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Tarot Combinations from tarot tutorials week 21 to 24

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Strength with 8 of swords crossing and Tower in advice position: This card combination can mean the Seeker is very caring and conscious about doing the right thing. The Seeker could be too self-conscious and they could feel locked into an obligation they want out of. This is a very Karmic card combination. The Seeker is working out who they really are and what they really want. When they become more of their real self, some conflict and objections from others can arise. The Tower says: stick up for yourself. What is meant to be will remain and what is not meant to be will be released.

Moon with 2 of swords crossing and 8 of wands in advice position: There could be some gossip and lies causing you confusion. Rise above and possibly even move away from this situation if you can. Moon speaks of a hidden treasure in your life that is the reason why you most likely is willing to endure a toxic situation. This card combination also speaks of music being very important to the Seeker. If asking about career, music therapy and/or art therapy are suggested.

Page of swords with 7 of cups crossing and King of pentacles in advice position: The Seeker could have stopped dreaming and settled for the mundane. Page of swords has so many natural abilities and need to explore what they really want. They have lost interest in their own dreams. What do the Seeker want truly in their heart? King of pentacles means there is support for the Seeker and they will master the material world. The Seeker will most likely be very wealthy. In a relationship, they could have lost some of their individuality and they need to find themselves within their relationships. A Business venture will bring out the Seeker’s talents.

King of wands + Judgement: This card combination speaks of an important relationship in the Seeker’s life, however, the Seeker could be blocking their feelings from truly run freely. This card combination also speak of the Seeker being a strong leader type and they could be drawn into the political side of society, the workplaces, the justice system, and as a speaker. The Seeker’s true purpose will reveal itself.

King of Wands + Page of Pentacles: This card combination speaks of the Seeker healing some insecurities that show up. These insecurities could show up in regards to a person who is less than honorable. The Seeker is learning when to trust, how to trust, and who to trust. The Seeker is moving towards a more spiritually fulfilling life.

Devil with 10 of wands Crossing and 2 of cups in advice position: This card combination could mean the Seeker is feeling they work hard for little gain, and they could even be exploited.  A fun-loving relationship will bring the Seeker out of the struggle. The Seeker could be focusing more on their personal life to break a toxic routine in their lives.

Ace of cups with 4 of pentacles crossing and 10 of pentacles: The Seeker could be hoarding or internalising and over-thinking when this card combination shows up. The Seeker is committed to a cause, and they care about their family. The Seeker could be confused about a situation regarding money and they need to open up to more light-hearted fun and leisure. Family time will make the Seeker feel more whole and complete. There is a spiritual renew in the Seeker’s life and they are learning about what is truly important.

8 of swords + 2 of wands: The Seeker is being pushed to the sideline. Someone is pushing the Seeker out of the situation. The Seeker is at a crossroad, but they don’t have all the information to make the best information. The Seeker will need to make a heartfelt admission to themselves. While they are confused about this, they are experiencing status quo. There are some manipulators in the background that make things hard on the Seeker. The Seeker feels very left out at the moment.

Judgement + Page of cups: The Seeker will use different types of art forms to help wake people up, and for some this card combination denotes politics and motivations. There are political reasons why the Seeker acts the way they do. This card combination also speaks of a relationship that wakes the Seeker up to a higher calling.

Page of wands + Emperor: The Seeker could feel there is start and stop, they could be waiting for a better result, and an authority figure could be slowing things down. The Seeker could possibly feel they don’t fit in where they are at the moment. Maybe there is an expectation to conform. There could be a generational gap causing some conflict as well.

World + Page of swords: The Seeker is moving forward in the World to make a positive impact. The Seeker is now growing and learning in a collaboration that teaches the Seeker an important lesson about how the World works. The Seeker realises in what area they can be the most powerful. Many will also be moving to another part of the world. In career, this card combination can mean investigating careers.

Strength + Chariot: The Seeker is learning to love themselves and to accept themselves as who they truly are. The Seeker is connecting to their soul and feels encouraged to go back into the world after a time of possible disconnect. The Seeker could have changed a lot over the last few years. They are on a spiritual journey. They find out where they belong and with who they belong.

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