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The most Common Tarot Myths Busted Once and For All

Through the times of Tarot, many myths about the cards have created a mysterious air about them that either draw people in or stop people from interacting with them. I often suggest to people to get a deck of cards and start practicing reading for themselves . This suggestion is often followed by questions about the tarot. There are many myths that need busting. Here are the most common ones

Am I allowed to buy my own tarot cards?

Yes, you are. The myth is that you have to receive tarot as a gift, almost as an invitation to be able to practice tarot. I recommend that you buy your own tarot decks (yes, you can have more than one deck) so that you can practice tarot with a deck you like and love.

Do you have to be psychic to read tarot?

Strangely enough, the answer is No. You do not have to inhabit special psychic powers to read the tarot. The tarot is ruled by synchronicity and will answer your question whether you are a psychic or not. Learning the meaning of the cards and understanding the connection they make with each other is what makes a good tarot reader. As with everything in life, being an intuitive help, but it is not a prerequisite. You will, however, develop your psychic powers by practicing reading the tarot.

Can I let other people touch my Tarot cards?

Yes, you can. Your Tarot cards don’t stop working just because someone else touched them. I let other people use my cards to read for themselves. Every time they hand them back to me they work just as well as before.

Do I have to sleep with the cards under the pillow?

No, you will not learn the tarot faster if they are under your pillow. Practice is what makes a great reader.

Are tarot cards evil?

No, in fact, they are very benevolent and the answers you get from your cards are always helpful. Your Higher Self, Angels, your Spirit Guides and the Creator speak to you through the cards.

Does drawing the Death card mean I am going to die?

No, it means you have outgrown yourself and it is time to live a new and improved version of yourself.

Does drawing the Devil card mean I am going to hell?

No, the Devil card simply reminds you that you are on a physical plane with physical needs.

You are not meant to read for yourself

Wrong! Why limit yourself in such a way? Reading for yourself can be a very rewarding experience and it can help you make the best decisions for yourself.

You can not change your future

Yes, you can! In fact, one of the reasons reading Tarot is so effective is because you can change what you do not like. If the tarot is showing you something negative they will also show you what to do to change it. Tarot is a powerful tool in manifesting the best future for yourself.

Do I have to clear my cards from energy between readings?

No, you don’t. Most readers do have some rituals where they clear the energy between readings, but it is not necessary for the tarot to be accurate. The readings become accurate when the readers are present in the moment and trust the tarot to tell the truth about the situation they are asking about

Tarot cards cannot be read over the phone or by email

I like to let the Seeker shuffle the cards, however, you can read tarot about anyone, anywhere. The seeker does not have to be physically present as long as the reader can hold the energy of their question while shuffling and cutting the deck.

You have to wear silk to be a tarot reader

This is probably the most ridiculous of all the tarot myths. Unfortunately, there are tarot teachers out there that will tell the students that they can only read tarot if wearing silk. They also say that the cards have to be wrapped in silk to work, which is untrue.

Reversed Tarot cards are a bad omen

Wrong. Reversed tarot cards are not a bad omen. They often mean that there are a delay, a block or the seeker might need to take a step back as they have missed some information that will be useful to them before moving forward. Reversed cards can be great opportunity to see where you have a chance to have a turn around in your life.

I have to eat only healthy food to be able to interpret the tarot

Awful myth and very untrue. Some tarot teachers will tell you that you cannot eat chocolate to be a tarot reader, or you have to be a vegetarian to be a tarot reader. Tarot cards do not discriminate in such a way. Only people do.