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Tarot Combinations from tarot tutorials week 17/18

8 of cups with 4 of wands crossing. This card combination speaks of not feeling grounded while on a spiritual path. You might feel a lack of control, and you might be tempted to even abandon your spirituality. The best thing you can do is to have a routine. Do something every day that you stick to, as this will help ground you and bring your ideas and inspirations into reality. People who want to go deeper on a spiritual journey sometimes abandon their routines while they are in ‘search’ mode. You can change your routine, but make sure you have consistency in your life.

3 of pentacles with 7 of pentacles crossing. This card combination can mean you are not being rewarded for all your hard work. Perhaps someone even stole your idea or are getting credit for your work. Self-esteem issues can be at the bottom of this. Once you know you are worthy and deserving, you can no longer be overlooked. Work on fears and blocks around money and receiving and your finances will improve. Repeat: I am Prosperous, I am Prosperous, I am Prosperous. 

9 of wands with the Empress crossing. 9 of wands often speaks of old pain with original family. Empress as a block speaks of neglect. This card combination speaks of where you felt neglected in your childhood and how this now could make you neglect yourself as an adult. Self-love will turn the Empress back to upright position. Self-care is key. Repeat: I love myself, I love myself, I love myself. 

8 of wands with 4 of wands crossing. There has been a shift and your life are moving forward fast in the right direction, however, you might still feel there is a lack of security. It could be hard to commit wholeheartedly to your path. Do you feel you deserve all the success? Of course, you deserve good things. Swift progress can make you feel on your toe. Grounding exercises are recommended. Repeat: It’s going good and I deserve it, It’s going good and I deserve it, It’s going good and I deserve it. 

Guardian Angels in Tarot

Guardian Angels often communicate through the tarot cards. In today’s daily reading, there was a strong message from Guardian Angels. The message was: Let Us Help You. You are never alone. In your darkest moments, we were there for you. We will always be with you. They also said that for many of you, there have been times when you felt you didn’t want to be here anymore. You wanted to check out and leave this earth plane. Your Guardian Angel worked behind the scene to make life interesting for you again.

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