “just” be friends. Although I believe feelings do still exist for us both. The tarot Question was “what’s going on between us?”

    The lovers
    Ten of cups

  121. I received the King of wands, Three of wands, six of cups, the world, page of cups, the lovers, two of cups, and Knight of coins

  122. reversed moon as past, 10 of swords as present, 4 of wands as future relationship reading
    Any help interpreting would be appreciated

  123. What does please lovely , these cards meaning
    Page of pentacle
    Three of pentacles
    King of pentacles
    Ten cups
    Appreciated and thank you

  124. Hello…i did a 3 card relationship spread and i got King of wands/2 of cups reversed/queen of wands…some insight please on what these mean together…thank you!!

  125. Hi. It depends on the questions, however, page of pentacles next to three of pentacles next to king of pentacles denote a career opportunity. The cards do indicate you should aim for a career where you get to use your mind and problems solving skills. The Fool next to Ten of cups speaks of feeling spiritually connected to the work you do and the ability to make a big difference.

  126. When 2 of cups is reversed, and it is next to court cards, it can speak of the need to forgive in a personal relationship. Take a step back and enter into the energy of Ace of cups. Take some time off to nurture this relationship.

  127. Hi inger, I did a love spread although I’m not currently with a partner, I have a close male friend who is a water sign n I am an earth sign, I got 10 of cups, king of cups, ace of cups, Queen of cups, the fool, 6 of cups, Knight of Wands, King of pentacles, and 9 of cups, iv never had a reading with so many cups which for a love reading I’m takin it as a good sign, can u explain it a bit more for me please, thanku I love ur site and reading the comments xx

  128. Hi i received the lovers, the empress, strength, the world, the emperor and wheel of fortune cab you please help me understand this

  129. Hi, Teena. A lot of cups with court cards are a great sign in love, however, you both might not be focusing on romance because there is a lack of 2’s (such as two of cups, two of wands, high priestess etc) in this reading. In numerology, 2s give you the focus on love. All you need to is to ask yourself if you are ready for a romantic relationship or are you happy with how things are right now?

  130. Did you only use Major Arcana cards? This card combination speaks of the importance for you to be around people who you can connect and communicate. In a career reading, this will indicate you have a strong ability to create and entertain others. In love, this card combination speak of being inspired by your soulmate and possibly even work together.

  131. Hello Inga
    I have
    Knight swords
    Ace wands
    10 pentacle so
    This is in regards to a person I’m thinking of
    Thank you

  132. Hello Inga
    I’ve done a past/present/future spread and would love your insight; the three of swords/the ace of staves/the sun respectively

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  133. Hi Inga 🙂

    I am trying a celtic cross spread and these are the cards I have pulled for a general spread:

    1.) hangman (in reverse)
    2.) five of swords (in reverse)
    3.) the star card
    4.) the world card
    5.)ten of pentacles (in reverse)
    6.) Justice (in reverse)

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  134. I think I may not have pulled enough cards now that I looked again at the diagram again 🙁
    The hangman (reversed) was in the center with the five of swords on top (reversed), the star card was at the top of the cross, the world card was at the bottom, to the right was the ten of pentacles (reversed), to the left the justice card (reversed)

  135. Hi Inger,

    I did an estranged lovers reading as you have suggested in another post and pulled these cards.

    1: knight of wands
    2: 3 of swords
    3: queen of cups
    4: ace of cups
    5: judgement
    6: 4 of swords
    7: lovers
    8: 6 of pentacles
    9: 6 of swords
    10: death
    11: page of pentacles
    12: heirophant

    This confused me. At the time I thought he loved me, now I wonder if it was ever real to him.

    To clarify, I did a Celtic cross, asking a general question about my life, regardless of this person being in my life. I got these cards

    1: world
    2: 2 of cups
    3: page of pentacles
    4: queen of swords
    5: 7 of cups
    6: lovers
    7: tower
    8: 10 of wands
    9: moon
    10: heirophant

    We were both in other relationships. We had a purely emotional affair a few years back. I held back, because I felt it was wrong, but couldn’t help falling in love. Besides I wasn’t sure if he was just playing me. Flashback many years forwards..I still miss him everyday and I don’t know how he is.
    Practically speaking the answer is clear. It’s been years, he doesn’t remember me…. But these cards ..they seem to say otherwise . Please help me understand the meaning.

  136. Also number 7 on first reading was my outcome as Death and on the Celtic cross, my card the querant was the Tower. Final Outcome on both was heirophant. Please help me figure this out. I have searched the internet for several hours now.

  137. Hi, the estranged lovers spread is 7 cards: Card 1. What is the main obstacle between me and …name of estranged lover.

    Card 2. What are the chances we will be reunited.

    Card 3. How compatible are we.

    Card 4. Future influences.

    Card 5, 6, 7. Destiny of relationship.

    Is the one you did the Celtic Cross love spread? You did the right thing not getting involved as it would have hurt a lot of people, yourself included. You are getting the lovers card for your future and the Hierophant for the outcome which means there is a strong chance you will fall in love again soon.

  138. If you still have his contact number, why not reach out and you will find out for your own peace of mind. I believe you will soon fall in love with the cards you are getting 🙂

  139. I just received 9 of rods, page of rods, and three of swords… Recently I was told someone/something switched my destiny right after birth,, and is the reason for all the misery in my life,, so I was asking who stole my destiny. Is this possible, is it possible to change back?

  140. Thank you Inger! I don’t know where my life will lead me but I want you to know that I am very grateful to you for taking the time to respond. You touch so many lives with your insight. I truly appreciate your kindness.

  141. Hi Jason. I feel your destiny is to uplift others through communication. No one can steal your destiny. Set yourself goals and ask the Creator to help you make them a reality. You have the power, Jason, and when you learn to believe in yourself, nothing and no one can hold you back.

  142. I felt that always was my destiny because I felt my best when in counseling others. I love to help people. So I should stop waiting for things to happen and make them happen. Is life predestined or do we really co-create reality . I always pray for God to make the change,,, but often I’m left waiting and frustrated…. Awake but Christian

  143. Hi Inger, I received my reading as following:
    top card-the death
    left middle – the devil, center middle- the star, right middle- the sun
    bottom card-8 of coins.
    I read the meaning on all of them, but I find it difficult to read in combination. Could you please help.
    Thank you,

  144. Hi, I feel this has to do with your work and career direction. I feel there is a new opportunity coming that will give you more meaning in your work and more love of what you do. I feel you should have been more rewarded and you will have more achievements and success in a field where you feel very at home and comfortable. I feel you will rise to your highest potential and help a lot of people.

  145. celtic spread on me and my husbands financial future 1.King of Pentacles 2.Page of Swords 3.sun 4.world 5.Star 6.Ace of Pentacles 7.8 of wands 8.5 of wands 9.Emporor 10.King of swords

  146. Double king with ace of pentacles is a great card combination to get. I feel there is financial abundance in an area where either you or your husband (or perhaps both of you) are an expert and this will bring more structure, stability, and security to your lives.

  147. Hello Inger…I asked the tarot if my crush loved me and I pulled 9 pentacles Knight of cups and 10 of cups. Would that mean a yes?

  148. Hello Inga
    I have
    Knight swords
    Ace wands
    10 pentacle so
    This is in regards to a person I’m thinking of
    Thank you

  149. Hi Inger!!! I was wondering if you could help interpret my relationship spread. I got Reversed moon as past, 10 of swords as present, 4 of wands as future relationship reading

  150. Hi, You and this person seem to share a similar calling in life, and you could be helping each other in this regard. When it comes to love, there are no cups showing up, which can mean the feelings aren’t awakened yet fully, and the Seeker could be avoiding them, living in their head (knight of swords) cause that is where they feel safe.

  151. Hi, this can mean there has been some difficulties as seen in the moon and ten of swords, however, 4 of wands often show up when there will be more stability and abundance in the future. I feel there has been a focus away from this relationship, and you might feel you are on different wavelengths. Listen more with your heart, because I feel there has been a ‘battle’ between you who is right and who is wrong etc, which is just taking you in circles.

  152. Hi Inger,

    I have asked what events will come my way in the proper months and appeared Emperor, king of pentacles, king of cups and 9 of pentacles. I am not sure what this means all together. I am quite new in the art of tarot reading. I hope you can help me.



  153. Inger thank you for interpreting my spread. You are so accurate in what you read. My partner and I are having difficulties and much of it has to do with us not letting go of things in our past relationships. Were constantly going in circles and we’ve been together for 3 years but Our relationship has been a secret to my partners family/ friends. I don’t know if I should continue to be patient or just leave. CG

  154. She is in her late 40s I’m in my late 30s. I am her first relationship with a woman and at first I was really patient and understood where she was coming from with her uncertainty. Her family is very accepting and so are her friends of alternative lifestyles and she says she is in love me and wants to build a life with me, that’s why I’m so confused as to why she still keeps our relationship a secret.

  155. I did a Celtic reading about this new guy I like.

    My cards are

    7 of swords (reversed)
    7 of cups (reversed)
    6 of wands (reversed)
    Queen of pentacle  (reverse)
    10 of swords (reversed)
    10 of pentacle 
    King of wands (reversed)
    King of pentacle (reversed)
    4 of wands

    And two cards card out on outcome
    8 of pentacle
    Page of pentacle

    I just know this reading really drained me. Please give me insight.

  156. Inger, should I repost in multiple numbers too, or can you please tell me why I have so many pairs? AND what they mean?

  157. Reversed cards mean you must take a step back because something is not what it seems. The 7s is telling you to listen carefully to your intuition now. Kings reversed mean you need to stand your ground now. Don’t let someone walk all over you to take advantage.

  158. hi Inger please could you give your interpretation of these cards i had drawn for me, World,king of wands,judgement,three of swords

  159. Hi, Cheryl. It depends a bit on your questions, but it looks like you need someone in your life that ‘gets’ you and knows how to communicate with you properly. Someone you can share your passions and interests with. If you don’t have this in your life right now, then see if you can improve your relationships through doing the things you are enthusiastic about. 3 of swords next to judgement also mean you need to have good judgement and to be completely honest with yourself to feel and release painful emotions.

  160. Hello Inger,

    I’m hoping you can help me translate a reading I did. I asked how an ex felt about me and the way our relationship ended (not well). i pulled the eight of wands, the moon, and the high priestess all reversed. Thanks a lot.

  161. Hi Inger,

    I have been asking for future events in my life in general and keep on coming up these three cards: wheel of fortune – justice – the world, usually in this order. There has been one time that the order was: justice – wheel of fortune – world. I have interpreted them as a whole, as “things will come into place by justice” “The effort that I have been made it will be rewarded and it will brought changes into my life”. I do not know if this interpretation is correct.

    Many thanks,

    Cristina Loscos

  162. You have mastered something in this lifetime. Something specific that will take you very far, possibly even to another country. This is where you will be able to teach and guide others as well. It has something to do with business and other’s will benefit from your skills and talents which will be rewarding to you in return. A circle of energy where everyone comes out a winner. 🙂


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