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nine of swords tarot card meanings 9 of swords tarot card

Nine of Swords Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Worry and anxiety.

Unable to sleep at night.

Overwhelmed by guilt and regrets.

Being consumed by negativity.

Feeling unworthy.

Being overly fearful.

Worrying about the future. 

Living in your head. 

Being overly sensitive to other people’s opinions.


Stuck in the past.


On the wrong path in life.

Symbolism in Nine of Swords tarot card

The woman sitting up in her bed with her head in her hands symbolises anxieties and fears. The nine swords symbolise worries and troubles, and what she is holding on to. The symmetrical pattern of the swords symbolises that the problems are due to the way of thinking habits. The bed is decorated with a carving of a duel between two people symbolising conflict and competition. The quilt is decorated with roses and astrological symbols, symbolising being stung by those around. The black wall symbolises the lack of optimism.

Nine of Swords tarot card in Astrology

Mars (Tower) in Gemini (Star)

Nine of swords tarot card meanings upright

Nine of swords in a general reading

Nine of Swords tarot card denotes worry and anxiety, sleeplessness, and being overwhelmed by negative emotions such as guilt and regrets. Nine of swords is the tarot card for sleepless nights, loud noises, arguments and nightmares. If Nine of swords tarot card shows up with the Moon, or even worse, the Moon in reverse, then there might be mental health issues. If Nine of swords is surrounded by pentacles then the cause of worry is usually of a financial matter. If the other cards are mainly swords then this person is living in his/hers head and is repeating a mental pattern of worrying. If there are a lot of court cards in the spread then the cause of worry can often be the pressure felt by the seeker to fit in.

Nine of swords in a love reading

In a love reading, Nine of swords tarot card indicates a relationship that has taken away the Seeker’s peace of mind. If the Seeker is single, Nine of swords can mean the Seeker is very lonely and perhaps has regrets about past relationships.

Nine of swords ina career reading

In a career reading, Nine of swords tarot card signifies a job that eats away at the Seeker. Nine of swords can also denote a mental health worker, or someone working a lot of night shifts.

Nine of swords as Feelings

Nine of swords as feelings denotes the Seeker dealing with fears, guilt, and shame. The Seeker must learn to love and accept who they are. If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Nine of swords can mean this person worries a lot about you. This person has a lot on his/hers heart and need help to embrace love, light, and beauty in their relationship.

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Personality types in Nine of Swords tarot card

Nine of swords tarot card denotes someone who often ends up being on the receiving end of other people’s cruel behaviour. They are very sensitive and takes things to heart. They feel unworthy and have a hard time letting things go. They get dragged into disputes and get worked up and very overwhelmed. They crave order and comfort and are unable to cope if their security is threatened. Nine of Swords people often struggle for perfection which is a pursuit that quickly turns into a nightmare. They worry unnecessary and are playing worst case scenarios over and over in their minds. They question their past choices and are always stressed. They carry jarring energy within them and often bring the worst out in others. There is an air of unease about them that everyone picks up on, and it pushes everyone to be extra edgy and snappy.

nine of swords tarot card meanings

Nine of swords tarot card meanings reversed

Nine of Swords tarot card reversed indicates that issues and problems have been ignored rather than dealt with and when they resurface the Seeker might not know how to deal with them. Instead, they try and bury their heads further in the sand. As a result, things become very uncomfortable and there is at times total despair. The Seeker has not got the insight into how to deal with their problems. Nine of swords tarot card often shows up reversed when the Seeker is focusing on something that happened in the past, unable to let it go. The Seeker might be suffering angst and panic attacks as a result. Nine of swords also shows up reversed when the Seeker is on the wrong path in life.

Personality types in reversed Nine of Swords tarot card

Nine of swords tarot card indicates someone who is so committed to their own viewpoint they are unwilling to bend. This is someone who justifies their bad behaviour by the belief that the world owes them. They have a victim mentality and believes everyone is treating them unfairly. There is a lack of self-awareness and the person is not questioning their own motives. This person can be very hypocritical and take little if any responsibility. Most of the time they are very confused and misinformed, and when they do get all the facts they twist it all around so that they end up just as ignorant as they were before.

Nine Of Swords Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Nine of swords:

9 of swords + The Fool: Worrying about a new situation. Feeling unprepared.

9 of swords + The Magician: Misunderstandings causing stress.

9 of swords + The High Priestess: Overprotective mother.

9 of swords + The Emperor: Unpredictable authority figure.

9 of swords + The Lovers: Worrying about a relationship.

9 of swords + Strength: Self-doubt.

9 of swords + The Hermit: Isolation due to anxiety.

9 of swords + Wheel of fortune: Fearing the future.

9 of swords + The Devil: Being bullied.

9 of swords + The Sun: Bad reasoning causing stress.

9 of swords + Ace of wands: A new beginning causing stress.

9 of swords + Three of wands: Being out of your depths. Too many demands.

9 of swords + Five of wands: Unhealthy peer pressure.

9 of swords + Six of wands: Arrogance.

9 of swords + Eight of wands: Changing your mind at the last minute. Worrying about a trip.

9 of swords + Nine of wands: Lack of energy.

9 of swords + Queen of wands: Fear of success.

9 of swords + Three of cups: Bad company.

9 of swords + Six of cups: Haunting memories.

9 of swords + Eight of cups: Wanting a new reality.

9 of swords + Page of cups: A gloomy personality.

9 of swords + Queen of cups: Consumed by dark feelings.

9 of swords + King of cups: Lack of motivation.

9 of swords + Ace of pentacles: Worrying about money.

9 of swords + Three of pentacles: Unhappy at work.

9 of swords + Eight of pentacles: Worrying about learning a new skill.

9 of swords + Ten of pentacles: Worrying about family.

9 of swords + Ace of swords: Mental confusion and worry.

9 of swords + Three of swords: Heart-ache.

9 of swords + Four of swords: Insomnia.

9 of swords + Six of swords: Problems with mental tasks.

9 of swords + Ten of swords: Being your own worst enemy.

9 of swords + Page of swords: Worrying about gossips and rumours.

9 of swords + Queen of swords: Living behind a cold mask.

Nine of swords tarot card meanings summary

When Nine of swords tarot card shows up in your reading examine where the stress in your life is coming from. This card often shows up when there is a negative loop of thoughts that keep repeating themselves in your head, desperately needing to be released. The thoughts will create stress and anxiety until dealt with. People who suffer negative loops of thoughts are stuck in an unhealthy stress pattern.  Negative thoughts can result in the person feeling worthless. Feelings of worthlessness can result in health issues, such as low immunity. Find ways to reduce stress. Look at the other cards to identify where the stress is coming from and how best to deal with it.

Remember: Material things can become a source of stress. Detach from the need to have a lot of material possessions. Find a way to have a non-resistance relationship with money. When you do that you will become more aware of the things that actually interest you. When you start living your life with passion. your soul will come alive within you. When this happens your stress and angst often disappear. 

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11 thoughts on “Nine of Swords Tarot Card Meanings”

  1. Hi please can you help i am feeling very low and have a lot of anger in me right now due to some family issues. i did a celtic spread, i got nine of swords along with six of swords as the final out come cards, i am finding it very difficult to focus right now.

    Can you look a these cards i am new at this and do not understand how to recognise their meaning yet. i was give some news yesterday which has thrown me into emotional state. I have a hugh mental block as cards nine and six of swords advise, Im currently not working and live with my family a situation which is not very good and hasen’t been for a long time. Thanks
    1 queen of cups
    2 empress
    3 eight of pentacles
    4 ten of pentacles
    5 ace of pentacles
    6 knight of wands
    7 wheel of fortune
    8 ace of cups
    9 seven of pentacles
    10 nine of swords
    11 six of swords
    12 two of wands

  2. Hi, Mary. This situation is there to push you in a new direction. You need to make a decision to be happy and you need to follow your passion. You need to commit to this and I also feel like you have a talent that you can master and focus on. I feel like you will be moving.

  3. Hi, can you help me plz? i had these cards for my relationship:
    1. status of relationship: queen cups
    2. Me in rel: four of pens
    3. He in rel: nine of swords
    4. obstacles: the sun
    5. advantage: queen of wands
    6. potential of rel: nine of pens
    i’m always thinking about third he in relationship or like another girl? my english ‘s not good so i cant express well.plz help me.thank you very much

  4. Hi inger

    I asked tarot cards y I can’t get a job and pulled 9 swords and Tower and I’m scared !!!
    I then asked when will I get a job and pulled 3 of pentacles what does this mean – I’m worried sick

    Thanks pj


  5. Hi, PJ. 9 of swords and the tower mean you are worrying so much it is blocking you. 3 of Pentacles can mean there is a new beginning for you very soon. From October everything seems to look a lot smoother for you.

  6. Hi Inger, what is the nine of swords, eight of cups, and five of swords in love interpretation. I’m confused. I will appreciate your response.

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