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Tarot Cards displaying anti-social behaviour

When reading the tarot they speak to us through images and symbols that trigger an association in our subconscious mind. The association is the message that becomes the guidance from the Tarot. Even the hardest sceptic might want to reconsider their view when looking at the Tarot objectively. Tarot is looking at an issue or a problem using a creative approach. We look at pictures that have a meaning to us and through that we reflect and draw our conclusions. When reading the tarot they often describe people we encounter, not just how they look and the situation we are in, but also their personalities and their agendas and motives. Certain cards describe the darker side of our human nature, especially when the cards show up reversed. Not everyone likes reading with reversals. It gives the reading an edge that can be quite unnerving for the reader. When someone is living on the negative side of their personalities it will show up as the card that describes them best, but in reversed. Certain cards deal with the darker side of life and when they show up reversed it seems that the person has sunk themselves deep into a negative state. Tarot is a tool that can be used as a warning so that we can limit our association with people that are living on the ‘dark side’.

Hanged Man hanged man Hanged man Tarot tarot

Hanged Man describes someone who could very well be a genius, harmless and kind, and often misunderstood, and almost always under-appreciated, this card upright shows someone with a brilliant mind. Reversed however and the bright mind is often distorted in some way. This is someone with bizarre anti-social behavior. They might even show sociopathic or even psychopathic tendencies! Hanged Man reversed denotes a person lost in their own ideas and beliefs, and often with a poor or non-existent grip on reality. They might be completely living in a dream, deceiving themselves and others for their own selfish purposes. They might even sacrifice themselves for a cause that is false or in the belief that it will help someone else when in reality it will not. This is someone with a personality disorder, mental illness or a lack of moral.

High Priestess high priestess High priestess Tarot tarot

High Priestess reversed: You will find yourself walking on eggshells around this person who is both volatile and unstable. This is someone who goes out of their way to be a victim, and who believes the world is against them. Nothing positive seems to manifest itself, often due to the person’s irrational thoughts and beliefs system. Mental illness and/or challenging behaviours are possible traits with High Priestess reversed.

Hermit Tarot hermit tarot Hermit tarot

Hermit reversed: Hermit reversed can indicate someone who is restricted, fixated and obsessed by an idea or a belief system. This is someone who is self-absorbed and has little imagination and hardly any insight to offer. They need others to keep them intellectually stimulated and feel completely worthless and lonely when left on their own. They come across as needy and has a lack of boundaries. Anything goes as long as they get the attention they crave. Hermit reversed can indicate someone who is quite isolated, and who spends a lot of time over-analysing their own confused state. Their minds are often filled with criticism and judgement of themselves, their bodies and their lives. There is no insight rather there can be a twisted and vicious side to the person.

Magician Tarot magician tarot Magician tarot

Magician reversed: This card reversed often speaks of the audacious con man. They don’t believe they can have what they want and use manipulation to try and get their way. They are lacking in confidence and are either misunderstood or they misunderstand others. When they contact you it is most likely because they want something from you, and it usually is your money.

Devil Tarot devil tarot Devil tarot

Devil: Upright and reversed this card denotes someone very controlling and incredibly headstrong. This is someone who will make something happen not because it is the will of God but because it is the will of man. Devil people are very stubborn and they are often chained to their own stubborn ways like slaves. It gives results but at a high price. They are angry and obsessive, stuck in a toxic pattern that they believe they need. Beneath it all is someone with low self-esteem who is afraid of failure. They get things done when everyone else has given up. They never play complaisant with anyone. They are highly sexual people. They need to be stimulated by either food (sugar), drugs, tobacco or alcohol to cope.

When you are using Tarot as a tool to look into relationships and people we must be aware that we have our own motives and hidden agendas that we might not be aware of. If the cards are showing up for us that we are displaying anti-social and challenging behavior it is a good idea to reflect how we can improve on ourselves so that we are enjoyable to be around for other people. There might be some social anxiety at play, and we might feel that it is safer to isolate ourselves, however, if we become secure within ourselves there is nothing that can’t be overcome. One thing that I recommend is to bring with you the Strength card for 1 week. Take it with you wherever you go and pray for the positive qualities of the card to be with you. Carry yourself with pride, you already have all the qualities you desire. The cards will remind you and help you back to YOU so that you can be yourself again.