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Learn tarot combinations from my daily tarot readings.

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5 out of 7 days a week, I do daily tarot readings. You, the Seeker, pick a card combination from 3 piles. Each pile has 3 cards in them. I interpret the 3-card combinations and you get a personalized message as well as learning card combinations.

Here are some of my favorite tarot card combinations from week 20.

The Tower + King of Swords + 7 of cups: This card combination can indicate you are having a red pill moment. You are waking up to something, and it could be in several areas in your life. You could be waking up to something you don’t like about a person. In a relationship, you could be wanting to find out what your partner is up to. Some will investigate, especially online activity.

Page of cups + Queen of wands + 3 of cups: Every time you see court cards, relationships are on the mind of the seeker. This card combination nearly creates an Arrow of Relationship and an Arrow of Communication. Learn Arrows tarot technique here.  This card combination means the Seeker needs to focus more on a relationship. If you are single and you want love, this card combination indicates the Seeker is putting off a relationship because they are too busy at the moment. They could be thinking: ‘I’m just going to finish off this first, and then this’. Also, a lot of people want your attention right now. If you are in a relationship, make more room for your partner now. In business and work, take more time researching the ‘hows to’. You are in preparation mode at this stage.

4 of pentacles + Queen of pentacles + 6 of swords: This card combination creates an Arrow of security and expansion in living situation. You could be ready to make a big investment. Queen of swords speaks of being smart and next to 4 of pentacles it means to be smart with your money. You might have to protect your money more as well, especially with 6 of swords. This can mean you must take yourself across ‘troubled’ waters and into a safe harbor. You are on the right track and if you keep going, you will have more security in your life, both financially and in relationships.

The Fool + Queen of cups + Ace of wands: This card combination really speaks to the adventurer in you. Go on an adventure. Trust in your instinct. A new way of living is developing in the Seeker’s life and there will be more fun and travel. There also be more physical activity. The Seeker will spend more time outdoors.

King of wands + Ten of wands + Strength: This is a card combination of success. This is the success you have created and are creating. You are creating strength, especially mentally. In business, you will beat your competitors. Whatever you are doing, it is working. Strength denotes that this is in an area where your true passion lies.