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Master Tarot Combinations

An Online Course

Do you want to learn a system that can help you interpret any tarot combination?

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Is it really possible to learn Every Tarot Card Combination?

The number of possible tarot card combinations are infinite. Instead of trying to learn every infinite tarot card combination (which would be very hard to do), this course will teach you about how the card groups communicate.

All up, you will learn 9 main rules, and by understanding these rules, they will give you the insight to interpret any card combination crossing your path. :)

What are the 9 rules?

The 9 rules show up in the way the cards are distributed in the layout. They show up in cards that are present vs cards that are absent. Absent cards and/or card group also tell a story. This course explains how to interpret absent cards, as well as present cards.

This course is for People who are familiar with the Tarot

This course if for people who wants to take their tarot readings to the next level by learning how to interpret tarot card combinations.

This course is for tarot readers who want to take their readings to the next level. This course is the heart of the ‘How to read tarot like a Pro’ course.

What is the Difference between this course and the ‘How to read tarot like a Pro’ Course?

‘Master Tarot Combinations ‘ is the advanced part of the ‘How to read tarot like a pro’ course. While the ‘How to read tarot like a Pro’ course teaches you everything I know about the Tarot, the ‘Master Tarot Combination’ is for people who already know how to read the tarot. They are not looking to learn tarot from scratch. Instead, they want to advance their already developed tarot skills.

You Will Learn:

The Main Systems within the Tarot

Tarot and Numerology

Tarot and the Elements

The Rules of Tarot combinations

Tarot distribution

How tarot cards communicate

How major arcana cards communicate

How court cards communicate

How kings communicate

How queens communicate

How knights communicate

How pages communicate

How pentacles communicate

How cups communicate

How wands communicate

How swords communicate

How to interpret different card combination in the layout

PS! If you have enrolled in the ‘How to read Tarot like a Pro’ class, you don’t need to enroll here. If you have enrolled in this class, you will get a discount on the ‘How to read Tarot like a Pro’ course. Email me for a discount coupon if you want the full course.
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